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by Morgan

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September 8, 2023

How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Marijuana Grow Room

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1. [Best Overall] Oppolite 120 x 120 x 78

A fantastic big grow tent that makes our list as the best overall large grow tent for indoor hydroponic gardening. 


  • 96% high-reflective waterproof cover
  • Durable metal bars
  • Round vents with adjustable drawstring for convenient usage.

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They are very easy to assemble granted you have the room to do so. The easy-access design is also useful for those who spend many hours in their grow tents.


  • Includes an easy to install 1Ft extension kit
  • The thick canvas is supported by a 19mm steel tube frame
  • It  can be opened 180 degrees for easy watering

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3. [Best For Hydroponic Gardens] Anjeet 120 x 120 x 80 Grow Tent

Built with 96% reflective Mylar, this tent has a large capacity for stuffing your tent full of plant life.


  • Quick tool-free installation
  • Heavy duty tubes allow to hanging heavy equipments
  • Multiple vents for fan and filter output

Finding the best 10×10 grow tent is not hard if you know where to look. Here we will take a look at and review a variety of 10×10 grow tents for your indoor garden.

Large grow tents such as the 10 by 10 have come a long way in a few short years. From highly reflective Mylar materials to heavy duty zipper construction these tents can not only accommodate many plants at one time, but they can also enhance your plants while they grow.

When you invest in a Mylar Indoor 10×10 grow tent you want to be sure the indoor growing space provides some basic components.

First, grow tents need to have a decent life-span, meaning they don’t break after only a couple of seasons. You will want to purchase the strongest grow tent for your grow room.

This will include steel poles for strength that hold up the large sized Mylar shell and are easy to assemble. Double-stitched heavy duty zippers that won’t peel apart from the shell are also important in ensuring that there are no light leaks.

10x10 grow tent

And lastly, a 10×10 grow tent kit should always allow for good ventilation and accessibility including a view window so you can check on your plants frequently.

Below is our list of recommended 10 by 10 grow tents for indoor gardening that we reviewed and loved. Our 10×10 review is designed to take the hard work out of choosing a grow tent so you can start your indoor garden faster and more efficiently.

Best 10×10 Grow Tents

Who is a 10×10 indoor grow tent for?

When starting an indoor garden the first thing to do is set up the growing environment. For those with a dedicated room such as an office or spare bedroom a large grow tent such as a 10-foot by 10-foot mylar reflective tent is perfect. If you also wish to grow a large number of plants in a controlled environment you may wish to consider a tent in this size.

There are many benefits to buying a 10×10 grow tent for growing cannabis. Some of these benefits include:

  • Maximizing lighting efficiency
  • Year-round growing versus relying on the seasons of the sun
  • Insect reduction
  • Environmental control such as heat and humidity
  • Stability
  • Odor control is easier
  • Circulation improvements

As you can see, the benefits of this type of 10×10 grow room are big and as a result other than grow lights, a Mylar grow room tent is the most important decision you can make when you grow indoors.

How Many Plants Can I Grow in a 10×10 Room?

You can fit many plants in a 10×10 grow room setup. Obviously there are a few variables you should consider in this type of large grow tent. For one, what kind of grow lights are you using? For our 10×10 grow tent setups we recommend, and what has worked well for us in the past, at least 4 1000Watt LEDs for proper light coverage in the grow space – see also grow lights for a 4 x 4 tent.

This would accommodate about 9 tall plants if the height is something you don’t worry about. If you flower the plants at around 10 to 12 inches than of course you could easily double that number.

10×10 Grow Tent Reviews

Oppolite 120 x 120 x 78

A fantastic big grow tent that makes our list as the best overall large grow tent for indoor hydroponic gardening. Featuring a large removable Mylar shell and conveniently located ducting ports it is a top contender for strength in a grow tent on the market.


The Oppolite is very well constructed using double stitching, heavy-duty metal frames with push-lock corners for easy assembly.  The indoor grow tent that is built to last and not seep light away from your plants.

This grow tent is well spaced out with two entry doors as well as 2 view portals for checking on your buds.

It also adds value by incorporating multiple vents and filter output holes.

The packaging is also very discreet for stealthy shipping.

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Ultra Yield 120 x 120 x 84

Ultra Yield makes a great 10×10 grow tent that is perfect for beginners. Why, you ask?

They are very easy to assemble granted you have the room to do so. The easy-access design is also useful for those who spend many hours in their grow tents.

The 120 inch by 120 inch grow tent also adds value with its 12-inch extension should you like to grow large and tall plants inside. Built for durability and convenience this grow tent would also please professional growers alike.


Installation for us was quick and easy which surprised us considering the size of this tent.

The zippers are well thought out and are typically the first thing to fail with grow tents. With the Ultra Yield 10×10 indoor grow tent we fell this won’t be an issue for years to come.

The ventilation is also something we reviewed and found that the tent has plenty of ports and vents to move air properly within the tent. Make sure you purchase a carbon filter and inline fan for maximum ventilation and odor reduction.

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Anjeet 120 x 120 x 80 Grow Tent

Anjeet makes a pretty nice 10×10 grow tent at a cheap price. Not the best overall grow tent as far as durability goes but because the price was good we wanted to bring this big grow tent to your attention if you are a budget-minded grower.

Built with 96% reflective Mylar, this tent has a large capacity for stuffing your tent full of plant life. It does a great job of keeping light in the tent and is easy to assemble without the use of any tools.

It has an open-air concept and the zippers are sturdy and won’t compromise their integrity for long to come.  Built with many exhaust ports and ventilation portals it can control circulation effortlessly.

A good choice for your wallet and will last several seasons if you treat this grow tent right.

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iPower GLTENTXL4 Grow Tent

Ipower is known in the industry as a quality manufacturer of grow lights, tents, and accessories for indoor growing enthusiasts. Their iPower 10×10 grow tent is no exception when it comes to quality. This tent made our list because of that very fact.

The iPower grow tent is full of thoughtfulness in its design. As one of the most durable grow tents on the market it adds a tear-proof, 95% reflective Mylar and a 99% sealed light design.


Everything down to the zippers is reinforced to provide a indoor grow tent that will last for seasons to come.

Its portals make for easy plant viewing and come with a Mylar floor tray to keep things clean. Also add needed and extra ventilation panels along with corded exhaust ports for a snug fit for your carbon fiber filters and inline fans.

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Setting Up A 10×10 Grow Tent



1. How many plants can you grow in a 10×10 tent?

You can grow a lot of plants in a 10×10 tent! You can probably fit about 20-30 plants, depending on the size of the plants.

2. How many grow lights do I need for a 10×10 room?

You would need about 10-12 grow lights for a 10×10 room.

3. What size tent do I need for 10 plants?

A 10-plant tent would need a 3’x3′ space.

4. What size fan for 10×10 grow room?

A fan that can move at least 400 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) is recommended for a 10×10 grow room.

5. How much does it cost to set up a grow op?

It can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars to set up a grow op, depending on the size and complexity of the operation.

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