Hydroplanet Grow Tent Review

by Morgan

August 18, 2017

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hydroplanet grow tentMeasuring 4; by 8’, the Hydroplanet grow tent has the capacity to handle just about any amount you decide to grow. A grow tent as large as this needs to be exceedingly strong, and the accompanying frame consists of heavy duty tubes that are exactly that, while still allowing you the ability to hang and attach whatever you need to to get the most out of your space.

The Mylar covering is 100% reflective and as durable as you could ask for. Like the other tents, it’s strong stitching and heavy duty zippers are designed to keep light and odors in, and all unwanted elements out.


One great thing about this particular tent is that virtually every part of it is part of a window or vent. This means that, with different configurations, just about every single part and side of this tent is able to be either open or close. This customizability gives you the most amount of control, and can really come in handy when trying to fit into different spaces and environments where you might have different needs. In addition, this openness provides you with easy access to anywhere in what could otherwise be a large and difficult space to navigate.

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