Best DWC System For Growing Cannabis: Deep Water Culture Reviews

best dwc system


Looking for the best DWC system?

A DWC system is the next step for those wishing to expand their growing capabilities with a system that ads timely nutrients to plants. DWC systems do exactly that; They allow a steady supply of nutrients and water to enter your plant’s ecosystem at a rate and frequency that you can set manually.

Best DWC Systems

The results from a DWC system are proven to grow cannabis quicker than that of basic soil-grown plants.

The increased plant growth is a result of supplying plant nutrients exactly when a plant needs them, especially during the vegetative stage of growth to increase their strength and growth rate dramatically.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind before growing with Deep Water Culture Systems but don’t worry. We will walk you through just what a DWC system does and what to look for when buying a DWC system.

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Bucket Quality

dwc bucketPlants, and especially cannabis require pure and un-tainted nutrients for plant growth. Contamination is often a concern. It is wise to sterilize your system before growing to reduce plant-killing bacteria.

Some growers go as far as adding bacteria that are beneficial to plants.

Either way, you prepare your bucket or reservoir you will also want it to be opaque as to not introduce light into the bucket. This can harm nutrients as a result.

DWC System Mesh Baskets

Plants are placed into mesh cups also known as baskets, along with rockwool soil or peat moss. The “fill” should use the highest quality moss or soil you can purchase.

This is like an ambilocal cord for your plants. You will want it to transport your top-quality nutrients with ease and without contaminates to not spoil your growing potential.

DWC Air Pump Quality

The Air pump in your deep water culture system is extremely important to your indoor garden’s growth. The air pump pushes oxygen into the plants’ roots.

This ensures the plants get the oxygen they need without suffocating. A constant flow of oxygen is vital.

The air pumps continuously run, making noise along the way. Some run quieter than others but typically have a higher cost for this feature.

DWC System Growing Tips

  • Temperature – This is one of the items you will want to monitor as much as possible. The water supplied through your system should be an optimal 60 to 70 degrees.
  • Using LED grow lights helps as they tend to remain cooler. Even if you run a cool grow light in this range, you should always check your water temps using a simple thermometer.
  • PH Balance – Every week at minimum, checking your PH levels that your plants absorb is a wise choice. A good PH for cannabis should fall between 5.5 and 6.5 pH levels. This is where cannabis likes it – slightly acidic.
  • Nutrients – Food for your plants. All the minerals they love should be included in the water supplied to your plants. A once a week addition of new nutrients to your water supply is recommended. You can perform this as you check the water temps and the pH levels of your plants to make it easier.

Hydro Pots, Bubbleponics, and Deep Water Culture Systems

They go by many names but they are all the same thing. Beginners in growing plants indoors and outdoors find them easy to use. Other than once a week maintenance and nutrient checks, they are easy to set up and affordable.

A basic DWC system requires 3 items:

  • A reservoir/bucket to hold your nutrients and water.
  • Mesh cup that holds your plant within its foundation which is typically your peat moss or rockwool soils.
  • An air stone that provides healthy oxygen to your plants’ roots.

For every plant you grow you will need one DWC system for each. The plant itself is suspended above the water in the mesh cup which allows the roots to submerge beneath the nutrient-rich water and grow towards the air stone.

Multiple plants have been considered by DWC manufacturers and contain multiple buckets yet share the same water supply to make things easier. If you are experimenting with nutrients you may want to purchase multiple separate DWC systems to isolate better nutrient levels between individual plantings.

The deeper the water the better. You will want a deep bucket because this allows nutrient levels to stabilize easier. “Deep” water is easier to manage and fewer changes to your eco-systems.

Advantages of Deep Water Culture

  • Big and healthy yields for your crops
  • DWC’s are easy to use, especially after the initial set-up.
  • Affordable
  • Expandable for many systems should you want to grow more
  • Beginner-friendly all in one solution

Cons With A DWC System

  • Keeping the temps at a standard
  • Loss of electricity will kill your plants fast
  • Need a backup Reservoir in case of failure of the first
  • Pumps can add to the noise level in your grow room
DWC System Features
best dwc systemDeep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow
Check Price
Grow 4 Plants
1 Year Warranty
5 gallon 10" Buckets
dwc systemsPowerGrow Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit
Check Price
5 Gallon 6" Bucket
1 Year Warranty
44 GPH Pump
Rockwool Plugs Included
dwc systemGeneral Hydroponics Waterfarm Complete Hydroponic System Grow Kit
Check Price
16.6 x 10.6 x 10.3 inches
Complete Grow Kit Comes With Everything You Need
hydroponic dwc system kitUnder Current Solo 13 - 8 in. Net Pot
Check Price
Beginner Friendly
13 Gallon
Perfect For Single Plant

Best Power Grow DWC System

best dwc system

PowerGrow offers a great solution when it comes to DWC systems. This deep water culture comes with a total of 4 buckets that are food safe approved by the FDA and are 5 gallons each.

These are recommended for larger grows of up to four big plants because 4 plants are better than one. Great for strains that tend to have larger yields than other types of cannabis no matter the growing media.

The buckets include water level marks to help ensure proper amounts of water levels and the lids easily allow for a top feed situation. This DWC also comes backed with a 1-year warranty.

This DWC hydroponic system included pump is a bit noisy but overall runs like a champ and the gallon buckets keep light out with their black opaque finish that help the roots grow.

Best DWC System For A Single Plant

dwc system single plant

The Under Current Solo 13 made by Current Culture is the best option for a single plant garden. If you wish to grow a single weed plant, then this is your go-to DWC grow system.

It is an all-in-one solution that combines everything you would want in a DWC setup combining professional grow features into a smaller DWC. This single DWC system is a good fit in use with a small grow tent.

They use professional grower quality parts and to up the stakes, Current Culture includes their patented sub-current technology that provides negative pressure to ensure oxygen levels maintain higher than a standard DWC system of lesser quality making it a good choice to grow weed.

The recirculation of the negative water flow allows your roots to absorb as much high-level oxygen as possible in the root zone. It also pushes nutrients deep inside the roots resulting in growing your plants to the max.

This is one we like to use a lot for our indoor grows. They have also added features to make using this DWC easier. Features include portholes to view roots easier and easy draining to change water faster and with less mess making this DWC a convenient growing method.

Finally, Under Culture 13 comes with a 1-year warranty as well as great customer support that includes helpful instructions and great service should you have any questions.

Best DWC System For Beginners

dwc system

The General Hydroponics Water Farm Grow Kit is a simple to use, square bucket system. This system is perfect for small grow spaces as the square design allows you to design your grow nets to be packed together, and the closer they are packed in the better your plants’ yield.

This system includes a 2-gallon reservoir (bucket) and everything else you need from a semi-quiet pump, air stone for oxygenation, tubing, and nutrients.

Another one-stop-shop for a good price. Everything you need is included such as the net pot and clay pellet application, which makes us happy farmers for this grow medium.

Final Notes On DWC Sytems

Those who are new to indoor gardening might still think that soil is the only way to grow plants which is simply not true. The purpose of soil is to provide nutrients, but with a DWC system setup, the water acts as the supplier of nutrients into the root system of the plant and skips over needing soil to begin with.

A DWC system is a cheaper alternative to fancier hydroponic systems on the market and allows for easy integration in a grow tent. Maintenance is easy and the results from a DWC system will give you larger plants grown in less amount of time versus growing plants indoors in soil.

A DWC system versus soil will also rely on checking on your cannabis plants more often to ensure things are working correctly. The rush of nutrients that a DWC system setup provides can result in overfeeding plants, nutrient burn, and poor results if you are not paying attention.

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