iPower Grow Tent Review

ipower grow tent for saleThis iPower tent is similar to the Apollo tent, but twice as nice — literally. It was a pleasure to review this grow tent. Coming in at a massive 4’ by 8’, this tent is large enough to grow an impressive amount, all without sacrificing quality. A metal frame provides a strong and stable environment, and the highly reflective Mylar covering returns up to 97% of your light, helping your dispensary to reach its maximum potential without a spike in your electric bills.

iPower Grow Tents are Affordable & Durable

Like the Apollo, the Mylar covering is strong and reliable, with heavy-duty zippers, double-stitching, and tear-proof material. A water-resistant floor tray is a part of the package, and is removable for easy cleaning. In addition, two filter straps are included, which will help you to eliminate any possible odors. Several strategically-placed vent doors make it easy for you to reach anywhere you need to, regardless of the large size of this grow tent.

Like the Apollo, a manual is included to help you assemble the tent and get the best possible use out of it.

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