Best 1000 Watt Grow Light For The Money

Looking for the best 1000 watt grow light? Check out some of the best grow lights that some of the pros use to grow their crops.

1000 Watt grow lights are typically the go to grow light for many growers. Are you confused about which 1000 watt LED grow light to purchase? There are many considerations when buying a grow light in this format. From LED lighting to HPS bulbs we’ve got you covered with our best and affordable 1000 watt  review. If there is a particular 1000 watt grow light you love simply click on the picture or link for more information.

An easy to use 1000 watt grow light is perfect for grow rooms under 6 foot by 6 foot grow areas.

Some of our favorite features of this class of LED grow lights are:

  • 1000 watts of good full spectrum lighting for multi-stages of plant growth
  • Easy to set up and start growing
  • Quality construction for accurate performance and light life span
  • Easy to adjust without ballasts for light balance
  • Daisy chain capabilities to help with expanding grow rooms
  • 5 – 10 watt LED bulbs that last at least 50,000 hours
  • Feature rich adjustment settings for more advanced growers and easy of use for beginner growers

Below is our list of favorite 1000 watt LED grow lights that we think are the best if you are just starting out

GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED 1000 Watt Grow Lighting HPS Replacement

This 1000 watt grow light eliminates the need for things you may need with other non-LED grow lights. For example things such as a reflector hood, ballast, ducting due to lower temperatures and multiple noisy fans will not be needed for the most part.

Things We Liked About The GoGrow V3 Review – Pros

  • Save on LED peripherals
  • Easy Lighting Installation
  • 24 hour service phone number in case you have questions at 3am
  • Excellent PAR coverage per wattage
  • Made for a grow tent, or closet and stays wonderfully cool even in tight quarters.

Overall a solid lighting rig designed for ease of use within a tight and small grow space. The packaging left us less than thrilled but performance was great.

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Dimgogo 1000 Watt LED Grow Light With Triple Chip Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

A unique and very inexpensive 1000 watt grow light. This full spectrum light has upped the ante. With its triple chip technology it boasts a 10 watt bulb for brighter, more efficiency indoor growing.  If you need an inexpensive grow light set up with a maximum amount of watts then this 1000 watt grow light may be well suited to your growers needs.

Things We Liked About The Dimgogo 1000 Watt Grow Light Review – Pros

  • Bright 10w chips
  • Energy savings were substantial when compared to HPS bulbs for growing
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Power cooling system with quiet fans

An inexpensive way to get your indoor garden started. At the time of this publication the price was hovering at  $140 and prime eligible.

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King Plus 1000 Watt Grow Light

The King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light is a well rounded and multi-functional grow light. Most reviews for this 1000 watt grow light are extremely favorable mostly due to the low cost of this grow light and its full spectrum capabilities.

The King Plus is typical of LED lighting.

  • Low heat output. Keeping your plants in favorable growing temps
  • Easy on the electric bill. LED’s only use a fraction of what a typical HPS bulb uses.
  • Full spectrum lighting that helps with veg and bloom growth cycles in plants
    • red, white, yellow, IR and of course Ultra Violet
  • Wonderful 3 year warranty

1000 watt led grow lights

King is a LED brand that has come to be known in the growing world as reliable and powerful lighting that has the capabilities to enhance your plants yeilds and impress experience indoor growers.  This expansive light set comes with the 1000 watt grow light, power cord and an easy install hanging hook.

Complete with a timer the light should be hung 2-3 feet above your plant canopy. We set our timer at 13 hours for the vegetative stage and between 9-12 hours for the flowering plant stage which produced expected results. Our coverage looked to be roughly a 3.5 by 4 foot area giving us ample space for the plants to grow.

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