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by Morgan

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September 8, 2023

How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Marijuana Grow Room

Always keep in mind how important the grow tent’s quality is. You will find it difficult to regulate the temperature and the interior plant growth settings if it is not thick and durable enough. Finding the type of grow tent that best suits your preferences should therefore be your main priority while you’re at it.

Given the wide variety of grow tent brands on the market, we decided to compile a list of the best items you should consider purchasing in 2023.

Gorilla 3×3 Grow Tent

Gorilla Grow Tent Lite


The ideal way to begin hydroponics or indoor gardening is with a Gorilla 3×3 grow tent. The 300-pound frame and incredibly thick 1680D fabric make it sturdy enough for even the heaviest ventilation and lighting equipment. The EZ View windows give you a clear view of your plants so you can easily monitor their progress, and the industrial zippers are incredibly strong and make it simple to enter and exit the tent.

The Gorilla grow tent Shorty has an all-steel interlocking frame and is built to last. It is simple to access plants that are located toward the back of the tent thanks to the rear access door and the double-cinching duct ports, which ensure that your ventilation system operates without leaks. Accidents are avoided thanks to the robust spill tray, and the integrated tool pouch makes sure you always have what you need close at hand.


Vivosun Grow Tent

Vivosun Grow Tent


When it comes to grow tents, no list is complete unless the Vivosun Grow Tent is mentioned. One of the most well-known and trustworthy brands for hydroponic gardening in marketing, it offers all the necessities.

However, their grow tent is probably their best-selling item, and that’s all thanks to the incredible variety of features it includes. The interiors are covered with a 98% reflective mylar sheet, which blocks out light and keeps everything inside.

The reflective material prevents hot spots from forming inside the tent, which is essential for the plants to grow properly without suffering any further harm. It has a simple-to-open zipper with a black lining that is essential for the plants’ healthy growth.

The tent is constructed from premium, tear-resistant oxford material and is double-stitched for added security. Its non-toxic PE lining makes the overall growth of the plants much more streamlined and secure.

You wouldn’t have any trouble using this tent even if it was your first time setting up your own grow tent. Easy-to-read instructions are included, which are crucial when talking about the caliber of the materials used for the product.


Spider Farmer Pro-Grade 4×4 Grow Tent

SpiderFarmer Grow Tent


For growers who want a simple, stress-free growing experience, the Spider Farmer Pro-Grade 4×4 Grow Tent is the ideal choice. The grow tent is incredibly strong and lightweight thanks to the 1680D Oxford canvas and Diamond reflective Mylar construction, and the airflow design makes sure that your plants get the ventilation they require to thrive.

Its heavy-duty, powder-coated, hardened steel frame can support up to 140 lbs of gardening equipment. Setting it up is simple thanks to the tool-free assembly feature. Additionally, this grow tent is perfect for larger plants because of its 80-inch roof height.


AC Infinity CLOUD LAB 844 Advance Grow Tent (48”x48”x80”)

Ac Infinity Grow Tent


The Cloudlab 844 from AC Infinity is one of your best options if you intend to grow your plants in a 4×4 grow tent. This is a very high-quality grow tent that tens of thousands of growers worldwide rely on. With dimensions of 48 inches by 48 inches by 80 inches, the grow tent enables your plants to reach a height of 6.6 feet, which is quite tall for an indoor setup. By using this grow tent, you can grow your plants all year long without worrying about the weather outside having an impact on the environment inside the tent.

It has a superior construction with steel poles that are 22 mm in diameter, giving it the strength to support up to 150 pounds of equipment. Strong corner pieces that withstand even the most extreme stress keep the poles attached to one another.

The cloud lab tents are made specifically for indoor plant growth, so you can keep them almost anywhere—from a designated grow room to your basement—and still get high-quality results.

Let’s take a closer look at this canvas, which is constructed from Oxford 2000D material. It is completely light-proof and cross-patterned, making sure there is no light leakage. On the inside, a layer of highly reflective diamond mylar makes sure that all of the light reflects back onto the plant. Additionally, the business has taken extra precautions to ensure that the light doesn’t even leak out of the zipper area by sealing the inner layer of the zipper with a ribbon lining.

The grow tent has an aluminum plate on which you can mount different controllers, including hygrometers, temperature monitors, etc. Additionally, there is a tool organizer pouch on the inside of the tent where you can store your sunglasses, shears, and other small items. Additionally, a water-resistant floor tray is included with this grow tent to ensure that even in the event of an unintentional spill, your room’s floor remains safe and clean.

Additionally, it has an observation window so you can sneak a peek without having to unzip the entire tent. Anyone who intends to grow marijuana indoors has a fantastic option in this. and for providing their plants with optimal levels of light and a controlled environment for ideal growth.


iPower 2×2 Grow Tent

iPower Grow Tent


For those who are just dipping their toes into indoor gardening, the iPower 22 Grow Tent is ideal. In order to ensure that your plants receive the care they require, this small grow tent is constructed with high-quality oxford fabric, lined with reflective mylar, and comes with a removable waterproof tray.

The iPower 22 is also simple to assemble and operate thanks to its all-metal frame and handy tool bag. There is also an observation window, which makes it simple to keep an eye on your plants.


TopoLite 48″x24″x60″ Indoor Grow Tent kits

Topolite Grow Tent


Another well-liked grow tent option on the market is the TopoLite 48″x 24″x 60″ Indoor Grow Tent Room. If you are interested in hydroponics or indoor gardening in general, this is your best option because it is made specifically for that purpose.

The interior of the grow tent is lined with 96% reflective mylar, reducing the risk of hot spots and assisting in maintaining a constant temperature for the plants’ trouble-free and ideal growth.

The interiors are made with diamond mylar, which is not only incredibly strong but also waterproof. To ensure seamless and reliable air circulation without any problems, the tent is designed with rectangular vents on the bottom of the tent on both sides.

When it comes to the tent’s durability, it is made of 600D Oxford material, which is essential for proper durability and long-lasting use. It includes white paint-coated rods, which are also quite strong and durable.

The package itself contains all the information required for installation. You don’t need to go out of your way to use tools or difficult methods to complete the setup as a whole. It has a mid-range price.


Gorilla 4×4 Grow Tents

Gorilla Grow Tent


One of the toughest and most long-lasting grow tents on the market is the Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line. Industrial-strength zippers are included on the heavy-duty metal frame, which interlocks for stability and is designed to withstand frequent use. The environment is constantly expanding, and light reflection is maximized by the diamond-reflective interior. And the double-cinching duct ports make sure that your grow system is connected securely.

This Gorilla grows tent model also has heavy-duty spill trays to catch any spills and Ez View Windows so growers can check on their plants without opening the tent. And there’s also an integrated tool pouch for easy access to, well, tools.

With Gorilla’s Lite Line line, growers can enjoy all the advantages of high build quality without paying the price.


Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent

Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent

Nothing beats the Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent when it comes to affordable, high-quality grow tents. It has a 5.5-inch black and white poly film that helps the tent retain the necessary heat and moisture for the plants’ quick growth.

To ensure that the interior temperature of the tent is maintained throughout time, it is designed with a highly reflective white side on the material, which is pretty important for reflecting over 90% of light.

Additionally, the reflective material disperses heat and light evenly to prevent hotspots, which is important when growing delicate plants that require the ideal temperature for growth.

The hydroponic environments benefit from the grow tent’s black side, which blocks out light and ensures that the plants receive the proper amount of heat or light to develop without being disturbed.

It is constructed from 5.5 panda film, a material that is quite special when it comes to grow tents. This works relatively better and lasts for a very long time compared to other materials like mylar, ensuring that your investment doesn’t go to waste.

In order to further prevent excess light from penetrating, the grow tent is also proofed with thick reflective poly sheeting. Additionally, it is heavy-duty and incredibly durable, so you won’t need to worry about anything. It is also waterproof.

The company is renowned for its dependability and provides a 90-day money-back guarantee if the item doesn’t live up to expectations. Prior to placing an order, be sure to check the product’s quality and make sure it will work with your setup.

Yield Lab 2-in-1 Full Cycle Reflective Grow Tent

Yield Labs Grow Tent

The Yield Lab 2-in-1 Full Cycle Reflective Grow Tent is probably one of your best options if you are a skilled indoor gardener who has experience with hydroponic systems. It has a very high-end appearance and functionality, so spending more money on it won’t be regrettable.

The tent is constructed of high-quality materials that keep the interior at a consistent temperature, making it perfect for growing any kind of crop or plant you might be thinking of. Additionally, it works well for growing marijuana.

On the bottom of the tent, there is a pest-proof vent that is included and necessary for fresh air circulation without allowing any entry for mites and pests. Oxford cloth and Velcro, both of which are quite tenacious and support the growth of the plants without any intrusion, are used in its design.

In order to hold the shape and structure of the tent and prevent it from collapsing in the middle of use, the overall structure of the grow tent is made up of all-in-one connecting poles with built-in metal.

CoolGrows Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent

Cool Grows Grow Tent

This grow tent’s interior is made with a 95% mylar coating, which is very important to seal in all the light for the plants’ superior growth. There is no need to be concerned about the interior temperature changing as you increase or decrease the grow lights’ intensity.

Heavy-duty materials were used in the construction of the tent, which is essential for the healthy and long-term growth of the plants you want to grow. It has strong, double-stitched zippers that are of good quality and durability, which guarantee proper light protection.

The company is ethically sourced, uses environmentally friendly materials for the tent, and is also sustainable. Nothing contains PVC, ensuring that the product’s quality isn’t compromised in any way.

The tent has a 600D thickness and is constructed primarily of metal, which keeps the tent’s shape for many years without experiencing any problems. Consequently, you are making a negligible long-term investment.

If you’re not a hands-on type who has trouble setting things up, you won’t have to worry about that with this one. It includes thorough instructions that you can check to see if you can follow them.

It has an access door that unzips effortlessly and without any problems. The removable floor tray is probably the best feature of this grow tent. It collects all the dirt and muddy leaves that you don’t want to leave lying around. It only requires that you take out the tray, clear it of extra dirt and leaves, and then replace it.

What happens to plants when the growing environment is too hot?

Plants are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature. The growth of your plants can be impacted by any temperature change, no matter how slight. The majority of plant processes, such as transpiration, photosynthesis, germination, respiration, and flowering, are impacted when the temperature in the grow room rises. However, excessive heat can be harmful to your plants.

How can an indoor grow tent be made cooler?

There are many things you can do to lower the temperature in your indoor garden/grow tent. These are some examples:

    • Ensure that the grow room has air flowing in and out.

    • Instead of using grow bulbs, use an LED grow light.

    • The grow tent should have an oscillating fan installed.

    • Turn on the grow room’s air conditioner.

    • Change the location of your grow tent.

    • Place the ballasts outside of the grow tent.

    • Turn on your lights at night.

    • Utilize the swap cooler that is inside the tent.

What additional cooling options are there?

You should look at other options for cooling down your room if it becomes overheated despite the fans and adequate ventilation in your grow room. As a result, we are here to help you cool down your grow room, and we’ve got some of the best techniques you can use. As follows:

Increase the rate of air circulation:

Understand that hot air tends to accumulate quickly in indoor growing rooms. So using a good input and extractor fan is the easiest and fastest way to remove this heated air. Your room will thus cool down if that fan can increase the air-exchange levels. Although you can control the fan speed manually, it is recommended that you use a tool that will do so precisely and automatically. You should be aware that if you can get cool input air, the room will cool down more quickly.

Use a low-concentration nutrient solution:

It is worth noting that hot temperatures cause more water to pass through plant leaves. As a result, there is a greater consumption and use of water at the plant’s roots. This increases the number of nutrients that plants can absorb. The problem of toxicity arises with increased nutrient consumption, though, and this can cause the plant to perish. You can use a diluted nutrient solution to stop it from happening. Simply add a calculated amount of purified water to dilute it by 20%. You will still need to include air stones and an air pump in the solution in order to keep it plant-consumable.

Adequate ventilation and fresh air:

This is one of the simplest methods for lowering the temperature of your grow tent. Simply make sure that your grow room has adequate air exchange and circulation. You must make sure the grow tent can effectively remove heated air from that space as well as absorb cool air for this. This can be achieved by adding fans or by keeping the door to your grow area open to allow adequate airflow. To circulate cool air throughout the room, you can even use an icebox with a fan attached.

Turn off the grow lights:

Know that you can significantly lower the temperature in the indoor grow tents by turning off roughly half of the indoor grow light sources that are currently present in the space at once. You can therefore significantly cool your grow room by employing a different technique in which only half of the grow lights are on at any given time. However, if you feel that turning off the lights in any area of the grow room would be bad for the plants, just use dimming lights.

Install a swamp cooler inside the tent:

Swamp coolers reduce air temperatures by evaporating water. For this reason, they are also known as evaporative coolers. They add moisture to the air but are more effective at cooling the air than other types of coolers (like conventional air conditioners).

This is excellent if you need to raise the humidity level, but you shouldn’t use a swamp cooler if the humidity level in your growing environment is already too high or is just right. Use a standard air conditioner in its place.

Use an air conditioner:

If you have the means, purchase a quality air conditioner. It is the quickest method of cooling down your overheated grow room. During hot seasons, the machine will function best and remove all the excess heat from your grow room. There is one drawback to this, though, and that is the substantial electricity consumption and the ensuing high electricity bill.

Use high-quality LED lighting:

Be aware that the lights in your grow tents are a major contributor to the heat buildup there. This is particularly true if you use lighting systems that produce a lot of heat because that means they will start to affect the temperature of the growing area. However, there is a solution to this problem, and that is to use LED lights because they produce very little heat. As a result, the temperature inside your growing tent won’t rise too high. When choosing wattages, make sure to purchase items ranging from 1000W to 3000W.

Use hoods with air cooling

As previously mentioned, one of the main causes of elevated grow room temperatures is the heat emitted from light sources. As a result, using air-cooled reflective hoods is one way to cool the air. With the help of these hoods, you will be able to eliminate between 50% and 60% of the heat produced by grow lights. Be aware that sealed hoods exist and can be used to reduce the temperature more efficiently. To make matters even better, these sealed hoods can also be efficiently added to duct fittings. So, for example, connecting a 6′′ duct hose to a hooded light will undoubtedly lower the grow room temperature.

Invest in water-cooled lighting:

Both water-cooled and air-cooled lighting are available. However, since they are more effective, it is suggested that you use the water-cooled versions rather than the air-cooled ones. The air won’t be able to significantly cool the light because it is already heated. These cooler lights will ensure that heat buildup is avoided as a result of the heat generated by the lighting system. You don’t have to spend money on ACs, which is a huge benefit of these lights.

Run grow lights at night:

There is no rule that your plants must spend the same number of hours in the sun as you do if you are growing indoors. Our nighttime can be their daytime. Since temperatures are lower at night, this will aid in reducing the heat from the lights.

And there could be an extra benefit. You could also save some money because some power companies offer lower electricity rates at night.

However, you must ensure that your grow tent is completely dark and sealed off from the outside world to avoid light leaks. Cannabis and other flowering plants require 12 hours of nonstop darkness each day. Their growth and yield could be adversely impacted by light leaks.

Extra options

We are available to you if you require additional cooling solutions. Here are a few extra suggestions to keep your grow tents cool:

    • Recognize that maintaining humidity is necessary if you want to cool down your grow tents. After all, note that humidity is just the water vapor that’s present in the room air. You can do this by purchasing a humidifier. You can regulate the current humidity levels using this machine. So you will be able to effectively set it to the temperature that you want.

    • Use lighting only at night because summertime temperatures are often too high during the day. Now, if you turn on your lights at this time, the room’s temperature will continue to rise. It will eventually become intolerable for the plants. However, temperatures drop at night. Your lights can then be turned on. Consequently, excessive heating won’t harm your plants.

    • The majority of the heat you need to remove will come directly from the outside, so seal the grow tent. Therefore, keep in mind that the best way to deal with it is to make sure that it cannot enter your grow room. The grow area must therefore be sealed. It’s not always possible, though. Sealing the particular area that is allowing heat to enter the grow room is an alternative that you have.

How hot or cold should your grow tents be?

The ideal temperature for your grow tent is between 21 and 26°C (70 to 80°F). You must maintain this constant temperature throughout your grow room. However, the heat generated near light sources will be greater, necessitating the use of fans to circulate the heated air. Also, keep in mind that proper ventilation is necessary for your grow room to prevent heat buildup.

Does the temperature in the grow tents affect how quickly plants grow?

A temperature that is ideal will help plants grow more quickly. However, your plants’ respiration rate increases as the temperature rises. Your plants’ growth rate will be negatively impacted by this.

Best grow tent for hot climate

The grow tents that are probably the best on the market are listed above. They are not only strong but they are also made of materials of the highest caliber. Each and every one of them has a special set of attributes and capabilities that will be useful to you. Make sure to select the options that most closely match your preferences.

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