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by Morgan

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November 21, 2023

How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Marijuana Grow Room

Grow tents can help add to your yield in growing through its reflective light giving designs. Grow tents can also help you organize your grow to make things less complicated. A well designed Mylar grow tent can make all the difference when using indoor LED grow lights for your crop.

We recently picked up a new Mars Hydro Grow tent to review and see what all the fuss is about. Our Mars Hydro grow tent review involved the Mars Hydro Diamond Type Mylar Home Hut Box, measuring 27 x 27. One of the smaller grow tents that are offered by Mars Hydro. It is a perfect tent for a couple plants at a time.


Diamond Mylar Grow Tent

We used this tent with the new Mars Epistar II Pro 80 LED grow light which was a wise choice as it fit perfectly within the tent. Another grow light that works well for this size tent is the Mars Hydro 300w LED grow light. Either way you want plenty of light to hit your plants in a small tent without sacrificing proper temperatures.

The tent was sent to us in relatively discreet packaging that was protective of its inner contents. Upon opening, there was no plastic, chemical smell that a lot of other grow tents seem to have upon initial opening.

The box contained the Mylar grow tent, an extra waterproof floor tray for easy cleaning, the white metal internal pole supports and two straps for hanging your LED grow light.

The tent itself appeared to be a very strong Mylar that was highly reflective and waterproof. The supports for the tent also appeared to have integrity for such a small tent. Probably overkill, but I would rather have more support than less and of course, the extra tray was a nice touch.

MARS HYDRO 2.3x2.3 Advanced Grow Tent,...
  • UPGRADED ZIPPER FLAP FOR PERFECT LIGHT LOCKING: MARS HYDRO grow tent interior is highly reflective and density diamond mylar. An exclusive shade cloth is equipped on the stitching between zipper and canvas, avoiding any pinhole leaks. The 1680D canvas is double stitched, tear proof for perfect light locking and keeps 100% lighting beams inside
  • STURDY METAL STRUCTURE AND EASIER SETUP: Crafted with stable metal poles, corner adapters and top bars, this growing tent is superior for its durability, neither rusting nor paint-falling. The thick and solid steel poles withstand more weight than other small grow tents. It's easy to assemble with pop snaps and holes, quickly build up your growing setup for hydroponic grow and gardening in minutes

Grow Tent Set-Up

mars grow tent reviewSetting up the indoor grow tent for our mars hydro grow tent review was a bit tough but manageable. I would recommend having a friend help you with this step as the size can throw you off during set up. It is a tall tent and not some small tight grow cabinet. Again, I tend to be a bit clumsy and if you are someone who has set up a tent before you should have no problem.

Inspecting the stitching we found the quality was perfect. No loose threading, especially around the zipper seams. The double threading incorporated into the tent helps with its integrity. The zippers themselves were solid and not cheap. The heavy-duty coating allows for easy zipping and unzipping without fear the grow tent would un-thread and allow light to seep into the tent.

After set up was complete we tested the tent to check for any light seepage. Upon inspection, we were impressed by which this tent did not allow light to escape or let light seep in through the outside. The light loss was at a minimum for this tent.

We were also impressed by the quality vs the price for this tent. Comparable to a Gorilla Grow Tent reviews but at a fraction of the price.

Grow Tent Ventilation

The ventilation wholes allowed for proper ventilation on each side and are easy to access and set up fans to cool the tent off from heat accumulation. With our light choice we did not need much extra heat dissipation but it is a smaller closet so the need is there should you choose a different lighting system than ourselves.

A few other cool features include:

  • A built-in pouch for your growing tools
  • Rear vent wholes for power cords
  • A top filter vent for filtering away the strong smell of your plants
  • 99% diamond reflective Mylar for perfect reflective light
  • Mesh window for easy viewing
  • Dual intake and exhaust vents
  • Metal white poles and hanging bars that are effective and durable

mars hydro grow tent reviewAfter building our tent and reviewing the durability and inside structure we set up our indoor grow. As we put on our protective eyewear and powered up our lights we were happy to report that things fit nicely, organized (I hate messy grow rooms) and the tent felt sturdy and strong with an extra 8 pounds of LED hanging from the top.

The straps provided, made it easy to adjust the lights as our plant canopies grew to new heights.

Summing Up Our Review

We were very happy with our review of the Mars Hydro 27 x 27 Mylar Grow tent. Our yield was double that of what I am typically used to. This was a result of using the Mars Hydro Pro 2 as well, but I have to give some credit to the reflective nature and light securing force of this solid constructed grow tent kit.

To the shop

The tent was also very easy to clean once we finished up our indoor grow session. A simple solution of soapy water and a damp sponge did the trick. I am clumsy at best and tend to get messy from time to time as I add nutrients and H2O to plants.


1. Are Mars Hydro Kits good?

Yes, Mars Hydro Kits are good. They are a reliable and affordable option for growing plants indoors.

2. Are grow tents worth it?

Grow tents are definitely worth it for the amount of control they give you over your grow. They’re easy to set up and use, and they make it easy to keep your plants healthy and happy.

3. How many plants are under Mars Hydro TS1000?

Mars Hydro TS1000 is a hydroponics system that can grow up to 2-4 plants.

4. Is Mars Hydro TS1000 good?

Yes, the Mars Hydro TS1000 is a good LED grow light. It has a high PAR value and emits little heat, making it a good choice for growers who want to save on energy costs.

5. How big should my grow tent be?

The size of your grow tent will depend on the size of your plants and how much space you have available. A general rule of thumb is to choose a grow tent that is at least twice the size of your plants.

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