About Us

Morgan Berton, Author of 420greenthumb.comThanks for your interest in my little website and this corner of the world. After several years growing up in Southern California I discovered the benefits of Cannabis in the early 2000s. That was a long time ago, but along the way, I found that I had a passion for the plant. Learning how to grow, using many types of grow lights, and grow room variations, I came to the point where I became a self-proclaimed “expert” or at the very least an amateur grower.

Through years of trial and error, my knowledge grew just like my plants (eventually). As my love for cannabis unfolded I began to teach and learn, trying to gain as much information and practical growing experience.  I ended up living in Colorado, home of the first legal recreational state in the US, and as a result, I decided to try my hand at spreading good information for amateur and pro growers alike.