The Best Complete Grow Tent Kit For Beginners

best complete grow kit

If you are a beginner when it comes to cannabis growing, a complete grow tent kit might be your answer.

A complete grow tent kit is an assortment of everything you need to begin growing an indoor garden that includes everything in one box (or maybe 2 when it arrives). These grow room kits are very convenient and take the guesswork out of trying to figure out what components you need. From the best LED grow lights this year to inline fans, a good grow tent kit should come with everything you need!

Or, you might be an expert with your indoor garden but you can appreciate a complete grow kit for its ease of setting up and the convenience of everything that the best grow tent kit comes with. If you are new to indoor gardening or an expert who hates piecing together everything for your hydroponic systems, then read on…

No matter your experience, we’ve reviewed the best complete grow tent kits so you can make the right choice for growing. If you are ready to start growing, pay close attention to our grow kit round-up. Here we inform you of the bells and whistles for each and why they are important for your hydroponic grow.

What is a Complete Grow Tent Kit?

Exactly as it sounds, a grow tent kit is a predetermined set of high-quality items such as an led grow light, grow tent, carbon filter, nutrients and more that are pre-assembled, purchased and shipped straight to your door for convenience and to begin an indoor garden right from the start all the way to the end for curing buds.

The best grow tent kits include every component vital to grow big buds indoors. Below is what we consider the best complete grow tent kits for growing cannabis indoors.

There are benefits to purchasing a complete kit rather than waiting to purchase needed items for growing cannabis as your garden progresses. You could spend hours walking around an HTG Supply Store or Grow Warehouse finding everything you need to start growing, but a pre-assembled kit takes away the guesswork and makes things simple.

The benefits of a grow room kit include:

  • Convenience
  • Save on overall costs rather than purchasing individually
  • Grow kits are proven components that work well together – no guesswork or wasted dollars on products not needed.
  • Perfect for beginners

Best Complete Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit

grow tent kits

1. Supercloset Grow Box LED Deluxe 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet Hydroponics System

Thought you could never get a fully functioning DWC system into a grow tent kit? Not a problem for the Supercloset Grow Box LED Deluxe. This strong (fireproof) cabinet is clean and easy to use. At 72″Hx36″ Wx24″D this grow cabinet comes equipped with a Kind full spectrum LED grow light designed for beginners and pros alike.

It comes with a well-designed ventilation system, space for cloning as well as a fully configured DWC system which means super growth in your Supercloset. Everything you need is included from the Ph kit, Rockwool, carbon filter down to the circulation fan. The only thing left is you.


If that doesn’t quite fit the bill, their CO2 package upgrade will help you increase yields from what they claim, by 30%. Not to bad, and it is designed to all look sleek and professional if that’s the approach you wish to take.

LED lighting is perfect for cannabis and other indoor plants.

2. Complete Indoor Grow Kit 

This is for those who want to spend far less than a grand. This grow kit is well designed and sleek looking. Like it says it is “the complete” grow tent kit with everything included to start your growing career.

Out of the many tent packages we have examined there was one particular complete grow tent kit that covers every stage of growing cannabis from A to Z. TheBudGrower Complete Indoor Grow Kit is an outstanding choice to get your hydroponic garden off on the right foot.


You get a

  • 4″ carbon air filter
  • 2x steel ducting
  • 6x Duct Clamps
  • 3x Rope hangers
  • 4x 5-Gallion Grow Pots and 14” inch plastic saucers
  • Heat & Humidity monitor
  • Electronic timer
  • Clip Fan
  • Pruning Snip
  • 2x Germination Domes
  • 10x Rapid Rooter
  • Power Cord
  • Leather gloves
  • 2x 16oz and 2x 32ox Fermenting jars

It is not quite as pretty as the Supercloset but this grow tent kit is perfect for a farmer on a budget. Friendly on the wallet and a good grow tent kit for a beginner. The tent is plenty big to work in and easy to set up with a friend that can help.

The fan is a bit on the noisy side, but hey, you get what you pay for. A basic grow tent kit that is good for beginners or lazy indoor gardeners.

3. RecRoom Pro Indoor Grow Tent Kit: 2’x4′ Gorilla Grow Tent

It also comes with smart pots which I always prefer. Root systems tend to love these pots as they don’t constrict the root base.  Premium soil designed for indoor cannabis gardening is also included which is far more forgiving than DWC systems for example.


This Grow kit is one of a few kits chock-full of reputable products from Gorilla Grow Tents, Lotus nutrients designed for indoor cannabis growers and LED’s from Kind LED. Pretty awesome from the ground up. When you buy this you know it will last and make for some big buds.

Grow tent kit specs:

  • 4″ ThermoFlo SR Ducting
  • Hurricane Inline Fan
  • 2 foot extension Kit for those tall plants
  • Phresh Carbon Filter
  • Active Air Clip-on Fan
  • Sun Grip Pully System
  • Lotus Nutrients Kit
  • pH Test Kit
  • Display Thermometer
  • Hygrometer
  • Six 5-Gallon Cloth Smart Pots
  • Titan Controls Timer

and if you wish to upgrade…

The STANDARD Model Includes:

  • Gorilla LITE LINE Indoor 2’x4’x6’7″ Grow Tent (1′ Extension Kit sold separately). Great for avoiding light leaks.
  • Grow Tent Kit LED: Kind LED L300

The PRO Model Includes:

  • Gorilla GROW TENT Indoor 2’x4’x6’11” Grow Tent (7’11” w/ included Extension Kit)
  • Grow Kit Tent LED: Kind LED L600

The prices are pretty good as well. Pricing everything out would add a couple 100 bucks to this grow tent kit. Check it out if you have a mid-range budget for growing. You won’t be sorry.

4. Oppolite Indoor Grow Tent Kit Complete Package

The Oppolite Indoor Grow Tent Kitis a well thought out light but a tick more serious than most kits in this tier. This light packs a double punch with 2 1200W COB lights shipped to your front door. It also arrives complete with fan filters, ventilation kit and a hydroponic system for the intermediate to advanced growers.

If hydroponics is your game consider this grow tent kit. A true night in shining armor for anyone who wants a one-stop shop for growing indoors.


It’s full spectrum COB’s ensure proper light for each plant growth stage. The packaging is said to be discreet based on the research I did. Nothing worse than a broken on-arrival grow light or tent.

Based on the reviews the fans seemed mild compared to other noisy counterparts. All-in-all a nice package for everything you need to get growing hydroponics.

In fact, grow up to six plants easily, minus any pesky laws of course. Always obey your State applicable laws! Be responsible.

Much like many grow tent kit manufacturers, the Oppolite’s Indoor Grow Tent Kit is in whole customizable. Plenty of ventilation whole and access panels engulf the tent itself. Plenty of room to hang a grow chart and tools along the way.

5.  Cloudponics GroBox

Said to be “The Fully Automated App-Enabled Smart Hydroponic at-Home Grow System” The Cloudponics is the luxury version of grow tent kits. I would say this grow box is a conversation piece. Something forged by a millennial in Millennia times. 

It apparently is a self-sustaining growing machine connected to your smart device like a phone. Yes, I said it, a grow environment gone AI. The maker claims you can “grow up to 10 ounces of your favorite herbs”.

It’s really a grow tent kit, and I mean that in the loses of ways, that is more for looks. I can’t really see this thing growing my favorite “herb” the way I like. A hands-on approach is always best in my opinion. It does have a warm “girl/boyfriend appeal though.

With it’s pink 50’s refrigerator vibe you just want to hug the grow kit itself.

It had to make the list as this might be the future of indoor grow tent kits if it becomes legal nationally.

Complete Grow Tent Kit Considerations

Growing space is a big consideration in the Brains of each shopper choosing to buy a grow tent kit. You need enough area for your plants, exhaust fans, grow lights, carbon fans, and space to water. Grow tent Kits are not really designed for roomy cultivation, though, not all the time. Most average grow kit tents are no bigger than a typical closet, at best, and that’s being forgiving.

grow tent kitsNot every indoor grower has or wishes to use an entire room in their home as a greenhouse or has the budget. However, there are no questions that some grow tent kit manufacturers do things better than others in the complete grow kit genre so there is no need to use your living room as a garden.

With advancements in grow lights becoming smaller yet more powerful and years of experience in growing, you will be amazed at some of the capabilities that these products have to offer. With well-known manufacturers like Gorilla to lesser-known companies such as Super Closet, they have the same similarities: their knowledge of design and technology. Be ready to reevaluate grow tent kits for the better.


Ignore grow tent kits if you don’t want to save money and have everything you need at your disposal. Nothing worse than a midnight run to Home Depot to pick up some crappy nutrients or a pH checker. If you are looking to grow a few plants than these kits are perfect for you.

There are those manufacturers that create impressive complete grow kits, that in-turn makes great growing easy and convenient. You can typically grow more than is legally allowed (Don’t do it) and use every last inch of space. Good Luck!

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