Top 3 Best Handheld Bud Trimmers

Handheld bud trimmers are perfect when faced with only a few plants and time is on your side. Trimming by hand means much more control versus the hand-cranked bowl trimmers for bud or the more fully automatic bud trimming machines we see sell for thousands of dollars.

Our criteria for choosing the best handheld bud trimmer is simple really.

  • Must be comfortable to use
  • The trimmer should be affordable but not cheaply made
  • Trimmer that leaves the plant juicy and intact. Does a good job of accurate trimming of bud leaves.

Handheld Bud Trimmer Reviews

3) GreenThumbPro Hydroponic 2 Pack

Quality and affordability combine for that purist bud trimming expert. These are my go-to for pruning my buds and leaves.

handheld bud trimmer

  • Comes With Straight and Curved Blade
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Master control of trimming for bud leaves. Super accurate
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2) NISHIGAKI Pistol Bonsai Pruning Shears

These are made for pruning bonsai trees but work just as well when it comes to your other art. Trimming Cannabis Buds and leaves.

bud trimming and pruning shears

  • Nishigaki precision reputation for quality blades
  • Affordable pricing
  • Comfortable grip and less hand strain than Greenthumb Pro
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1) EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer

This is one mean green trimming machine. A bit of a luxury item but well worth it if you still want massive control over trimming the buds of your cannabis plants but seem to have a ton of plants to get through and not a lot of time. wander trimmer review

  • Super quick bud trimming machine
  • Accurate cannabis trimmer
  • Keeps the art of trimming alive but speeds things up 10 fold
  • A bit pricey but super fun to use.
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As far as the top 3 Handheld Bud Trimmers go, qualifications for the trimmers that are a must are;

  • ease of use and strain on hands,
  • affordability
  • precision when trimming your bud
  • the quality of materials used in manufacturing

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