Best Carbon Filters 2021

by Morgan

December 6, 2020

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The best carbon filters can eliminate the odors that indoor growing creates. Growing Cannabis indoors provides a wide range of advantages, but sometimes the smell created from cannabis cultivation can be a big disadvantage.

Indoor growing gives you complete control over humidity level, temperature, lighting, and water. This kind of environment in your growing space will allow you to increase plant health, increase crops, and keep pests and pathogens away from your crop.

However, growing plants indoors will have drawbacks too. The environment can get smelly, and you will not get the pleasant floral smell of cannabis. This can create a bigger issue if you do not take immediate action. That is why cultivators came up with a solution to remove bad smells from your indoor plantation, which is nothing but carbon filters. The best carbon filters remove bad smells and allow your plants to grow healthy.

best carbon filters 2021

Best Carbon Filter Reviews

Finding the Best Carbon Filter 2021 can be a difficult task as there are many brands available in the market. The best carbon filter must be able to rotate air efficiently and remove strong smells from a grow tent. Grow tent smell increases during the flowering stage of plants. So it is important to choose the right carbon filter that can remove the smell from grow tents and keeps them fresh always.

Here you can find some of the Best Carbon Filters 2021.

The Carbon Filters For Cannabis below are our top picks for the best odor control on the market.

TerraBloom Air Carbon Filter 8-inches x 24-inches Odor Removal Filter:



TerraBloom Air Carbon Filter is a Hydroponics 8-inch x 24-inch odor removal grow tent ventilation kit that activates charcoal scrubber for aligned duct fans up to 750-CFM. The manufacturer of the TerraBloom Carbon Filters says that they use only Western Australia’s high-quality RC-48 Charcoal Carbon. In TerraBloom Filters, the carbon bed is 46mm thick and packed with very small granules.

For this product, you will get around 15-percent more carbon than other economy graded filter that uses 38mm thick carbon beds. By selecting TerraBloom Carbon Filters you are obtaining the best quality filtration system that works for a longer time.

TerraBloom Carbon Filter is designed to last for longer years. The company did not compromise on the quality of the major components. The carbon filter included a fan that removes the odors in your indoor plantation or grows tent. TerraBloom Carbon Filter can filter plant-based allergens, cigarette smoke, and any other bad smells from the grow tent, at your home, commercial space, workshop, etc.

The ventilation features include up to 750-CFM, 1.8-inch RC-4/8 Virgin Carbon Bed, and operation for up to twenty-four months of use. The TerraBloom Carbon Filet package includes a 1-inch x 24-inch carbon filter, a factory pre-installed aluminum-flange, and base, and two machine washable pre-filters. Also, this carbon filter brand comes with a 90-day warranty.

iPower 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter:



iPower Air Carbon Filter is one of the best carbon filters for indoor plants grow tent that comes with a pre-filter and removes odor using the Australia control scrubber with activated C for inline fan. iPower is an effective odor control filter that protects from chemical irritants and removes odors from kitchens, grow tents, bathrooms, and basements. Also, it absorbs smells from smoking, pets, pungent smell, and bad odors from indoor grow tents.

iPower Carbon Filter can be used as exhaust or intake filter in various structures including use with duct fans and inline fan, exhaust and intake fans, ventilation ducts, air-exchange fans, and more. The features of iPower carbon filter include 200CFM 4-inch size, 12-inch flange ducting, and 1050 plus IAV Australian RC412 activated carbon, and it is one of the best absorbent Carbon accessible globally. The reversible flange and bottom can be reversed for the charcoal canister that allows the filter to be placed upside-down for odor filtration and longer service life. It is recommended to replace the pre-filter every six-months to protect your carbon air filter.

iPower Air Carbon Filter is a professional grade filter that contains special virgin carbons that comes from the most pressurized and oldest sources on earth. It controls the odor with AVC (Australia Virgin Charcoal) for inline fans. After using the filter for one year, remove the bottom mount and top flange, and flip the filter upside-down and re-assemble the bottom and flange in the new position to provide better odor scrubbing performance for another year.

Amagabeli 4 inch Carbon Filter:



Amagabeli Carbon Filteris one of the gest 4-inch odor control carbon filter that controls with Australia Virgin Air Scrubber. The AVC (Australia Virgin Coconut) activated charcoal for hydroponics indoor plants grow tent. This odor control Amagabeli 4-inch inline fan comes with a pre-filter combo. Amagabeli is the best absorbent carbon filter that comes with a 1050 plus IAV Australian virgin charcoal bed and packed carbon allows 99.8-percent filtered airflow.

The outer and inner mesh offers a 55percent open area that enhances airflow.

Galvanized Steel Air Scrubber is more durable compared to aluminum and it lasts long from plants germination to harvest. The unit includes a Velcro seam to mount the filter easily and a washable pre-filter. Amagabeli air purifier eliminates pungent smell, odor, and bad smell from indoor grow tent, smoking room, hydroponic grow room, bathroom, living room, drying rooms, kitchen, welding workshop, pet house, 3D printer, and more.

Now, you can grow plants indoors like pepper, tomato plants, cilantro, vegetable lettuce, etc. as with the Amagabeli carbon filter you will get odor-free air at your indoor plantation.

The 4-inch carbon filter can be used for 4-inch inline fans, duct fans, can fans, exhaust fans, intake fans, ventilation duct, air exchange fans, air ducts, vent duct hoses, paint fumes hose, fan speed controllers, and other accessories. The reversible feature of the charcoal air filter allows you to use both exhaust and intake filters. You can reverse the filter and use it as an intake filter vice versa you can reverse it to use as an exhaust filter. Reversible filter moves purify and filter air.


The best carbon filters can not only remove bad odor from indoor grow tents but also keeps your plants healthy. For indoor plantation, air circulation inside a grow tent is essential to grow healthy buds. A carbon filter is an ideal add-on to the venting system as they remove the strong smell of cannabis as they smell very pungent during the budding stage.

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