Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light Reviews

Platinum LED Grow Lights featuring awesome 12 spectrum grow light capabilities  – Platinum sells, probably one of the most powerful LED grow lights on the market, depending on which wattage you go for. Very high PAR output makes growers happy.

As always, we love to recommend the Platinum series and here is why:

Advanced Platinum Grow Light Review

Platinum has mastered the PAR and lumen output of its well thought out lighting systems. From the Advanced Platinum p300 all the way up to the Advanced Platinum p900, these lights are well made and include several outstanding features not seen in other cheap LED lights for sale. We have noticed when using the Platinum Advanced Series LED’s to grow weed that there is considerably less light waste than with cheaper brands and models.

The consumption of these grow lights is also by far less than the closest competitor.

These lights deserve an honorable mention for their low consumption rates and high 12 bands full spectrum output, perfect for veg and bloom states of cannabis.

Platinum LED Features

Our favorite, most cost-effective version of the Platinum Advanced Series Lighting is the go-to P300, but they do come in a variety of sizes and outputs. (see below) The Advanced Platinum P300 LED conceivably mirrors a typical 400-watt HPS grow light while using only 180 watts of electricity. In turn, and the same for all Platinum models, they typically return 100% of usable light so your plants can photosynthesis as best they can.

Because this light is so affordable we love using it. They are easy to install as well. If you need more lighting then all you have to do is ballast another above your growing plants

Ideal for grow spaces such as closets or small grow tents as well as easily upgraded for bigger growing situations

This, of course, is backed by Platinum’s 5-year warranty on its lights.

You can read our full review here.

Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light Review

advanced platinum full spectrum LED grow light reviewAcross all standard Platinum Series LED grow lights price and performance outshine the competitors. One of the best things about these LED grow lights is cost-effective and quality.

People always ask me if these lights are just hype or are they the real deal. I always tell them the same thing.

“I have used many different kinds of lighting systems for growing and the answer is complicated. Overall and generally yes, they are awesome lights depending on how you use them.”

Here is why:

Platinum markets their product well, much like many companies in the growing niche, but these lights still hold up to the test grow I have used them with. Balance this with the price and you have a good performing light at a good price point.

That is really all the hype should be, but with the growing community, everyone has favorites and will hype their favorite LED’s up accordingly.

They do have a few minor flaws, but overwhelming do what they set out to do. Grow plants indoors.

Thus they receive 420 Green Thumb’s approval!

Advanced Platinum has a few varieties as follows: The P150, the P300, the P450, the P600, the P900, and the most powerful P1200.

Advanced Platinum Series Side by Side Specs:


Advanced Platinum ED Review Wrap Up and Conclusion:

Actual Wattage and HID Equivalent

Power vs Draw will differ between models, veg and bloom settings. Below is an idea of the differences between those states.

Comparing lighting versus cost, the Platinum Series lighting offers a comparable watt to dollar comparison that is lower than your typical lighting of this caliber but offers the same quality as more expensive models.

Platinum LED Grow Light Spectrum

The LED’s in the Platinum Series Lights uses a full 12 spectrum lighting array that delivers great veg and bloom ratings for plant growth.

full spectrum led review

Platinum lights compared with lower quality lights tend to provide great returns on Chloroform level lighting as you can tell by the above chart. This lighting is what plants need the most of.

HPS lighting pales in comparison. These types of bulbs only deliver 2 of the needed spectrum and also are far less practical in growing plants from heat to expense.

Red, blue and Ultra Violet light output is also by far a greater contributor as with the Platinum Series.

The heat also stays much lower and the built-in fans offered by Platinum are super quiet.

PAR and Coverage Area

Platinum LED does not provide PAR charts, but not many manufacturers do. Instead, they provide single PAR numbers for each light at various distances from the top of the canopy.

The problem is: an individual PAR value tells you how powerful the light is dead center. It tells you nothing about the intensity around the outside of the coverage area.

Platinum LED claim to give you the highest PAR output per watt, but if all of that PAR is concentrated in the middle and the values a foot or two off-center are very low, then the light would be useless for anyone growing more than one plant.


18 inches from canopy this chart gives you an idea of the light coverage brought to you by these LED grow lights:

The 90-degree angle LED lighting allows for deep canopy penetration from dead center.

Platinum’s LED Type and Configuration

The LED’s within these lights are made by top manufacturers and boast over 100k hours of use. That works out to around 8 years with constant growing routines from veg to blooms.

The diodes simply don’t waste a ton of light with their design. No terrible light loss equals better growing and fewer energy costs associated with a traditional indoor grow.

These 3 watt LED chips are cooler than the 5 chip counterpart and still pack a punch as far as chips go. A typical issue with indoor grow space is the latent heat build-up that can hurt your plants and affect humidity among other things that will choke your growth.

Ease of Use

Simplicity is what I like and these lights offer simple operation which I love. They are easy to hang with included light hangers that are intuitive and simple to install. From there all you need to do is switch from veg to bloom on the side Platinum’s panel and viola you can now grow.

Simple plug and play is what I think of when using these lights. You can focus more on your plants and less on lighting through the cultivation and growing process.

What Else Is Included When You Buy These Lights?

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 90 Day happiness guarantee
  • Veg/Bloom switch

These guys love their lighting LED system and it shows. So much so, that they are taking all the risk by offering you a money-back guarantee for 5 years! Insane if you think about it.

LED Pros and Cons


  • Price per Watt is unbeatable
  • Low energy consumption
  • Full 12 band spectrum lighting, perfect for cannabis
  • Bloom Veg Toggle
  • They look awesome!
  • Backed by warranty
  • Easy setup

LED Cons

  • PAR calculations are a bit skewed from areas away from plant center
  • Comes in one color (white)
  • Coverage is a bit smaller but price compensates for this.

To Sum It Up

For price and performance, these are the lights a new grower or old pro should consider. These are always fun to use and let you focus more on growing and less on set up.

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