About Us

Thanks for your interest in my little website and this corner of the world. After several years growing up in Southern California I discovered the benefits of Cannabis at the age of 14 back in 1989. That was a long time ago, but along the way, I found that I had a passion for the plant. Learning how to grow, using many types of grow lights, and grow room variations, I came to the point where I became a self-proclaimed “expert” or at the very least an amateur grower.

Through years of trial and error, my knowledge grew just like my plants (Eventually). As my love for cannabis unfolded I began to teach and learn, trying to gain as much information and practical growing experience.  I ended up living in Colorado, home of the first legal recreational state in the US, and as a result, I decided to try my hand at spreading good information for amateur and pro growers alike.

We created this website to help those who are struggling with indoor gardening or are just looking for more honest information on the products, techniques, and methods from growers with at least 20 years of experience. Our expertise has been published by websites like Gardenoid.com and our work has been featured across the web.

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