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July 5, 2022

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Do you want to buy cannabis seeds? To succeed in weed farming, you should get quality cannabis seeds. But what is the best place to buy marijuana seeds?

There has been increased legalization of cannabis across many states. In addition, some have legalized the use of medical marijuana, while others for recreational use.

The legalization has led to the proliferation of seed banks across the country. Therefore, deciding the best place to buy cannabis seeds online or from a seed bank can be difficult.

This article will show you the best cannabis seed banks and what to know before buying the type that suits your needs.

Let's get to business.

3 Top Places to Buy Marijuana Seeds

ILGM store logo

1. [Best For USA & Canada Growers] ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana)

The company sells you pot seeds from the best breeders. The company's goal is to ensure every grower becomes an expert in growing the bud they want. Thus, it offers in-depth training materials that help you in the process.


  • It offers uplifting effects
  • Easy to grow even for beginners
  • It's fast-flowering
CKS logo

2. [Best For Strain Variety] Crop King Seeds

The seed bank is a perfect pick if you are buying cannabis seeds online. It has an easy-to-use interface, and you get lots of choices, including germination guides and seed types.


  • An uplifting effect that helps you focus
  • Its body relaxing effect makes sleep attainable
  • It's reported to have useful medical properties
Amnesia Zkittlez Auto Feminised Seeds

3. [Best For EU Growers] The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

The seed bank is dedicated they offer the best in the industry. Therefore, they offer a wide variety of regular, feminized, and auto-flowering weed seeds. 


  • It's easy to grow
  • The plants are fast-flowering, which starts in about 8 weeks
  • You don't need to manipulate the light cycle for the plants to flower

Which Are the Best Cannabis Seed Banks?

After looking at the factors to consider to know the best place to buy quality cannabis seeds, the following are some of the best marijuana seed banks:

1. [Best For USA & Canada Growers]
 ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana)


If you are looking for the best weed seeds, ILGM is a marijuana seed bank you should consider.

The company comes in handy for anyone with a dream of growing marijuana by offering a variety of seeds, including regular, feminized, and auto-flower seeds. The company has been in the cannabis industry since 2012 with a mission to offer high-quality seeds and top-notch services and support.

ILGM doesn't want people just buying cannabis seeds. They also want you to enjoy success and also have fun while doing it.

ILGM is the brainchild of Robert Bergman, a cannabis growing enthusiast who spent over 25 years learning everything regarding the growth of cannabis. Since its inception, the seed bank has grown to handle industrial-sized fields and labs and is now one of the best online seed banks.

ILGM store logo

Besides selling you seeds, the company also helps you in other areas, including:

  • The best hacks for taking care of your seeds

  • Getting quality seeds

  • The best way to harvest to get the most out of the yield

  • Security issues

  • Selling your yield

The company sells you pot seeds from the best cannabis seed breeders. The company's goal is to ensure every grower becomes an expert in growing the bud they want. Thus, it offers in-depth training materials that help you in the process.

The seed bank doesn't offer phone support but has a contact form that you can use.

One feature that stands out about the seed bank is the wide variety of options it offers. Growers can choose between beginner seeds, auto-flower seeds, mixed packs, grow kits, feminized seeds, medical seeds, and seed growing nutrients.

Plus, the company seeds come with a germination guarantee, and you can get seeds for outdoor and indoor cultivation, warm and cool climates, high THC levels, high yields, etc. Some of the best cannabis strains on offer include White Widow, Gorilla Glue, Blueberry Autoflower, and Girl Scout Cookies Extreme.

Payment Methods

ILGM allows various payment methods, including bank deposits and transfers, credit and debit cards, and bitcoin.

Shipping Policy

The company offers tracked shipping at $25, but standard shipping is free in Europe and the United States.

Your order arrives in about 2 to 10 working days, but the average shipping time is 4 days. So you shouldn't worry if you don't hear from the seed bank in a few days as the staff is working hard on your order.

They also offer discreet stealth shipping. If you don't get your order, the company offers a free delivery guarantee and will resend you the seeds.

If you're looking for cannabis seeds from ILGM, Banana Kush Autoflower Seeds are an excellent option.

Banana Kush Autoflower seeds Features

  • It's an Indica dominant hybrid strain with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa

  • Banana Kush is also a fast flowering plant, ideal if you're looking for quick results

  • They are feminized seeds that grow into female plants, making them easy to grow even for beginners, as they don't have to separate male and female plants

  • A puff of the Banana Kush strain has a THC level of up to 27% that offers a cerebral high that leaves you feeling euphoric and focused. The uplifting effects come in handy in the morning or the afternoon when you feel a little sluggish


  • It offers uplifting effects
  • Easy to grow even for beginners
  • It's fast-flowering
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation


  • You can experience a dry mouth and eyes that you can remedy by taking water.

2. [Best For Strain Variety] Crop King Seeds


Crop King Seeds stands out as one of the best online cannabis seed banks that offer world-class weed seeds. The seed bank, established in 2005, believes in perfecting the genetics of cannabis plants to offer the best yields and THC levels.

Their seeds are ideal for beginners and experienced growers looking to get the best harvest from their fields. You get a wide variety of seeds, including classic and hybrid ones.

The company aims to offer the highest quality seeds, perfect for growth in various areas of the globe. Therefore, it dedicates time and resources to look for the best breeders and strains. The seeds are handpicked, inspected, and tested to ensure they are top-notch quality, mature and viable.

The seed bank is a perfect pick if you are buying cannabis seeds online. It has an easy-to-use interface, and you get lots of choices, including germination guides and seed types. You can choose between regular seeds, auto-flower seeds, feminized seeds, and high CBD strains.

Its regulated review system doesn't allow for paid reviewers or biased comments.

CKS logo

Payment methods

Crop King Seeds accepts various payment methods. For instance, you can pay using US and Canadian dollars, Mastercard, Visa, and Bitcoin. In addition, Canadian buyers are allowed to Interac E-Transfers. You'll get the company's mailing address upon check out.

The prices of different products on the site are displayed in dollars. All orders outside Canada are processed in dollars since it's a global company.


Crop King Seeds ships products to all countries. Canadian buyers receive the products in the original packaging.

Buyers from other countries receive cannabis seeds inside random objects such as birthday cards, pens, and flashlights. You can order weed seeds from Crop King Seeds as long as you are 19 years old.

The company has a unique packaging in which you can get authentic seeds. This helps you to avoid fake ones. In addition, the packaging is sealed to ensure freshness, and they deliver your order discreetly to ensure privacy.

All orders over $200 are shipped for free. Thus, you can order seeds in bulk to save on the shipping cost. Express Registered with Tracking Guarantee delivery costs $20 0r $40 depending on the destination country. Orders within North America take 2 to 7 business days to reach you.

An example of the best weed seeds from Crop King Seeds is the CBD Haze (1:1) Marijuana Seeds. It's a cross between a CBD strain and Haze XXL Autoflowering.

CBD Haze (1:1) Marijuana Seeds Features

  • The cannabis strain is available in different flavors, including earthy and pine and sweet aromas.

  • It's a hybrid strain with a high CBD content that makes it ideal for medical users. It's reported to help deal with various issues, including pain, anxiety, depression, and other stress disorders.

  • It has a low THC content and may not have the psychoactive effects you get from other strains.

  • The strain offers a relaxing effect, uplifts your spirit, and allows you to focus more on the task at hand. You can smoke the weed strain during the day when the uplifting effects allow you to concentrate more and focus on accomplishing tasks.

  • The relaxing body effect is also ideal at night as it makes you sleep more easily.

  • It has an unmistakable sweet, pine and earthy flavor that leaves your glands dancing.

  • It's an ideal plant to grow outdoors, where it can grow up to 4 feet


  • An uplifting effect that helps you focus
  • Its body relaxing effect makes sleep attainable
  • It's reported to have useful medical properties
  • It's an ideal choice if you're not a fan of high THC


  • It grows tall, which might be a challenge for indoor cultivation

3. [Best For EU Growers] The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store


The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store has been in the cannabis industry since 2012 and has become one of the most trusted cannabis seed banks globally.

The company boasts of supplying top-quality seeds from the best breeders across the United States and Europe. In addition, they have a passion for providing fanatical customer service that'll leave you 100% satisfied.

They have a delivery guarantee and will safely deliver quality weed seeds to your door. Besides offering the best marijuana seeds for sale, The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store also assures you that their seeds are affordable and premium. They are the most discounted quality cannabis seeds you can buy.

Amnesia Zkittlez Auto Feminised Seeds

The seed bank is dedicated they offer the best in the industry. Therefore, they offer a wide variety of regular, feminized, and auto-flowering weed seeds. The cannabis seed bank also offers various promotions, giveaways, and competitions. Additionally, every order you make comes with some free seeds.

Besides selling quality seeds, activism is also in the seed bank's DNA. It pushes for the legalization of marijuana, including for personal use. In addition, they believe in spreading positivity about medical marijuana and its benefits.

If you want to buy cannabis seeds from a source you can trust, The Vault is perfect. Guarantee delivery is there for people in various countries, including Canada, the United States, and the UK.

Payment methods

Your privacy and security are protected at The Vault whether you buy marijuana seeds online or otherwise. None of your order information will appear on your statements. Therefore, nobody can tell what you ordered from the seed bank.

The company allows you to use various payment options, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, Pay by Post (cash payment), Order by Phone, and Bitcoin.

Shipping and Returns

All orders to the UK have free guaranteed delivery, meaning the company will resend your package for free in case it's lost. They also offer discreet packaging so no one can tell what you've ordered. The company also offers stealth packing with guaranteed delivery.

The delivery times can vary depending on various factors, including the interactions with different postal services. For example, UK orders take between 2 to 5 days, but you mostly receive the package within three days.

European orders take between 2 to 14 working days, and worldwide orders arrive in 5 to 25 working days, depending on how fast your local postal service is.

Among the several seeds, you can purchase from The Vault include the Amnesia Zkittlez Auto Feminized Seeds.

Amnesia Zkittlez Auto Feminized Seeds Features

  • Amnesia Zkittlez is a feminized strain meaning the seeds grow into female plants. This makes it easy to grow as you don't have to separate male plants at any stage.

  • The auto-flowering feature means the plants don't require a light cycle to start flowering

  • You can expect the plants to start flowering in about 8 weeks

  • You can grow the plants indoors or outdoors and expect a decent yield

  • The Sativa dominant strain offers up to 24% THC content and less than 0.5% CBD content. Thus, you experience uplifting, stimulating, energizing, active, and creative effects that help you face the day. Its medical properties are, however, not specified

  • It comes in different fruity tastes, including mango, lemon, pineapple, papaya, herbal and sweet


  • It's easy to grow
  • The plants are fast-flowering, which starts in about 8 weeks
  • It's ideal for a morning puff due to its stimulating, uplifting, and energizing effects that enable you to keep accomplishing throughout the day
  • You don't need to manipulate the light cycle for the plants to flower


  • Overindulgence can cause a couchlock

Rocket Seeds is an international seed bank that offers growers an inventory of the best seed banks in North America. The company boasts a rich network of top breeders and growers, and it's constantly looking for knowledge and information to help its growers get the best yields.

It specializes in offering the best quality CBD, feminized, regular, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds for new and experienced growers.

Rocket Seeds is also involved with local and global communities, and it helps them grow. It also offers its customers a 24/7 online service and phone calls to ensure they get the help they need at any time.

Since its inception in 2005, the company has grown strong and worked on its genetics to offer the best strains. As a result, it has expanded through the United States and Canada. It has more than 40 strains sold in 300 stores.

Besides offering the best weed seeds, Rocket Seeds is also focused on ensuring customers enjoy success in farming. Thus, their seeds come with a germination guarantee. Additionally, they provide growing guides that help you on how to handle the plants at each stage, including the nutrients to handle them.

Rocket Seeds blue logo

Rocket Seeds is popular for its discreet shipping. It uses random objects for shipping to enhance confidentiality.

On the company's website is a quiz that growers take before purchasing cannabis seeds. Besides being interesting, the quiz helps growers identify the ideal seeds for their area and needs. The quiz includes growing conditions and marijuana preferences.

The seed bank's Amsterdam-based staff does a great job handpicking seeds to ensure success for their customers. Thus, Rocket Seeds boasts a 90% germination rate for their seeds.

Payment Methods

Rockets Seeds offer various payment methods for customers to choose their favorite and most convenient. Such methods include Bitcoin, cash, bank wire, and credit and debit cards. You receive a discount on your order if you pay using Bitcoin.

New orders come with free seeds.


Rocket Seeds ships its seeds internationally. You'll enjoy free seed shipping for orders over $200. Thus, ordering your seeds in bulk saves you some cost.

It also offers Tracking Express Shipping which guarantees delivery of your order to the provided address. It takes around 5 to 7 days and around 7-14 days to ship to other countries. Customers in Canada can receive their packages within 2-5 days.

They also offer stealth shipping to ensure your privacy and security.

If you are looking for the best marijuana seeds to purchase from Rocket Seeds, White Banner Feminized Marijuana Seeds is great.

White Banner Feminized Marijuana Seeds Features

  • The strain is one of the easiest to grow. It's resistant to mold, mildew, and pests, making it one of the best for outdoor cultivation.

  • Also, it doesn't require a lot of attention and supervision, making it ideal for beginners.

  • Growing the White Banner Feminized Seeds in the right conditions offer you a decent yield.

  • You can grow the plants both indoors and outdoors as they only require natural elements to grow. They require little supervision, making it easy for even novice growers to grow.

  • Indoor cultivation can yield up to 400 grams, while you can get 500 grams of cannabis from an outdoor setting.

  • The Sativa and Indica balance enable the plant to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

  • The hybrid strain offers you a cerebral high that leaves your body and mind relaxed.


  • It's resistant to harsh conditions thanks to the Sativa and Indica balance
  • The strain offers a cerebral high that leaves relaxed and happy
  • It's easy to grow
  • Growing it in the right conditions results in a rewarding yield
  • You can expect your harvest in about 9 weeks


  • It may not be ideal for an evening puff as it keeps you focused and may make it hard to sleep.

Biona Organic has a vision of offering 100% organic food. The company started its journey 35 years ago as Noel and Donata started making homemade granola and sold them at Windmill Wholefoods, their pioneer organic shop. Demand increased and outgrew their kitchen, giving birth to Biona Organics.

Today, Biona Organics offers more than 350 organic products in more than 30 countries worldwide. According to the company, choosing Biona Organic means choosing a healthier future.

The company reinvests in the organic farming industry. They believe that you get healthy food from healthy soil. Biona Organic farmers never use chemical herbicides or pesticides in growing their products. They also don't grow genetically modified foods.

The company prides itself in giving attention to detail, ensuring that each product they make has a story. In addition, the production process is managed to ensure the best quality products.

Biona Organic logo


All deliveries are sent from the company's contract depot in Kent. The deliveries are sent by courier with DPD. According to the new DPD policy, if a delivery is made to your home and you're not around, the parcel will be left in the local DPD pickup shop. Thus, you can still expect your delivery on the same day.

The average delivery time is 4-5 business days. All deliveries must be signed for. Currently, DPD is offering contactless deliveries, meaning no signature is required. The delivery times are Monday to Friday between 7 am and 5 pm.

If you're not at home at the delivery time, you get a note informing you that they attempted to deliver the package. An attempt to deliver it again will be made on the next working day.

If you are dissatisfied with the delivery, the company allows you to return unopened goods. You can return the item as long as it's unused and you return it in its original packaging. The return should happen within 7 days after receiving the package, and you should have notified the company by mail of the reasons for returning the package.

Biona Organic - Hemp Seeds are an excellent option if you're looking for healthy cannabis seeds. They are 100% organic and are grown using no chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Biona Organic - Hemp Seeds Features

  • They are 100% organic seeds grown without using chemicals, making them healthy.

  • The Hemp Seeds contain no intoxicating effects

  • They are not to be used for growing

  • You can use them whole or ground them in bread

  • If you roast the seeds, you'll enjoy a delicious nutty flavor

  • They may not be suitable for people who are allergic to milk, peanut, nut, soya, and gluten due to manufacturing methods


  • They are chemical-free as they are grown without using chemical pesticides or herbicides.
  • You have various methods of using them, including grounding them in bread or using them whole.
  • They have a fast delivery time of 4-5 business days
  • You'll enjoy an irresistible nutty flavor


  • They aren't ideal for people allergic to peanut, milk, nut, and soya

How Do You Determine the Best Cannabis Seed Banks?

If you're looking for a place to purchase marijuana seeds, consider the following factor to ensure you land on the best:

Seeds Variety

Weed seeds come in varieties. For instance, regular cannabis seeds grow into male and female plants. Therefore, you must remove the male plants from your field on time to prevent them from pollinating the female counterparts, ruining your yield.

Regular seeds can also have hermaphrodites.

On the other hand, you have feminized seeds that grow into female plants. Ensure you get high-quality feminized yields to ensure a rewarding harvest and high-quality weed.

Auto-flowering seeds are also a variety available in seed banks. This type of weed seed doesn't require a light cycle to start flowering.

Besides ensuring you purchase high-quality seeds, it's good to consider other factors such as the climate in your area and the available space. Some cannabis plants thrive in warm climates. Some may grow tall, making them not the best for indoor cultivation.


The seed bank's reputation is also an essential factor to consider. You can trust reputable seed banks even when buying marijuana seeds online.

You can find out the reputation of a seed bank by checking other users' experiences. Check out online reviews and see what other users say about the quality of seeds and services the seed bank offers.

Payment Methods

If you want to buy marijuana seeds online, you'd want a seed bank that allows online payment methods such as wire transfers.

The seeds bank should offer you various payment methods such as cash or credit cards to enhance convenience.

Weed Seeds Germination Guarantee

Pot seeds from a seed bank are assumed to be better quality than those picked from flowers. Picking seeds from flowers is considered an unhealthy growing practice. It'd be best to purchase seeds from a dispensary.

The best seed banks are believed to invest a lot in research and development to ensure they offer high-quality marijuana seeds.

Therefore, if you want to buy from a reputable seed bank, check out if they offer a germination guarantee. This gives you the confidence to plant their seeds.

A germination guarantee also shows the company has confidence in its products.

Customer Service

Besides offering quality seeds, a company must also ensure customer satisfaction in all areas.

Customers need to know they'll get help when they need it. For example, do the customer support agents answer phone calls or reply to text messages and emails?

A reputable seed bank should offer various ways of reaching its customer support agents. This can include emails, live chats, phone calls, and social media accounts. In addition, you can read online reviews to check out the experiences other customers have had with the company's customer service.

seeds and leaves on a plate

Shipping Policy

What's the company's shipping policy? Does it ship to your area, and how does it do it? Is there guaranteed delivery?

You should also find out if the company offers stealth shipping. If your family doesn't approve of the growing or use of cannabis, you may prefer a company that offers stealth shipping. Additionally, though cannabis may be legal in your state, it may be illegal in other states if the shipment passes through.

Thus, stealth shipping comes in handy. Some companies use unbranded brown boxes for stealth shipping. Others use a different address.

You should also find out the company's shipping charges and get to know if there are any hidden charges. Then, compare the charges with other companies and choose the best deal.

Return Policy

Sometimes you may not be satisfied with the quality of seeds you get, or they may have other issues. It'd be best to find out if the company allows you to return the products.

Also, find out after how long you can be allowed to return the products and under which conditions.

Ready for a Purchase?

If you want to enjoy success in growing cannabis, ensure you get the best cannabis seeds. You can buy the seeds from cannabis seed banks online. The seed banks invest a lot to ensure they offer seeds with a germination guarantee to ensure success.

Our list above comes in handy if you're looking for the best seed bank. Choose your best depending on what they offer, and enjoy success in your weed farming. 

Best Place To Buy Marijuana Seeds

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