The Ultimate List Of Bud Trimmer Reviews in 2017

We have compiled the world’s greatest list on bud trimmers and what we think of each one. Much like bud trimmers this will save you time when trying to figure out which marijuana trimming machine to purchase and why?

A great and powerful cannabis trimming machine:

The Spin Pro Trimmer by Spin Pro 

A nifty little spinner we fell in love with! This UFO shaped trimmer is a well constructed trimmer that makes for quick trim times and high caliper quality buds seem to always be the end result in the trimming process. We trimmed about 2 pounds of Barack O.G., a sweet and spicy hybrid strain, in this cute stainless steal, hand cranked masterpiece. We could not be more pleased with the results. If you would like to read the full review, click here!

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Large Grow Bud Trimmer That Does A Good Job:

The Rotor Leaf Trimmer by Trimpro

This trimmer takes a more industrial approach to trimming buds. Made for large scale batch trimming this will make your trim times drop thus making your like processing Cannabis much easier and quicker giving you more time to smoke.

Works great for small bud clean up and it is not to bulky as far as larger bud trimmers go. Weighing in at 35lbs, the Rotor Leaf Trimmer is as solid as they come. Made throughout with high grade metal construction it reduces any bud loss well.

I would recommend purchasing the table built for this trimmer as it helps with overall trimming and clean up and the ability for more control over your bud trimming processes. It ads the ability of keeping more of your buds together and storage for your trim without the need of mounting it to a random table.

Overall, the this bud trimmer review was great fun producing. This trimmer is fun to watch as it churns through pounds of weed at a time. The smell is my favorite art as it turns. The smell of freshly trimmed bud is a good thing.

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