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by Morgan

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February 23, 2023

How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Marijuana Grow Room

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A true led grow light that can easily replace a 400-watt HPS bulb. This LED grow light is even on par with many of the 1000 watt led grow lights on the market.


  • Low heat output
  • Easy veg/bloom switch
  • Daisy chain capable for increasing your grow

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2. [Best For The Money] VIPARSPECTRA 450W LED Grow Light

This is the perfect choice for small areas or grow tents that have limited space. This best-selling grow light is simply easy to manage. 


  • Very energy efficient
  • Coverage is excellent
  • Performance is top-notch

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3. [Best For 3x3 Foot Area] Growstar 600W LED Grow Light

This lamp runs very cool and comes with an optimal cooling system for those long growing seasons.


  • Built-in aluminium heat-sink
  • VEG and BLOOM switches
  • Daisy chain design

Interested in the perfect LED grow lights for your grow room? From large to small grow lights, chances have we reviewed it, so we are here to help with any grow light decisions you need to make when purchasing a quality set up. Don’t waste your money, let us help you decide what is right for you by examining the best in greenhouse lighting for your growing.

Choosing the Right LED Grow Lights

grow lightsPicking out the perfect lighting for your grow room or tent can be difficult. Depending on your set-up you may want to consider a few things. The power of your lighting should reach all areas of your grow room. From seeds to flowering, light must flow to every square inch. Is your grow area one specific spot or do you switch depending on the life cycle of the plant itself?

Is your light spectrum an all-purpose light or do you use a mixture of lighting depending on the stage of the plant?

No matter the situation, LED lighting is a sure-fire way to go, as these bulbs are cost-effective and allow for a full spectrum approach to growing your cannabis. They also eliminate worries about the heat output, as well as bulb replacement, which is 1000 times more efficient than traditional light bulbs of yesterday.

It might seem overwhelming at first to beginner gardener when it comes to growing indoors, but hopefully, this guide and review website will help you along the way.

The first step is matching the lighting sizes with space you plan to grow in. Here is a deeper look at some of the best LED grow lights that are available along with growing area dimensions to determine if the lighting is right for you.

Highest Rated LED Grow Lights Available

5 Considerations In Picking The Best Grow Lights For Any Situation

There are certain things to keep in mind when purchasing LED grow lights:

  1. Square footage of the coverage area – Light should manage to spread across the entire grow area and work its way into the nooks of the bush. Our guide makes it easy to figure out your area by telling you the area for each light we recommend. This way you will know if you have enough light coverage to grow in the space you have dedicated to your farm. Grow lights can easily be “stackable” or be able to line up to increase your lighting area. Depending on the area of your grow room or grow tent you will want to purchase a light with enough watts to give your plants what they need. For larger grow spaces, consider at least a 1000 watt led grow light for maximum coverage. If you are considering growing a small number of plants then a simple 300 watt grow light would suffice. Check out our LED grow light reviews for specifics growing areas.
  2. The trajectory of your lighting and angle at which your LED grow lights are set – A bigger angle means more light dispersion that can flood a room but less direct light and vise versa. Remember the amount of light a plant gets in strength can impact its growing cycle.
  3. Price – The amount you have to spend can directly influence your ability to get a decent product that makes growing cannabis easier. The products we have selected for the best of LED grow lights have also been weighed as cost-effective.
  4. Plant Growth Cycle – Full Spectrum LED lighting is important if you anticipate growing with the full growth cycle method. The complete spectrum will help grow robust bud.
  5. Safety – You want to grow in a safe environment and need to understand how you can achieve this with the lighting you choose. Lighting uses electricity and must be hung in a safe manner, especially with constant watering. This step should be planned out accordingly and with conviction.

LED Full Spectrum Lighting VS Fluorescent Lamps and HPS lighting

As a newer source of technology, LED grow lights seem to have the upper hand when it comes to indoor marijuana grow operations. For the most part the LED burns less hot, costs less in the long run as they yield far less electricity, are safer to use, they do not have a stuttering lighting effect and don’t take a few minutes to warm up, and lastly they can run for around 50K hours before ever having to be changed out with a new bulb. That is a lot of plants!

LED grow lights use just way less than fluorescent and even more in HPS bulbs. In fact, about half the power as an HPS lights uses and creates much more return per watt usage as studies show. Many studies and smokers report an increase in quality and oil/terpene production, and more healthy buds and blossoms. LED lights run cool, so no extra temperature control such as blasting the air conditioning in hopes of helping your plants along is necessary, apart from venting fans.

If you are still stuck on old-school fluorescent lamps for your LED grow lights, you may want to rethink your farming and upgrade to LED growing lights for better results. Just think, only fifty to sixty thousand LED hours before you ever have to change a bulb.

A New Addition From Mars Hydro – The Epistar Pro II 80

Our newest and most favorite review. The Mars Epistar Pro II 80 really impressed us with its growing yield of around 2 grams per watt which is awesome! A true led grow light that can easily replace a 400-watt HPS bulb. This LED grow light is even on par with many of the 1000 watt led grow lights on the market. A cost-effective and high-quality bulb all around!

Read Our Full Epistar Pro II 80 Review

VipraSpectra an Easy Choice For Small Grow Tents

VIPARSPECTRA 450W LED Grow Light, with...
  • 【Optimal Spectrum】The secret to VIPARSPECTRA’s success is optimal full spectrum lighting which provides plants in all stages from veg to flower with everything they need in the natural sunlight. This results in bigger buds and higher yield all while saving you on energy costs.VIPARSPECTRA is a trusted brand in the lighting industry by providing the best customer care with quality and safe products.
  • 【VEG & BLOOM Switches】 The V450 light comes with VEG and BLOOM switches,which are suitable for each growing phase. Upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks and advanced high speed quiet fans are great for heat dissipation.

The VIPRPASPECTRA Reflector series LED grow light is the perfect choice for small areas or grow tents that have limited space. This best-selling LED grow light is simply easy to manage. It consumes only 200 Watts vs a typical HPS bulb of 400 watts.

It is a full spectrum LED grow light that provides nourishment across all growing stages. Perfect for a growing area around 2.5″ X 2.5″ at a 24-inch height. The LED gives this lower cost, yet efficient light high praise. Perfect for a small apartment or if installed adjacent to multiple lights can easily expand your farming ability and the number of plants you can cultivate.

Read Are Full Virparspectra 450w Review


growstar 600w review Growstar 600W LED Grow Light Review

This Growstar LED growing light is perfect for cannabis production. They came up with a 90-degree optical lens to reduce grow light loss and increase ultra-high lumens for output and plant growth production. It is a full spectrum LED and consumes only 250 watts of power.

This lamp also runs very cool and comes with an optimal cooling system for those long growing seasons. Never fear as this LED grow light comes with a 100% money-back guarantee so if you are not fully satisfied you can return it easily.

This LED grow system covers a 3 foot by 3 foot area so the space is limited, but remember you can always double up to grow with your little farm.



mars hydro indoor grow light reviewsThe Mars Hydro LED Grow Light Reviewed

One of the most respected brands as far as reliability goes. This LED grow lamp is easy to use and saves a ton on energy costs. It comes with a great warranty at 2 years and backed by a professional servicing center in case you have questions about how the LED grow light operates.

The coverage is pretty good as well. Can give the right full spectrum light spread to an area 2.5′ by 4.5′ wide area. This is more of a rectangular dimension so keep that in mind if you have a square grow tent.

We wrote a full review on this Mars Hydro grow light is typically on sale from Amazon Prime and gets great reviews.

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Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light is a Perfect Example of What A Grow Light Should Be.

advanced platinum grow light review

The Advanced Spectra Series P300 is a top seller compared to its closest competitors. Offering a large-scale growing area at 4.5 feet by 3.8 feet along with whisper-quiet fan technology.

Optional Veg/Flower controls with upgraded aluminum heat sink for heat dispersal. A boastful 12 band spectral output of light madness creates a smooth efficiency with this bad boy on the LED grow light block.

5-year warranty in case something goes wrong as well to make you feel better about the heftier price tag. You may want to save up for this one as it does a great job of cultivating the right LED light environment.

Advanced Platinum LED Grow Lights are Consistent Work Horses

The strongest LED grow lights available on the market today! Featuring the maximum PAR per watt possible LED grow light which guarantees maximum yield with minimal power usage and heat. PAR and mid output equivalent quality that seems to be unrivaled for the most part!

There is a difference between every LED grow light and it is extremely important to choose wisely. Greater yields, lower growing temperatures, better efficiency is what this LED is all about.

What’s more, these lights all feature toggles for Bloom vs Veg light spectrums to provide maximum performance from seedling through harvest and flower. The Veg spectrum features a heavy output that leaf development favors. Engage the Bloom switch whilst shifting the output to some bloom pink/red heavy 29, to enable panel power that is 100%.

No requirement for any additional lighting since there is coverage from seedling to harvest.

The key to this Platinum LED achievement is combining an optimal blend of 12 bands of spectrum that is complete IR; providing your plants precisely the tuned spectrum that they require.

The P300 effectively consumes only 180 watts of power, while giving your plants 100% usable full-spectrum light. The P300 is a LED light that comes highly recommended, thanks to the mix of power and affordability of it. It is appropriate in most situations from small grows like grow tents, into a full-scale operation. Your cannabis garden will love the p300 and you can read more about our Advanced Platinum p300 review.


marshyro reviews for growing weedCompact LED Grow Light For The Economical Indoor Farmer

Compact but mighty. This lovely little LED growing light is affordable yet perfect for a small grow of a personal plant or two. Assembly is very easy and the energy savings of this lamp are outstanding, only consuming 132 watts.

Perfect for a 2 by 2 area of growing. Think small discreet grow tent for this LED. It also runs very coolly due to its compact size. Plugin for on, and unplug for off. Mars Hydro keeps it stupid simple with this box.

Also safe and environmentally sound, this marijuana grow light boasts the ETL certification. Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Growstar 1000W LED Grow Light reviewsFull Spectrum LED Grow Light For Small to Medium Coverage

GrowStar has come along way in the best LED Grow Light category and its series of new models prove just that.

Always impressed by their 90-degree optical lenses that reduce light loss, thus ensuring maximum brightness is achieved via ultra-high lumens.

A full spectrum grow light, perfect for cannabis, is backed by a 100% money-back promise as well as a 3-year warranty in case your bunny rabbit decides to pee on your new LED light. Perfect for a 4 foot by 3 foot grow tent or space at around 24 inches off the base. Max coverage is 5×4 but would recommend keeping it a bit smaller than that for best plant growth.

Buy on Amazon Full Review

ViparSpectra 600w Still Exceeds Expectations

600 watts of LED grow light power can come in handy for all stages of plant growth. The Viparspectra 600w review version is similar to that of the quality seen in platinum led grow lights but with a few added benefits such as cost. Hands down, because of this LED’s capacity, full-spectrum light chipset and ease of functionality, the Viparspectra 600w is one of the best lights in this watt range for growing awesome cannabis.

It produced a decent yield after all was said and done, and although a bit more blue light balance would have been better for flowering, it still provides ample spectrum to get the job done.


Advanced Grow Lights by Advanced Platininum Continue to Impressadvanced platinum full spectrum LED grow light review

The P450 reduces electrical consumption while it cultivates. Consuming 250 watts of power. That is real savings, providing your plants the full array of grow light spectrum they need. The P450 is ideal for small room expands, small/medium tents sporting hydroponic trays or large tent operations.

Anywhere you would utilize an HPS, utilize the P450 instead, which reduces a large percentage of the energy and heat usage that of lights of lower technology.

The key to this PlatinumLED achievement is currently mixing an optimum blend of 12 bands of spectrum that is total to the IR – giving the plants the spectrum that is required depending on the stage of the plant.

Intensified by 90 degree optical lenses that penetrate deep inside the canopy, the higher-output running, more effective 3W LEDs dismisses the competition.

galaxyhydro reviewsTop of the Line Small LED Grow Light

The Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light at 300 watts does a big job for a small LED grow light. This full-spectrum LED unit is perfect for s small cannabis plant, covering about a 2 X 2 area at 25 inches above the plant. Perfect for a closet grow or small growing tent these lights can pack a mini-sized punch. Success with this grow light is easy as operating this LED is a snap.

Cooling is also no concern with this lamps patented cooling system.

GalaxyHydro has a great reputation in the industry as a professional grow light manufacturer and has put a ton of research into their lighting products. They also aim to keep their customers happy.

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Switching To LED Light. The Choice is Obvious

LED FAQ’s – Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About LED Grow Lights:

  • Why LED?

L.E.D. Lighting, also known as light-emitting diode lights have the ability to help organic indoor growing tenfold over other lighting choices. The grow light that is emitted from the LED’s is similar in nature to sunlight. This light acts in the same manner as outdoor sunlight, with the added bonus of control over the LED lights themselves. The production of special wavelengths of light that include U.V. as well as I.R. light has a positive impact on the growing cycle of weed itself and contributes to healthier more robust (and potent) plants. Keep in mind your harvesting will take longer as this type ofgrow  light increases bounty of plants

LED grow lights works using multiple little light diodes that produce a “sun-like” spectrum. Cannabis absorbs a tremendous amount of blue spectrum light, more so than any other color. By introducing a more UV friendly light profile, one can push infrared spectrum harder thus cycling into plant germinating and budding or flowering in the marijuana itself.

A full controlled environment becomes complete with grow lights that feature LED bulbs. Think about it. No rain and no clouds that can hinder growth periods in a plant. Being able to create a stable environment that plants love, creates happy plants. You can change lighting wavelengths on the fly depending on the phase of the plantings’ life cycle.

  • Increase UV to multiply cell growth during the vegetating cycle to promote rapid growth
  • Decrease UV and add in some IR during the flowering cycle. The infrared absorption increases the budding during my favorite phase of plant growth

Small Grows Became So Much Easier With The Onset Of Light Emitting Diode Grow Lights for many reasons.

  • First the heat factor. These lights can be installed in rows and stay cool. The heat was always a problem for tent grow or small rooms where build-up could fry the plants and also pose a fire danger if to close to combustible materials.
  • Ease to use. That’s right. Not much special knowledge when it comes to the installation of LED lighting. It comes down to a matter of being able to raise and lower them which due to their low heat output it can be a snap.
  • Lighting control is a plus as we spoke about this before. Being able to cycle between the Infrared spectrum and UV makes a complex grow, easy.
  • Energy costs go way down with these low electricity diodes do their job better than their older counterparts.

All Hail LED Grow Lights!

The combo of these benefits is the perfect storm to make LED grow lights the obvious choice when it pertains to a small indoor grow operation. The biggest choice in picking out a lighting system for your grow tent would be what type of wattage should I use?

Essentially you should have a wattage of 25 per every square foot. That is if you have only one plant per square foot. If this doubles to 2 based on your space, although not ideal, you will want a wattage of 50 watts per square foot with LED.

Every grow space is different and that always ads an element of science and art to every farm involving cannabis, but the bottom line is, growing weed is a labor of love and should be considered as such. Doing something right, like weed farming is worth doing right.


1. Are full spectrum LED lights good for growing?

There are a lot of different LED grow lights on the market, so it can be tough to choose the right one. Some things to consider when choosing an LED grow light are the size of your grow space, the type of plants you're growing, and the wattage of the light.

2. Are full spectrum LED lights good for growing?

Yes, full spectrum LED lights are good for growing. They provide the right wavelengths of light that plants need to grow. This makes them a great choice for indoor gardening or hydroponics.

3. What light spectrum is best for house plants?

House plants do best with bright, indirect sunlight. They need at least four hours of light per day, and the light spectrum should be in the range of 5000 to 6500 Kelvin.

4. Can white LED lights grow plants?

Yes, LED lights can grow plants. LED lights are a great option for plant growth because they provide specific wavelengths of light that are beneficial for photosynthesis. They also use less energy than traditional light bulbs, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

5. Do barrina grow lights work?

Yes, barrina grow lights work. They are a great way to provide light to your plants when natural light is not available.

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