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July 6, 2022

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Cannabis is growing in popularity all over the United States. As a result, more Americans support the legalization of hemp, though a few still have reservations.

Most states have legalized medical marijuana, and others have also allowed recreational use. With the rise in the popularity of cannabis, there's increased growth and sale of marijuana.

3 Top Marijuana Seeds

LSD Autoflower

1. [Best For The Money] LSD Autoflower

The LSD Auto was born when the original was combined with Super Magnum Auto to form a hybrid. The autoflowering strain is popular for offering various fragrances, including mango, herbal, chestnut, sweet, sour, and pungent aromas.


  • It's easy to grow
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • It's fast-growing and offers decent yields in the right conditions
White Widow Express AUTO Feminised Seeds

The White Widow Express Auto Feminized Seeds have taken the cannabis industry by storm. The strain is an updated version of a popular classic. The classic had a global reputation for its resin production and outstanding effects.


  • You don't have to separate male plants at a particular time
  • Feminized seeds can only grow into female plants
  • It features a compact stature that makes it ideal for indoor cultivation
Auto CBD Kush Marijuana Seeds

3. [Best For The Sweet And Fruity Aroma] Auto CBD Kush Marijuana Seeds

Auto CBD Kush offers a sweet and fruity taste and aroma that'll have you begging for more. It stands out due to its compact structure and numerous branches. It's a cross between Kandy Kush and an autoflowering strain.


  • It's reported to have soothing effects on aches
  • It has a compact and manageable size
  • The autoflowering strain offers decent yields

If you're a grower, you require the best quality seeds to get high yields and quality cannabis. However, getting the best cannabis seeds isn't the easiest thing. With the increased number of cannabis seed banks, you've to be sure what you're looking for. Additionally, weed seeds from a dispensary may not be the same quality as those lying in your storage bag.

Which are the best marijuana seeds, and how do you get them?

Read on to get the best hacks and a list of quality cannabis seeds you can buy.

Factors to Consider While Looking for the Best Marijuana Seeds

If you want to buy cannabis seeds online or from a seed bank, there are certain factors you should consider to ensure you land on the best. These include:

Marijuana seeds in a hand

Where Your Cannabis Seeds Originate From

The quality of your cannabis is highly dependent on the quality of the marijuana seeds you plant. High-quality marijuana seeds are more likely to be more resistant to diseases and other issues that cannabis plants face, including sudden weather changes.

You may not compare the quality of marijuana seeds from a bag lying in your store with those from reputable marijuana seed banks. The best seed banks invest a lot of time, money, and resources in ensuring they breed high-quality seeds ideal for various environments.

Seeds from a cannabis seed bank have a high germination rate, can withstand challenges, and offer quality buds and high yields. They also offer outstanding terpene profiles that offer the effects you desire.

On the other hand, seeds from your local dealer may not be of the best quality. Getting seeds from flowers is also poor growing practice.

To get the best results, ensure you get your seeds from a reputable marijuana seed bank. Check out their reviews to see what other growers say about the seed bank. You can also look at how much information they give regarding its seeds to help you pick the most appropriate.

Weed seeds in a wooden spoon

Best Marijuana Seeds Reviews

The above considerations will help you get the best hemp seeds to grow in your environment or set up. But which are the best cannabis seeds on the market?

Check out our list of the best marijuana seeds below:

1. [Best For The Money] LSD Autoflower


The LSD Auto was born when the original was combined with Super Magnum Auto to form a hybrid. The autoflowering strain is popular for offering various fragrances, including mango, herbal, chestnut, sweet, sour, and pungent aromas.

It offers an uplifting body buzz and psychedelic experience that leaves you with euphoric and relaxing effects. The LSD Autoflower is easy to grow and fast-flowering, allowing you to enjoy your weed in about 10-14 weeks.

It offers THC levels of up to 24% and a moderate CBD level that leaves you feeling happy and relaxed. It also has a growth pattern similar to other autoflowers from germination to harvest. You don't have to manipulate the lighting cycle for the plants to start flowering. Being autoflowers, they flower at a particular time irrespective of the light cycle.

LSD Autoflower

LSD Autoflower Features:

  • It's a short stature strain, making it ideal for indoor growing. Even with the compact size, the cannabis plant still offers decent yields
  • It's also resistant to mildew, spider mites, and mold. Thus, you can plant it outdoors, and it grows into a high-quality plant
  • The LSD Autoflower strain is easy to grow and is ideal for novice and experienced growers
  • The autoflowering strain offers a THC level of up to 24%. This offers an uplifting high and mental buzz that helps you relax. A smoke of the LSE Autoflower leaves you with a euphoric feeling that has you smiling and begging for more
  • Although the plants are highly resistant to challenges, you should protect them from frost if you opt for outdoor cultivation. It also thrives best in mild environments and is ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • Quality weed from LSD Autoflower requires work. Thus, ensure you feed the plants with the right nutrients at every stage of development
  • The nutrients should ensure optimal growth and the best protection of the plant. Consult your cannabis seed bank for advice on the nutrients to feed your plants
  • The LSD Autoflowering plants don't require a light cycle to flower. They're fast-flowering plants and finish flowering in about 10-14 weeks.
  • Growing the plants in the right conditions offer decent yields. You can expect 6 ounces of yields per plant for indoor cultivation and 4 ounces for outdoor setup.
  • LSD Autoflower effects kick in fast. Its effects boost your creativity and imagination and give you the impetus to keep accomplishing throughout the day.
  • Since its a potent strain, it'll be best to start small, especially for new users.
  • As the plant starts to flower, you may notice a pungent aroma. It also has a similar taste with a sweet and sour touch.


  • It's easy to grow
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • It's fast-growing and offers decent yields in the right conditions
  • The strain boosts your creativity and imagination


  • Excessive use can leave you feeling anxious

The White Widow Express Auto Feminized Seeds have taken the cannabis industry by storm. The strain is an updated version of a popular classic. The classic had a global reputation for its resin production and outstanding effects.

The White Widow has been a favorite of most growers globally, and the White Widow Express Auto makes it even easier to grow. It's a product of crossing the original Dutch White Widow strain with other autoflowering varieties.

The result is a fast-growing and high-quality strain, ideal for indoor cultivation. It only takes about seven weeks for the White Widow Express Auto to flower. It also features enormous buds covered with resin as though dipped in snow.

It has an unmistakable citrusy scent with sweet hints and a matching flavor.

White Widow Express AUTO Feminised Seeds

White Widow Express Auto Feminized Seeds Features:

  • If you're looking for an extremely easy strain to grow, look no further than the White Widow Express Auto. It's ideal for novice and advanced level growers
  • It's an Indica dominant strain with a high THC content that offers an energizing and fulfilling high
  • It's an autoflowering strain meaning it'll start flowering at a particular time but not as a result of a light cycle
  • The feminized feature also makes it less stressful to grow. Unlike regular seeds, feminized seeds only produce female plants. thus, you don't have to remove male plants that'd otherwise pollinate the female ones and ruin your yield
  • The plants have a short flowering time of about 7 weeks. If you want to have your weed ready for use within a short time, the White Widow Express Auto Feminized is an ideal choice.
  • They also feature a short stature that makes them perfect for indoor growing. You don't have to trim the plants to maintain a manageable height. This makes them easy to grow.
  • It features the same sweet and sour aroma as in the original Dutch Widow strain.
  • It features a stable genetic makeup that ensures you have a healthy and high-quality plant with the best yields. You can expect a yield of about 160 grams per plant depending on the growing conditions.


  • You don't have to separate male plants at a particular time, making the strain easy to grow and saving you a lot of time and energy.
  • Feminized seeds can only grow into female plants. The feminized strains tend to be better quality than their regular counterparts.
  • It features a compact stature that makes it ideal for indoor cultivation. Even with the compact size, the plants still offer a decent yield.
  • Its fast flowering, and you can enjoy your weed within a short period
  • The high THC content ensures a high that leaves you relaxed and calm


  • Excessive use of the Indica dominant strain can knock you down

3. [Best For The Sweet And Fruity Aroma] Auto CBD Kush Marijuana Seeds


Auto CBD Kush offers a sweet and fruity taste and aroma that'll have you begging for more. It stands out due to its compact structure and numerous branches. It's a cross between Kandy Kush and an autoflowering strain.

Additionally, CBD Kush features a high CBD content. As such, it's reported to help medical users deal with pain, anxiety, and inflammation. It also offers an uplifting high that makes you relax. Its psychoactive effects are mild and only offer mild sedation.

It features a customized growth cycle and matures faster than its photoperiod counterpart. It's ideal for daytime use to give you the energy to face the day. You can also use it in the evening when you want to relax after a tiresome day. It offers effective effects for both medical and recreational users.

Auto CBD Kush Marijuana Seeds

Auto CBD Kush Marijuana Seeds Features:

  • Auto CBD Kush combines Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis genetics. It's compact, bushy, and branchy and also offers high yields.
  • Growing Auto CBD kush can be tricky and is best handled by people with previous experience. it has a compact size, ideal for indoor growing, but you can also grow it outdoors
  • Like other autoflowering strains, Auto CBD Kush is fast-growing, and you can harvest your seeds within 10-11 weeks. thus, you can grow it several times a year regardless of the season
  • It's also a high yield strain, and you can expect about 1.47 ounces per square foot for indoor cultivation and up to 6 ounces per plant in an outdoor setting
  • Ensure enough airflow and ventilation in the grow room to prevent mold proliferation. If you grow the plants under optimal conditions, you can expect dense, light green nugs with beneficial CBD content.
  • It's reported to have medical effects for relieving pain thanks to its CBD content, and it's also used to boost productivity and concentration
  • Due to the high CBD and low THC levels, the strain offers an effect that relaxes your body and mind without too much mental cloudiness. It also offers a sense of calm and ease for recreational users.
  • It has a sweet and fruity aroma that'll entice you to smoke it


  • It's reported to have soothing effects on aches. Medical users claim it also helps feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • It has a compact and manageable size, and you can grow it indoors or outdoors.
  • The autoflowering strain offers decent yields when grown in the right conditions.
  • You enjoy a sweet and fruity aroma


  • You can experience dry eyes and mouth, which you can remedy by taking water.

Moby Dick is a voracious feminized strain that comes with all the qualities of a pure Sativa. It's derived from crossing a Haze and a White Widow and has a Christmas tree shape. She's known to stretch a lot, both upwards and sideways, thanks to the Sativa genes.

Her most distinctive trait is the main cola which earns all the admiration and respect.

She's an easy strain to grow and doesn't demand much attention. However, it's demanding in terms of nutrients and light. So this killer whale is the way to go if you are looking for incredibly high yields.

Moby Dick is known as one of the most psychoactive cannabis varieties. This may not be a strain of choice if you are on a diet. It's known to work on your appetite and make you want more.

Moby Dick Feminised Seeds

Moby Dick feminized Seeds Features:

  • Moby Dick offers you purely brutal yields. When matured, all her branches are covered with thick and huge buds. you can enhance the yield by providing more light
  • The main cola, a long and wide bud, is sure to captivate any grower who comes across her
  • Moby Dick Feminized is a hungry strain that requires immense amounts of nutrients and light. She also rewards you with incredibly high-quality flowers.
  • The strain is also characterized by a strong aroma with hints of lemon and spices. You also find undertones of Haze and cedar. She showcases a strong fragrance that separates her from the rest
  • Moby Dick Feminized strain features a strong psychoactive effect close to psychedelia. Consuming the strain makes you hungry and increases your appetite. Dieters might want to consider this
  • Growing the plants is easy as she's not too demanding of care and attention. She's sturdy and moisture-resistant. However, she's she extends sideways and upwards, and she requires a lot of space
  • She gets so big that only two plants can fit indoors for a space that can fit four White Widow hybrid plants
  • You should also ensure the plant receives adequate light and nutrients
  • She's a fast-growing cannabis plant that flowers in about 9 weeks


  • Easy to grow and maintain
  • It's ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation
  • The plant is sturdy and moisture-resistant
  • It's fast-growing


  • She requires a lot of nutrients and light, but she rewards you with quality buds

Are you still looking for the best marijuana seeds? How about the Zkittlez Autoflower seeds.

The strain is named after the fruit candy since it's sweet and colorful.

Despite its Indica heritage, the strain offers you a cerebral high that uplifts your spirits and leaves you feeling happy and relaxed. It's a perfect pick for an evening smoke for a relaxed night.

It comes from a cross between Grapefruit and Grape Ape strains. It's Indica dominant with a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa blend.
Zkittlez Autoflower

Zkittlez Autoflower Features:

  • The autoflowers are a combination of ruderalis and Sativa and Indica strains. The ruderalis genetics make the strain flower without a light cycle
  • The strain is easy to grow, even for beginners. You don't require prior experience to grow the plants successfully
  • With up to 23% THC content, the autoflower strain offers a cerebral high that relaxes your body and mind. It's a perfect wake and bake option in the morning or any other time of the day
  • The plants thrive best in warm climates. Ensure you maintain the ideal temperatures indoors. For outdoor cultivation, the plants thrive best in Mediterranean climates
  • It's a fast-growing plant and flowers in 10-14 weeks. You can expect yields of 5-15 oz per 3x3ft in the right conditions
  • It offers you an unforgettable fruity and pepper scent and flavor


  • The compact size makes it easy to manage even by new growers
  • Both indoor and outdoor cultivation offer high yields
  • It's fast-growing, meaning you can plant them several times a year
  • It leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed


  • You may experience dry eyes and mouth

Get yourself mesmerized by the uplifting and relaxing effects of the CB Dream feminized strain.

The Sativa dominant strain originates from California and combines Sativa Haze and Blueberry Indica. It offers an incredible balance of cerebral buzz and body relaxation.

It's reported to provide pain relief without the sedative effects of the medicine.

CB Dream Feminized CBD/Medical Seeds

CB Dream Feminized Seeds Features:

  • If you grow marijuana for medical purposes, CB Dream is a perfect pick as it comes with a 6% THC level and 6% CBD
  • It's popular for its relaxing and uplifting effect. It's claimed to be ideal for daytime medicine as it has no sedative effects
  • The feminized strain is also classified as one of the easiest strains to grow. Therefore, novice growers can use it to hone their skills
  • It features citrus and pine scents and aromas, making you feel uplifted throughout the day
  • The low THC content makes it ideal for users who are not after a hard-hitting stone
  • You can grow it indoors since it's easy to moderate


  • Low THC level makes it ideal for medicinal users
  • It's easy to manage
  • Novice growers can use it to hone their cultivation skills
  • It's reported to offer pain relief without sedative effects


  • It's not ideal if you're looking for a hard-hitting stone

The Nothern Lights x Big Bud Auto Feminized Seeds originates from a combination of Nothern Lights and Big Bud.

The two strains are popular in their own capacity. Northern Lights stands out from the rest due to its Indica effect, while Big Bud is known for its high yields. A combination of the two results in a strain that generates resin on its leaves.

It also features the Canadian Ruderalis genetics, and it takes about 8-9 weeks to flower.

Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto Feminised Seeds

Northern Light x Big Bud Auto Feminized Features:

  • It takes around 8-9 weeks for the plants to flower, but the wait is worth it as it comes with high yields
  • The strain offers decent yields even for novice growers
  • With the 18% THC content, the strain offers incredible cerebral highs that relax and calm your body and mind
  • You enjoy a rich smoke with an earthy flavor and yeasty undertones. It also features a sweetness that's balanced with acidic notes
  • It features soothing effects and is claimed to offer pain relief


  • It's easy to grow, even for inexperienced growers
  • It offers soothing effects, including dealing with pain
  • You'll enjoy the flavor and scent that entices you to smoke
  • It takes a short time to flower and still offers high yields
  • You can grow it both indoors and outdoors


  • Unknown CBD levels

Other factors to Consider While Looking for the Best Marijuana Seeds

Healthy Color

Check out the color of the seeds to determine if they are healthy or not. Healthy marijuana seeds have a brown color ranging from light brown to dark. Whereas some seeds have a uniform shade, others feature tiger stripes and other different shades.

Any seeds with a brown color or such stripes most probably germinate and grow into a healthy plant. However, genetic and environmental factors can also lead to changes in color shades. For example, lighting, oxidation, and humidity can also cause color changes.

If the seeds start showing a green coloration, you should be concerned. Such seeds may not have a germination guarantee as the color may signify immaturity. It could be the grower harvested the seeds very early.

Think Age

How old are the seeds you want to plant?

Most of the time, growers plant seeds less than a year old. This is because the seeds germinate faster than the others lying in the store for a long time. You can also use seeds from two to three past seasons.

Young marijuana seeds are the best as they offer a higher germination rate, viability, and better quality plants.

How can you tell if a seed is young or not?

You can use the touch sensation to tell a seed's age. For example, squeeze the seed between your index finger and thumb. A young and healthy seed won't give in to pressure and remains firm.

An old unhealthy, dry seed can crack since it lacks the moisture of a younger seed.

Cannabis seeds on a plate

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the seeds can also tell you if they are healthy or not. Healthy cannabis seeds come in various shapes and sizes. Some seeds are compact and have very minimal space between the cotyledon leaves within and the outer shell. However, they are still healthy in terms of color and age.

On the other hand, the genetic makeup of seeds may result in a large appearance.

Irrespective of their sizes, healthy marijuana seeds feature the same teardrop shape. If your seeds don't have this consistent shape, it may indicate a genetic flaw. Flat and unhealthy seeds may have germination issues.


The price of the seeds is also an essential factor to consider while looking for the best weed seeds to plant. Ensure you consult your seed bank of choice to understand the different seeds and their prices.

Pick the most appropriate seeds at a friendly cost. Additionally, you can consider buying the seeds in bulk to cut costs. However, although bulk buying saves you costs, it also comes with risks. For instance, if the price sounds too good to be true, the seeds could be of low quality.

Even the most advanced  growers may not get high yields or quality cannabis from low-quality seeds.

Seeds on a white background

Season's Length and Climate

How long does your choice of cannabis strain take to flower? And does the strain thrive under the climatic conditions in your area?

Autoflowering strains may take a shorter time to flower than other strains. So if you want to get your cannabis within a short time, you may go for the autoflowering strains.

Some strains thrive best in warm and sunny climates like in the Mediterranean. Others are ideal for indoor cultivation due to their compact size. Other strains are disease resistant and can also withstand issues such as sudden weather changes, making them ideal for outdoor cultivation.

Before you can purchase any marijuana seeds, a reputable seed bank should give you a review of the seeds for a better understanding. This will help you choose seeds appropriate to your needs.

Float Test

If you squeeze the seeds, look at the color and appearance, and are still not convinced about their quality, you can also consider the float test.

Fill a jug with water and place the cannabis seeds inside. Poor-quality seeds will most likely remain floating while high-quality seeds sink.

Don't be in a hurry while conducting the float test. Some high-quality weed seeds may require time to absorb water before sinking. However, 1-2 hours are enough to carry out the test.

What Are the Best Cannabis Seeds?

Getting the best cannabis seeds gives you a germination guarantee, a high likelihood of healthy plants, and decent yields. To get the best seeds, consider various factors, including the reputation of the seed bank selling you the seeds.

Our list above helps you choose your best marijuana seeds depending on your environment, climate, and other needs.

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