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January 17, 2023

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spin pro bud trimmerWe picked up our Spin Pro Trimmer for sale at a great discount and decided it was time to take it for a spin (no pun intended). In general hand, spinning trimmers are just not my thing so I was a bit skeptical to use this bud trimmer.  Typically I love the control of trimming by hand but understand the need for a quality trimmer when large amounts of cannabis need trimming and pruning. We did, however, have many of you asking us for a review of this trimmer.

Before we get into the Spin Pro Bud Trimmer here are a few stats:

SpinPro Hand Trim Manually Operated Leaf Trimmer

Item Dimensions 8 x 16 x 16 inches
Model Number Original
Shipping Weight 13.93 pounds

The item was shipped and packaged well. Easy to open and the instructions were well laid out for the typical bud knowledgeable person.

Best Of Trimming Machines

The spin pro bud trimmer, at first glance reminds me of two salad bowls balanced on each other with the funky hand spinner protruding from the top. It is a small bud trimmer that is perfect for any small to mid-sized plant project that is typical with LED grow lights. Made from high-quality stainless steel that is of medical grade, the Spin Pro Trimmer is ideal for these types of jobs.cannabis trimming machine

We used this trimmer to remove excess leaves, stems, and roots in order to prepare our bud for some oils extracts shortly after we finishing drying weed. The handle spins well for this marijuana trimmer and has very few moving parts as to compared with an electric bud trimmer. With only a few spins of the hand-cranked handle, you could feel it doing its job. As far as bud trimmer reviews go, the Spin Pro Trimmer ranks up there with all the best marijuana trimmers on the market.

Precise Bud Trimming Machine

spin pro bud trimmerThe thing I loved was being able to feel the gears trim the plants as you slowly sin through your marijuana plants and extract the green goodness as the trimmer was intended to do. It really only takes a couple rounds of the trimmer’s spin to clean the stems and excess foliage from the buds saving you energy and arm pain with some other spinners I have tried. Especially some of the dry bud trimmers I have reviewed in the past.

This trimming machine, as far as well constructed cannabis trimmers go was an overall delight. Saving time is important when it comes to trimming your bud and this trimming machine excels at that.  Nothing beats out hand trimming, but when faced with a large and bountiful marijuana harvest then this thing will make quick use of the sticky and wet mess from freshly cultivated, dense nugs and buds.

The only real disappointment for Spin Pro Trimmer reviews was when we did not clean the bud trimmer as well as we should have between uses. This was more on us however as this thing is fairly easy to clean due to it not having many moving parts and its sturdy spinner and gear construction.

Best Trimmer for Dry Bud

The effectiveness of this bud trimmer was its true mainstay as it kept intact the quality of the cannabis and gave us the gift of time.

It is something that will speed up your trimming times from full days to mere minutes. Compared to other bud trimmers on the market, dollar for dollar this is as comparable to the best bud trimmers that we have reviewed, if not better than most trimming machines on the market. We highly recommend this quality trimmer!

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1. Are bud trimmers any good?

Yes, bud trimmers can be good. They are able to quickly and efficiently trim the buds of cannabis plants, which results in a higher quality product.

2. How do you use a Spin Pro?

The Spin Pro trimmer is easy to use. First, you need to remove the top and the bottom of the bud. Next, you need to place the bud in the center of the trimmer. Finally, you need to spin the trimmer around for a few seconds.

3. How do you clean a Spin Pro trimmer?

The Spin Pro bud trimmer is a simple device to clean. First, remove the blade and brush it off with a brush or your fingers. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe down the rest of the trimmer. Finally, reattach the blade and brush it off again.

4. Do bowl trimmers damage buds?

There is some debate over whether or not bowl trimmers damage buds. Some people believe that the spinning motion of the blades can cause minor damage to the buds, which can affect the overall quality and potency of the cannabis. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. In fact, many dispensaries and growers use bowl trimmers to trim their buds with no negative effects. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not bowl trimmers are damaging to buds.

5. What does a bud trimmer do?

A bud trimmer is a worker who cuts the buds off of cannabis plants. This is a necessary step in the process of harvesting the plants, as it removes the flowers that will be used to create marijuana products.

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