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by Morgan

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January 17, 2023

How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Marijuana Grow Room

The reviews are in for the King 1200w LED grow light. We found that the King 1200 watt grow light system is a state-of-the-art full spectrum LED light system capable of growing healthy and abundant plants (see also Phlizon 1200w). Their newer LED light is easy to use LED that takes care of both plant stages from veg to flowering stage.



A newer line of LED grow lights from King has recently been marketed by the company. It seems King LED’s is putting a focus on powerful lights that are more affordable than other brands out their such as Platinum LED grow lights for example, but still upholds a commitment to quality.

High wattage at a low price. Here is a rundown of some of the advantages of King LED’s we found during our review:

  • King 1200W LED grow lights use a high-powered 6 watt led bulb. Plants can absorb up to 90% of the light emitted. Combined with its low-level power output it only burns around 320 watts but still provides maximum light. Ample light for your plant to thrive.
  • The spectrum led grow light is designed to mimic the same light output as the sun. This includes blue, yellow, red, white, UV, and of course IR spectrum of light. Infrared pushes stem and plant growth along with germinating your potent seeds and the UV does a good job of retarding bacterial growth.
  • 4 large, built-in fans complete with an aluminum heat sink to keep your plants at an optimal temperature and extend the lifespan of your LED lights.
  • Encapsulates all plant growth stages through its innovative LED design.
  • Customer service channels are friendly and helpful. During our King LED reviews we like to call their help desk with thoughtful questions to gauge the customer response time and how well they can answer questions about their products.

Many budget grow lights might have large watt numbers, but what is more important is the quality of lighting itself. Watts simply tell you how much power a light consumes and is not a bearing on how well they will grow a variety of plants. With the King LED, the light is scientifically engineered to give your plants what they need through every growth stage.

king 1200w led grow light review

What We Liked About Our King 1200w LED Grow Light Review:

  • Well built 6-watt bulbs
  • 50,000 hours LED bulb
  • Sunlight replication is superb
  • 3-year warranty with the king 1200w
  • Handles all stages of plant growing
  • Cooling fans are quiet and keep temps mild
  • Outstanding customer channels should you have questions

What We Did Not Like About Our King 1200w LED Grow Light Review:

The King 1200w LED came promptly to our address after ordering. The contents contained the King 1200W LED grow light as well as the grow light hangers that are easily raised and lowered with proper installation, a power cord and that was about it.King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Greenhouse Indoorir?t=420greenthumb 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01JLKUA2W

We found the LED lights to be on the bright side which is a good thing. This LED had good energy reduction and a great price point at the time of this publication. We also loved its full spectrum capabilities and the ability of the UV rays to offer the benefit of bacteria reduction which helps stop a number of plant diseases.

The light itself measures almost 16′ x 16′ x 2.4 inches tall and covers an area of just over 5 feet square, though you may want to shrink the size down in the beginning plant stages.  The 4 heavy-duty heat sink fans also kept our grow tent cool and did not run up our energy bill.

Is the King 1200w LED grow light worth the money?

Our answer is simply, yes, though you can check out similar products from other well-known manufacturers such as ViparSpectra. Although the light is a bit flimsier in terms of quality, the light is very affordable and comes backed by a 3-year warranty. So if something goes wrong in that time frame, you do not have to worry!



1. Are King LEDs any good?

Yes, King LED grow lights are a good option for growing plants. They provide a consistent light spectrum that is ideal for photosynthesis, and they also consume less energy than traditional grow lights. Additionally, King LED grow lights are long-lasting and durable, making them a great investment for any gardener.

2. Where is King led made?

King led is made in the United States of America.

3. Is KingLED a good brand? 

Yes, KingLED is a good brand. They make high-quality LED lighting products that are both reliable and affordable. I have had a positive experience with their products and would recommend them to anyone looking for LED lighting solutions.

4. Are grow lights waterproof?

Grow LED lights are not typically waterproof, but some models may have a water-resistant casing. It is important to check the specifications of your light before purchasing to ensure that it will be safe to use in a wet environment.

5. Can I use a grow light outside?

Yes, you can use a grow light outside; however, you need to be careful about the type of light you choose. Most grow lights are designed for use in an indoor setting, so you’ll want to make sure you get a light that is specifically meant for outdoor use. Additionally, you’ll need to place the light in a spot where it will receive plenty of sunlight.

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