Best Seed Banks That Ship To The USA

There are many seed banks that ship to the US. Some American seed banks that ship to the US are lesser-known yet reputable, others will simply drop the ball. We have done our research and compiled a list of the top seed banks that ship to the U.S.A.

If you are an indoor or outdoor grower, someone who grows with LED grow lights, or HPS grow lights you will want to pay attention to this article about seed banks that ship to USA locations.

Each of these top seed banks ship to the USA and above all, they ship fast, so getting your garden started is easy. Go forth and order your seeds from these reputable vendors for big fluffy buds.

List Of The Best Cannabis Seeds Bank That Ship To USA addresses

The seed banks on our list have a reputation of following through and providing high-quality seeds shipped to your doors in the US. These American seed banks or companies that are the best marijuana seed banks that ship to the US are often better than most US suppliers for their variety of seeds they can offer you and at great prices.

The Vault Seed Store

best online seed bankThere are a couple of reasons why The Vault Seed Store is on the list. For one they have a huge selection of seeds that are reliable. The Vault Store, as a seed bank is also reliable much like their seed fertilization rates. As one of the most consistent and reliable seed banks, they produce and distribute seeds that don’t ever seem to fail in germination.

Anytime we ordered from them the seeds germinate without fail every time which is awesome. Seed varieties available to be shipped to the US include feminized seeds, regular seeds and also auto-flowering seeds.

Cannabis Seeds

Second, their shipping is fast along with discreet packaging.  It takes about 7 to 12 days to receive your US-bound shipment of marijuana seed. As a bonus, they also include a few extra bonus seeds with every order.

They are a company that believes in good customer service. They want you to be satisfied completely with your orders from the seed bank. In fact, they are always adding freebies into every order so you can expect to typically get free seeds shipped straight to your door in the United States.

ILGM Seed Bank – Seed Bank USA

us seed banksThe folks at I Love Growing Marijuana is a top US seed bank that ships around the US. Located in the Netherlands and owned by cannabis guru Robert Burgman, ILGM is one of the best and well-known seed banks that ships from the Netherlands, straight to the United States of America.

They have a good number of strains to choose from and deliver strains that are close to my heart. Everything from Indica, Sativa, Hybrids, and auto-flowering seeds that don’t seem to disappoint. The customer service is also top-notch.


They are happy to answer your questions and help you along with your growing of cannabis seeds. This seed bank will answer their emails and phones 24 hours a day and ship within 10 business days. As an online seed bank, they also take most payments from credit cards to bank transfers.

Finally, another fantastic feature of this seed bank comes with their guarantee. If your seeds do not germinate they will replace them completely free of charge. Trying this seed bank is a no-brainer!

Pros/What We Like:

  • Many payment options
  • Founded by chemist Robert Bergman
  • High yielding seeds from an outstanding seed bank that ships to the US
  • Affordable pricing that rivals many other less reputable seed banks

The Nirvana Shop – Best Online Seed Bank

An experience seed bank that ships worldwide minus AU (Australia). One of the older seed banks that sell online for all your seeding needs. Everything from autoflower seeds to feminized seeds is available in your favorite strains. We really love their selection of feminized cannabis seeds and this seed bank has some of the best strains available when it comes to feminized regular seeds.

seed banks that ship to the usa

Because of the growth in the cannabis industry they have maintained and outsold many other seed bank companies across the globe. Supplying large scale farms as well as individual growers like you and me. They started their mail-order seed business back in 1980 but fully incorporated in 1995 when they started shipping worldwide.

They seem to provide quality seeds at a good price. Their direct shipping to the USA includes a wide variety of seed strain choices so more than likely you will find your favorite cannabis strains on the list.

They also have sales from time to time so check them out frequently or sign up for their loyalty program for extra seed bonuses from time to time at steep discounts. Another great feature of this seed bank that shipping to the US is free. So if you are into saving money, need some great strains to choose from and quality seedbanks from a reputable bank then Nirvana is the seed shop for you.

Nirvana Seed Shop also gives peace of mind in its guaranteed shipping. If your package gets denied or does not show up for any reason, they will re-ship your fresh delivery of seed bank seeds at no extra charge.

Growing their own strains and seeds gives them complete control over the process and thus far our seeds always are of the highest quality.

Lastly, a great feature of this seed provider is that all packaging is very discreet. No prying neighbors will no what is in your shipment.

Amsterdam Cannabis Seeds

seed banks that ship to US Starting in 2002, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds took off based on demand as one of the best seed banks that ships directly to the USA as well as many other countries.

The best contender in the category of shipping seeds overseas to the United States comes from this seed shipper. The best seed banks have the best seeds, but not only that, offer outstanding customer service. They are the top online seed distributor and bank due to their ridiculously fair pricing model along with providing some of the top strains. They also offer many payment methods for shipping seed to the US.

Their inventory is always top-notch. Providing quality potent THC feminized seeds so you can produce and grow cannabis plants that have a great reputation in the strain world and will knock your socks off.

They offer a variety of categories when it comes to different types of seeds such as:

  • Indoor and outdoor seeds
  • Indica seeds
  • Sativa seeds
  • CBD seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Auto flower seeds
  • Medical seeds
  • Hybrid seeds
  • And more

This seed company offers a selection of amazing cannabis strains that, alone puts them as THE front runner in seed banks that ship directly to the US.

Hemp Depot – Cannabis Seeds USA

Around for over 20 years, the Hemp Depot is a well-known seed supplier across the growing community. They often win many awards for their quality seeds. Offering strains such as Northern Lights and Hindu Kush they are a top seller of great seeds that don’t seem to fail.

They mostly ship to countries in the EU and other countries depending on location.

Their shipping is fast and discreet along with moderate pricing for their seed shipments.

The Attitude Bank of Seeds

Having an attitude with these guys is a non-issue. They offer a wonderful product in their cultivated seeds that are completely feminized. Carrying a wide assortment of seeds for sale that are grown by artisans of the cannabis growing world with many different delivery options. Handcrafted good bud comes to mind with their seeds.

They offer those hard to find strains, that you can’t find anywhere else. If they don’t have the seed you are looking for, it probably doesn’t exist. Cannabis Cup winners are lined up on their shelves and ready to be shipped straight to your doorstep.

The seeds arrive fresh and ready to be germinated. Their secret is refrigeration during storage, so the seeds never fail.

Crop King Seeds – Marijuana Seeds USA

American Seed Banks

Another one of those reputed seed banks that ship all over the US is Crop King Seeds. Located in North America they are one of the best seed banks that ship to the US. For over 15 years Crop King Seeds has shipped reliable seeds for every popular strain you could imagine.

The company started out in an apartment and grew from there tripling its employees. They also have over 100 stores throughout Canada. The seeds themselves have an 80% germination rate and they offer seed shipping discounts depending on the time of year.

Currently with a $200 purchase, shipping is free, otherwise, you may have to pay up to $10 for shipping. Either way, if you choose to purchase and ship seeds to the US, you won’t be disappointed.

auto flowering seed bank

This seed bank cultivates its own strains of cannabis. This means if you are looking for great seeds from a seed bank that ships to the USA, this seed bank is your go-to supplier.

The website and ordering are simple and easy to use, especially for those who are new to purchasing online seed bank seeds. They even go as far as giving great tips on roper seed germination as well as the different strain reviews.

Crop King Seeds also has faster shipping to the USA than most seed banks in America. 2-day shipping is available and when shipping to the US, the packaging is discreet for privacy reasons.

One thing we really like is their germination guarantee. If your seeds, shipped to your US address, do not germinate they will replace them for free.

Pros/What We Like:

  • Germination replacement guarantee
  • Fast and discreet shipping – 2-day shipping available
  • Many payment choices such as bitcoin, credit/debit cards and money orders for example.
  • Free Shipping with the minimum seed purchase amount

What We Didn’t Like: 

  • Strain selection not huge, but popular strains to select none the less

Commonly Asked Questions About Seed Banks That Ship To The USA

There are many questions that people ask in regards to buying marijuana seeds online and having them shipped to the US. Many of the online seed banks that ship to the States to a good job of answering many of these questions, but you should be aware of some things they do not cover.

Is Shipping Marijuana Seeds To The USA Legal?

Because it is not legal to sell seeds domestically in the US there are no US seed banks. The best you can do is if you live in a state that allows for the legal sale of cannabis products to hope you can buy clones. Short of that, you must purchase seeds from a seed bank that ships to the US as intrastate shipping is not possible for US seed banks.

The US customs law says if a package is open and seeds are found you will be sent a notice of confiscation and disposal at most. If you are unsure, you should consult a lawyer as laws can change.

In the meantime, you will not most likely end up in jail for having a seed bank ship to the US from another country.

Why Do US Cannabis Growers Source The Seeds From Other Countries?

Because Marijuana is illegal on a Federal level it can make it difficult to get seeds from American seed banks. Shipping between different states in the US is troublesome and makes things difficult. Finding a cannabis seeds USA retailer is difficult but possible. Many even rely on social media networking to source seeds rather than use a US seed bank.

How Do I Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

Depending on the variety of seeds such as autoflowering seeds or feminized seeds, not much will change. In fact, germination is pretty straight forward.

Check out this video on proper cannabis seed germination to get started.

In Conclusion

Seeds in the US are hard to come by. Even in most legal states, the kind of seeds you can purchase is limited. If you need great seeds it is sometimes necessary to order from overseas and have them shipped to your home or office.

Before you start growing you should be aware of the laws in your state to make sure you are breaking state laws first and foremost. Always order from reputable seed companies as oversea shipping and buying can be sketchy if it is a lesser-known company. They can simply keep your money with zero repercussions. Now all that is left is to pick out the best LED grow light in 2020 and start growing. Don’t forget to water your seeds and plants!

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