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July 6, 2022

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In the world of indoor gardening, choosing the right grow lights is paramount to the success of your plants. High-pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights have long been a staple for indoor growers due to their efficiency and effectiveness in promoting plant growth. It produces a spectrum ideal for growing plants indoors and out, as it provides bright white light and a natural spectrum of colors. However, with a plethora of options available on the market, selecting the best HPS grow lights can be a daunting task. Fear not, as we shed light on the best options available in the market and guide you through the nuances of choosing the right one for your green haven. 

3 Top HPS Grow Lights

HTG Supply 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium HPS Complete Grow Light

The commercial fixture has 400 watts with built-in 10’ power cord and a 10’ socket to ballast cord with a mogul-base socket with easy and effective usage.


  • Provides easy wall mounting
  • It has a high output power factor
  • The unit comes with a flange base plate
GRUOTVSZAK HPS 600 Watt Grow Light Bulb

The HPS 600 Watt Grow Light Bulb with E39 base provides 1150μmol/s with 10% more PPF to the grow. It improves light utilization for photosynthesis with 20% to 40% more PAR focus on REd designated for bigger buds in the flowering stage.


  • Provides higher efficiency
  • Highly compatible with electronic and magnetic ballast, E39 base
  • Helps increase production yield effectively
SunStream 1000 Watt DE HPS Grow Light Hydroponic System Kit

The SunStream 1000 Watt DE HPS Grow Light Hydroponic System Kit has 2100K Double Ended HPS Light Bulb enclosed with Style Reflector Digital Dimmable Ballast best for indoor plant cultivation. The graduating fin design provides efficient cooling which prevents overheating and premature failure of the LED Lights.


  • It is made from high quality materials.
  • It comes with adjustable output power at 600W, 750W, 1000W, 1150W;Support dual voltage Input 120V-240V; Unique graduating fin design for more efficient cooling
  • It provides advanced safety protection against short circuits, power surges, ignition failures, overheating

They are one of the most common types of lighting used in growing cannabis. They're also one of the most energy-efficient, which means you can get more out of your grow lights and save money on your electricity bill.

However, not all HPS grow lights are created equal. You must know what to look for when buying an HPS bulb to ensure you're buying a quality product that will work well for your needs. Continue reading to find out some of the best HPS grow lights available in the market:

What Are the Best HPS Lights?

Below is a review of some of the best HPS grow lights in the market:

The HTG Supply 400-Watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Complete Grow Light includes a bulb. It is tubular in shape and made from pure aluminum to ensure that it will last for years. The commercial fixture has 400 watts which is approximately 3.33amps @120v with ballast features like a built-in 10’power cord with standard-household grounded plug (NEMA 5-15) and a built-in 10' socket-to-ballast cord with mogul-base socket. It is an innovative open-air remote ballast design with ballast handle features like key holes for easy wall mounting. It includes a high-output 400-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) bulb with enhanced horticultural spectrum & 55,000-lumen output along with a coverage area of 4’X4’. The ballast measures 9" long x 4" wide x 5.5" high with a reflector which measures: 16" long x 13" wide x 6" deep and a hanger attachment hardware is also included.

HTG Supply 400 Watt High Pressure Sodium HPS Complete Grow Light

The HTG Supply value series grow lights are preferred by indoor gardeners for its reliability and versatile design in addition to their economical price. Their logical remote system configuration allows HTG ballasts to be located outside of the growing area to mitigate excess heat, and the unique split-cell housing keeps ballast components cooler for extended life and improved performance. The system comes complete with a specialty horticultural bulb for maximum growth as well as a highly polished and textured aluminum reflector for uniform light spread over the garden. Value series grow lights can also be easily refitted with a variety of other reflector/air-cooled hood models to adapt to future changes in growing needs. The system is ready to grow out of the box and plugs into a standard household 120v grounded outlet. It is shipped in plain discrete packaging. The system includes an enhanced-spectrum horticultural HPS bulb that can be used for all growth phases, and provides the best light spectrum for flowering growth.


The HPS 600 Watt Grow Light with an E39 bulb base with 1150μmol Ultra PPF along with 20% to 40% PAR which increases concentration on the RED spectrum to improve light utilization for photosynthesis designated for blooming bigger buds in the flowering stage.

GRUOTVSZAK HPS 600 Watt Grow Light Bulb

It has 90000 Lumens High Pressure Sodium and is a pack of 2. The device is 600 watts and provides high efficiency. It is compatible with electronic and magnetic ballast. It provides over 28,000 hours total lifetime with premium 90% output maintenance for 6000 hours of efficient growth and quality guaranteed. It allows 5 minutes for full brightness and needs to wait at least 7 minutes before striking again after use.

The Grow Light has a voltage of 265 Volts and a Color Temperature of 6000 Kelvin. It is tubular in shape with a normal bulb as a connectivity technology. It is mainly used for indoor plantations. The device is controlled using an application and has a push button controller type. It has a color rendering index of 100 and a power consumption of 98.16 Watts. The item weighs approximately 1.12 pounds and has a product dimensions of ‎13.23 x 7.48 x 2.83 inches. The device is an overall pocket-friendly fit ideal for horticulture.

The SunStream 1000 Watt DE HPS Grow Light Hydroponic System Kit comes with a 2100K Double Ended HPS Light Bulb enclosed with a Style Reflector Digital Dimmable Ballast ideal for Indoor Plant Growth.

It supports dual voltage input of 120V-240V. The 1000W HID grow light kit is made by using quality hardware components and a high standard QA process; The system operates both HPS and MH light bulb offering excellent lamp efficacy.

SunStream 1000 Watt DE HPS Grow Light Hydroponic System Kit

It has adjustable output power at 600W, 750W, 1000W, and 1150W with a unique graduating fin design for more efficient cooling It provides advanced safety protection against short circuits, power surges, ignition failures, and overheating. The sturdy reflective hood is made of German aluminum at 95% reflectivity, and the closed-style reflector concentrates light distribution towards the center, eliminating dead spots. The recommended coverage is approximately 5x5 sq ft. The system kit is listed as both UL and ETL. The Ballast and Reflector comes with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The  DE HPS 1000W Bulb provides a 1-year warranty. The system will produce heat when it is used in an enclosed area without ventilation. Adequate ventilation is advised to prevent high temperatures. The device does not require batteries. The item weighs approximately 17.2 pounds and has a product dimensions of 22.44 x 6.69 x 9.84 inches. The use of a SunStream inline fan is highly recommended.

The pack of 6, 1000Watt Double Ended Metal Halide Grow Light Lamp Bulb with Enhanced Performance and CCT of 6000K,  and Ultra-Bright at Initial Lumens of 95,000 with an optimal PAR output of 1350μmol/s, are ideal for the horticulture of indoor plants and is also great for commercial applications. 

Vegelumax 6 Pack 1000 Watt Double Ended Enhanced Performance Metal Halide MH Grow Light Lamp Bulb

This new improved horticulture lamp falls at a color temperature of 6000K spectrum to promote healthy structural development and intense vegetative growth. It uses super high output technology to achieve maximum vegetative growth and maximum flower yield. It promotes a higher rate of metabolic activity and resin production through the use of UV far-red spectra. The High Blue Spectral Ratios for Great Photosynthesis Efficiency and Vegetative Growth, This double-ended MH model provides 10% more available energy than a single-ended MH lamp, which enjoys rich harvests with lower energy consumption.

The precision-built components precisely render the most nourishing spectra for your plants. The premium quartz exterior won’t distort or dull light output. The 6K Metal Halide is the best spectrum used for vegetative growth to encourage shorter node spacing and bushier plants which is specifically designed for high-frequency electronic ballasts and for horizontal burning only and is not to be handled with bare hands.

The device is manufactured by ‎Vegelumax and has a voltage of ‎120 Volts and comes in a reflector shape with a push-button controller and a corded electric power source. The device does not require batteries and has an average life of 8000 hours. The item weighs around ‎3.21 pounds and has a product dimensions of ‎15.27 x 1.28 x1.28 inches. The device has a color rendering index of ‎80 and is controlled using an application.

The Grow Light Bulbs DE HPS is a 1000W Full Spectrum Double Ended High Pressure Sodium ideal for Indoor Plant Growth lamp with high PAR CCT 2100K. It is ultra-bright at 151,000 Lumens with optimal PAR output, this lamp falls at 2100K in the red and orange spectrum to stimulate lush resulting in abundant harvests. The quality double-ended system delivers the highest quality light evenly and without obstruction and lasts almost twice as long as a single-ended lamp

YauldSun Grow Light Bulbs DE HPS

This double-ended HPS model provides 35% more available energy than a single-ended HPS lamp; to enjoy heavier harvests and lower energy bills. The precision-built components precisely render the most nourishing spectra ideal for the specific plants. The Premium Quartz exterior won’t distort or dull light output. It is installed into K12x30S lamp sockets which maintains over 90% of initial lumen output after aging for 6000 hours making it better than MH Lamps. It is of 210V AC voltage with an easy-to-use push button controller and product dimensions of ‎1.28"LX‎1.28"W x 15.35"H and weighs around 9.91 ounces. It provides an average life of 24000 hours. The DE HPS Plant Growth Lights are used for horticulture, indoor gardening, plant propagation, and food production, including indoor hydroponics and aquatic plants. Although most grow lights are used on an industrial level, they can also be used in households. Their enhanced spectral energy distribution allows for growing a wider variety of plants.

The YauldSun HPS grow light bulb can produce a very balanced and efficient spectrum for plant growth. HPS lamps have higher luminous efficiency than ordinary bulbs, and they have stronger penetrating power and long service life. It emits a red and orange spectrum that is among the most energy-efficient sources of indoor lighting and extends the growing season. It can be used through the vegetative, flowering, and fruiting stages, and the yellow spectral output makes them optimal for flowering. It provides super high output lamp technology, high quality, and consistent performance.

The double-ended HPS grow light bulb has a high lumen output and great lumen output for high PAR values. It has 151,000 Lumens with a color temperature of 2100K and is protected by a quality quartz glass jacket. Their optimized spectrum, distribution pattern, lumen output, and irradiance make them suitable for plant ascension as optimized spectrum can promote flowering and growth. The device comes with an adjustable light of 600W/750W/1000W/1150W. They are specially designed for professional hydroponics plant cultivation. The high-quality dual-end system is uniform and provides the highest quality light without obstacles. It provides a balanced and efficient spectrum for plant growth along with high red and blue spectral ratios for good photosynthesis efficiency.

The grow light is a ballast with digital dimming control that allows you to set the desired lamp power. The ballast features three-phase technology and has an easy-to-use electronic ballast control panel that allows for remote operation or programming from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

The grow light is designed to be used with HID lights and fluorescent fixtures that use GU10 bulbs. It can also be used with LED grow lights but should not be used with compact fluorescent light bulbs as these are not compatible with this model of ballast.

The HPS grow light uses a digital dimming circuit that allows you to set your lamp power by pressing a button on the control panel. You can adjust it using the up/down buttons on the same panel until you get your desired lamp power level.

It is designed with a digital dimmer system that allows you to adjust the brightness of the light from 100% to 0% in 1% increments. The ballast also offers an auto-sensing technology that detects a power outage and automatically switches to backup power.

iPower GLBLST1000D Horticulture 1000 Watt Digital Dimmable Electronic Hydroponics HPS MH Grow Light

The ballast has a built-in fan that blows air through your grow LED lights to cool them down during operation. As a result, you prevent overheating and premature failure of your LED lights. As an added feature, this ballast also has a built-in temperature sensor that can be used to monitor the temperature inside your grow enclosure.

The product has received great reviews from many users who have purchased it. It makes it a good choice for anyone who wants to try out different products without spending much money on them.

The product uses a digital dimmer system to control the intensity of your grow light. You do not need to adjust any knobs or switches on your device when using this LED ballast. Instead, you simply turn on your grow light and then adjust how much power is being delivered by turning up or down the brightness knob on the ballast itself.

The ballast is made from high-quality materials and will last for years without needing repairs or replacements. All you need to install this unit within your hydroponic system so that it may function properly with your lighting system is included in the installation kit.

It is an highly efficient and reliable power unit, boasting a robust 1000 Watts of power with an impressive half-watt per watt of light efficiency. The digital dimming control ensures precise power output, while the high-efficiency switching circuit minimizes energy waste and prevents cold starts upto 90%. The unit's integrated fan cooling, low voltage warning system, and fully isolated transformer circuit are all designed to enhance reliability and reduce noise. Additionally, built-in surge protection and reverse polarity protection safeguard the unit against electrical anomalies, ensuring safe and stable operation.

It has 1000W of power and can be used to grow hydroponic plants. It is made from high-quality materials, which are durable and long-lasting. It is very lightweight and easy to carry around even when traveling with the whole ballast setup. Its dimmer switch allows you to adjust the light output intensity according to your needs, making it an ideal choice for professional growers who want to achieve optimum results with their plants in a short time. It comes with a two-year warranty, so you don't have to worry about any defects or other problems that might arise during its use over time. The ballast is quite large, so it can't be used with smaller grow lights.

Factors to When Buying an HPS Grow Lights

When buying an HPS grow light, there are several factors to consider. The best way to know if an HPS grow light will work for you is by reading some reviews from other growers. The following are some general tips that can help you get started:


The wattage of the light will determine its intensity and coverage area and depends on the type of plants you are cultivating. HPS grow lights are available in various wattages ranging from 150W to 1000W. Higher-wattage lights are suitable for larger grow spaces, while lower-wattage lights can suffice for smaller or personal gardens and less demanding plants.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of your HPS lights will depend on how many watts they are rated for and their height, but generally speaking, 1 watt per square foot will cover a small garden about 2'x4'. Of course, you'll need more watts per square foot if you have a larger space.

For example, if you have 10 square feet of growing space with 2 watts per square foot, you'll need two 1-watt HPS bulbs (40 watts total), which would be fine for most growers since they don't need much light anyways!

Also, if you have limited space and need an efficient light source, it's important to find a light that is small in size and has a large reflector area. The more surface area that the light has, the more photons it can produce and the better chance you have of growing successful plants with it.

Light Spectrum

You want to ensure that your new HPS grow light gives off enough lumens for your specific needs. A higher light output means more intense light and more plant growth potential.

The light spectrum your plants need to grow differs from their food needs. The spectrum of light emitted by HPS grow lights is skewed towards the red and orange wavelengths, which are crucial for the flowering and fruiting stages of plant growth. They also need to be exposed to enough red light for them to be able to absorb it and use it for photosynthesis. On the other hand, plants need less blue light than they do green or red. However, some HPS lights also include a portion of blue light to support vegetative growth. Consider the specific needs of your plants at different growth stages.

Heat Output

One of the drawbacks of HPS grow lights is their relatively high heat output. To prevent overheating and maintain optimal growing conditions, ensure proper ventilation and cooling systems are in place. Additionally, selecting HPS lights with built-in cooling features or air-cooled hoods can help dissipate excess heat more effectively. 

Quality and Durability

Look for lights with sturdy construction, quality materials, and warranties. A reliable grow light is an investment that should last several grow cycles.

Color Temperature

The color temperature of an HPS grows light is the color of the light produced by the bulb. It's measured in Kelvin. The higher the number, the warmer and more yellowish the light will be. For example, a blue-light bulb has a color temperature of around 2800K and can be used for plants that prefer warmer temperatures.

When looking at HPS lights, most people are interested in cool white or neutral white bulbs because these produce very little heat and have low blue spectrum UV rays compared to other colors on the spectrum, such as red or infrared (IR), which can cause problems with plant growth like sunburns or sick leaves).


How powerful does your grow light need to be? Is it just enough for one plant, or are you planning on growing more? It's important information because if you have an inadequate amount of power available, then your plants will suffer. It's not worth it when they can grow faster and healthier with a higher-quality light source.

The power rating of your HPS grows lights is how many watts they produce. So, the higher the wattage, the more powerful they are and will produce more light. So, you can grow more plants at once with less energy consumption.


HPS grow lights are more efficient than fluorescent bulbs because they do not require extra ballast or reflector to work properly. They also work better when combined with metal halide lamps because they can increase light output by up to 30%.

The efficiency rating on an HPS light is measured in lumens per watt (lm/w). The light is generally more energy-efficient and uses less electricity overall as the number increases.

Size of Your Garden

The size of your garden determines the type and number of HPS grow lights you need. The size of your garden will also determine how many watts are required for your garden. For instance, if you have a small garden with a small number of plants, you will only need two or three lights per square foot. On the other hand, if you have an extensive garden where you want to grow many different plants in a single space, you will need more than one light per square foot.


The cost of the lighting system will depend on what kind of lights you are looking for. The most expensive ones are metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium bulbs. The average price of HPS grows around $400-$500, while T5 fluorescents cost under $100.

Generally, the cost of HPS lights varies depending on the size of the light bulb and its power consumption. The more powerful the bulb, the higher the cost of the light. The bigger it is, the more energy it needs to produce light. Also, you have to consider its warranty period and replacement costs.

a plant growing under the light

What’s the Best HPS Grow Bulb?

The best high-pressure sodium lights are the one that works best for you and your setup. You can use a variety of bulbs, but the best HPS grow lights are those with a high PAR (active photosynthetic radiation) rating.

High-pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights are a type of high-intensity discharge (HID) light that has been a staple in the horticultural industry for decades. It produces light by passing electricity through a gas-filled tube containing sodium and other elements. These lights emit a spectrum of light that is ideal for promoting plant growth, particularly during the flowering stage. They emit a warm, red spectrum of light, which is ideal for the flowering stage of plant growth, mimicking the autumn sun. Their ability to promote robust blooms and fruits makes them an indispensable tool for serious indoor gardeners.

PAR is measured in lumens per square foot and is important because it helps to promote healthy growth by encouraging natural light to reach your plants. The higher the number, the lighter your plants get from each bulb.

If you're growing indoors, an HPS bulb will provide more than enough lighting for most setups. However, if you're outdoors or growing in greenhouses, you'll need to look at your setup's wattage and how much space you have available for it all to work optimally.

What Are the Benefits of Using an HPS Grow Light?

HPS grow lights have many benefits over other types of lighting:

  1. First, they are more efficient than other types of grow lights. They use less electricity so that you can save money on your electricity bill.
  2. They provide higher PAR levels than CFLs or LEDs, which means they will yield better results when growing cannabis.
  3. The more intense light output than CFLs and LEDs
  4. Higher efficiency than T5s
  5. No need for ballasts or dimmer switches
  6. Longer lifespan than CFLs and LEDs
  7. They can be used with any media such as soil, coco coir, hydroton, etc.
  8. HPS grow lights are versatile and can be used in various growing setups, from small grow tents to large grow rooms.

How Can You Optimize Your HPS Grow Light for Cannabis Growth?

High-pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights have long been favored by cannabis growers for their ability to promote robust flowering and high yields. However, simply installing an HPS light isn't enough to maximize your cannabis crop's potential. Optimizing your HPS grow light setup involves careful attention to several factors, including light positioning, ventilation, temperature, humidity, plant training and nutrient management. They work by putting a large amount of energy into the bulb so that it heats up very quickly and can produce intense heat; this results in higher yields and faster flowering times for many strains of cannabis plants.

Selecting the appropriate wattage for your HPS grow light is the first step in optimizing your setup. The wattage needed depends on the size of your growing area. For example, 150W to 250W is suitable for small grow tents or closets while 400W is ideal for medium-sized grow spaces and 600W to 1000W is best for larger grow rooms. Higher-wattage lights produce more intense light, which can penetrate deeper into the plant canopy, promoting better growth and yield.

Next proper placement of your HPS grow light is crucial to ensure even light distribution and avoid burning your plants. A distance of 12-24 inches should be maintained between the light and the plant canopy.

The height of plants should also be adjusted as they grow to maintain optimal distance.

Reflectors should be used to ensure light is evenly distributed across the growing area. A well-designed reflector can increase light efficiency and coverage. HPS lights generate significant heat, which can stress cannabis plants and reduce yields if not managed properly.

The growing space needs to be well-ventilated. Exhaust fans are required to remove hot air from the grow room. Fans are positioned to bring in fresh, cooler air. Use of oscillating fans to circulate air within the grow space prevents hotspots and strengthens plant stems. Cannabis plants thrive in specific temperature and humidity ranges. Daytime temperatures should be between 70-85°F (21-29°C) and nighttime temperatures around 10°F (5°C) cooler. Maintain humidity levels at 40-60% during the vegetative stage and 40-50% during the flowering stage.

Consistency in the light cycle is essential for cannabis growth. Provide 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness per day. Switch to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to induce flowering. A reliable light timer ensures your plants receive the correct amount of light and darkness each day.

Cannabis plants require different nutrients at various stages of growth like for the vegetative stage use a high-nitrogen fertilizer to support leafy growth while for the flowering stage switch to a high-phosphorus fertilizer to promote bud development. Ensure your plants receive the right balance of nutrients by following a feeding schedule tailored to their growth stage.

Maintaining the correct pH level in your soil or hydroponic solution is crucial for nutrient uptake. Aim for a pH range of 6.0-7.0 for soil and a pH range of 5.5-6.5 for hydroponics. Regularly test and adjust the pH to prevent nutrient lockout and ensure optimal growth.

Training techniques can help maximize light exposure and increase yields. Methods like Low Stress Training (LST) where it is needed to gently bend and tie down branches to create an even canopy and the Topping and Fimming method where the top growth of plants is cut to encourage bushier growth and more bud sites can be beneficial.

By following these guidelines, you can create an ideal growing environment that maximizes the potential of your cannabis plants, resulting in higher yields and better quality buds.

Make the Right Decision!

When it comes to indoor gardening, choosing the right grow lights is essential for achieving optimal results. HPS grow lights remain a popular choice among growers due to their efficiency, effectiveness, and affordability.

The Best HPS Grow Lights are the ones that provide the most lumens per watt (lm/watt). It's important because it means that a grower can use less expensive light bulbs and get comparable results. It also have a long lifespan. Since these lights are designed to last for years, they need to be built to withstand wear and tear.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, the right HPS grow light can make all the difference in your indoor gardening journey. By considering the factors outlined above and exploring the top picks in the market, you can find the perfect light to illuminate your path to a bountiful harvest.

Remember, the key to a thriving indoor garden lies not just in the light you choose but also in the love and care you pour into every plant. Happy gardening!

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