Apollo Grow Tent Review

apollo grow tent review

A Great Starter Tent For Review. The Apollo Grow Tent Series


Measuring 4 ft. x 4ft., and standing almost 7ft. tall, this grow tent has plenty of space to house a numerous amount of crop, but is also small enough to fit just about anywhere you want to put it — whether that’s in a greenhouse, an apartment, your garage, or really just about anywhere.

The metal poles provide a stable framework, which is covered by heavy-duty reflective Mylar. With strong zippers and strong double-stitching throughout the covering, you can have total control over odors getting out, and pests getting in.

The grow tent includes a highly reflective lining to keep light in. In fact, with this light-proof cover, you can crank the light and the heat as much as you want without having to worry about heat and energy escaping into the world. In addition, you get a removable Mylar floor tray, two filter straps and an instructional pamphlet to help you assemble it properly and get the most use out of it once you have it up and running.

In addition, Apollo promises top-rated customer service in case you have any questions or problems with your grow tent. With a 90-day warranty, you can rest easy knowing your investment is safe and being put to good use.


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