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by Morgan

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January 27, 2023

How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Marijuana Grow Room

Considering the Viparspectra 1200w for your next indoor grow? Deciding which LED grow light is right for your growing operation is fundamentally the most important step in indoor growing. It must be planned out accordingly so that your plants are paired with an LED light that can give them the nutrients they need via a vital spectrum that some LEDs just don’t output as different plants react differently to different colors of light.

If you are a meticulous indoor grower or if you are getting started with a new grow setup you may want to check out our Viparspectra LED review.

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Who Is ViparSpectra?

Before we jump right to the Viparspectra 1200w review, you should know something about Viparspectra. Why? Because Viparspectra has made a name for itself in the LED grow light niche. Admonished primarily as a company of growers who make lights for growers.

They are a Chinese company that manufactures LED lights for the purpose of growing plants at high yields. Maybe because China is populated with millions of people and growing food in a bountiful fashion is necessary or maybe it’s because they love growing cannabis in China. Who am I to say?

Whatever the case may be, the lights made by this company truly stand out in a sea of copycat manufacturers.


In every LED made by Vipraspectra, the light includes IR (Infrared). This provides the optimal full spectrum lighting that plants love throughout each and every phase of plant growth. The light is also programmable in order to mimic the phases of the sun throughout a traditional growing season.

For the Veg phase (before bloom) the lights can run cool and all day long with a switch to produce the spectrum that the plants need for this time period.

When it comes to harvesting, a grower can adjust the time the light is on to a shorter fall-like duration along with a flip of a switch to give the plant the light spectrum it needs to bloom and flower. This makes for some potent plants in the long run and also offers precise control of the grow room environment.

Viparspectra has been around since 2013 as a brand managed by Shenzhen Bailuo Technology Co., Ltd. The great thing about this company is its above-and-beyond customer service. They simply want you to be a successful farmer/grower.

They are very responsive and possess a wide array of knowledge that can help you grow. Should you ever have a question you can travel to their website and ask. Simple as that!

VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control Series...
  • VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control Series TC1200 LED Grow Light is scientifically engineered to keep the balance of the PAR output and coverage.
  • Built-in timer design allows you to turn the light on and off automatically. Dimmable feature can be used to program VEG and BLOOM brightness individually.

The Viparspectra 1200w LED Review, Yield, and Specs

Viparspectra 1200w led ReviewTypically most indoor grows don’t require much more than a 1000 watt LED it suffices to say that an extra 200 watts of power won’t hurt. We found that the Viparspectra 1200w LED grow light is a great option if you are considering a light of the 1000 watt plus category (see also 3000 Watt lights). Not the cheapest light in this category but it is an LED that produces quality yields and is one of the more powerful lighting rigs in this genre of indoor plant growing.

With this light, you can be sure your plants are getting the spectrum of light they need to be healthy and bountiful.

Full Spectrum IR

Indoor gardening needs a natural source of light that offers full-spectrum light capabilities. The Viparspectra 1200w is fully capable of producing a full spectrum that can penetrate deep across your plant’s canopy.

Being able to mimic seasonal light to match a plant’s flowering and veg stages is a huge bonus. Experienced indoor gardeners understand the need for easy spectrum adjustments to make the most out of their yields. Very similar to the Viparspectra 450w review, the light adjustment spectrum settings worked wonders.

Throttling and changing the light depending on the early stages of plant growth with less and upping the light as the plant’s growth changes are vital in the process. The makers of this Viparspectra 1200w were smart when they designed this system and even incorporating IR into the mix to help with healthy plant cell division.

Heat Dissipation With The Viparspectra 1200w

A common issue with indoor growing is keeping your temperatures optimal for plant growth. Indoor lighting tends to run hot, especially when a grow room is in a small enclosed space that does not allow for heat to escape easily. Fresh cool air is a must when growing indoors.

In order to tackle this issue, Viparspectra designers incorporate six quiet inline fans engineered directly into the grow light panel. A smart decision in a 1200 watt grow light.

This extra cooling that the LED light provides eliminates the need for expensive fans and ventilation systems. Of course, the smaller the space, the bigger a chance you may need to purchase extra cooling systems for your grow space. If your grow space is spacious enough to allow a fresh rhythm of air to enter then you are probably okay without additional fans.

Quality Cooling With 6-inch fan design

The fans are quality constructed with aluminum heat sinks that allow built-up heat to funnel and dissipate rapidly across the metal cooling things down even further. Overall, compared to an HID or HPS grow light of comparable wattage, the Viparspectra 1200w LED will reduce heat by 70% – 75%.

Viparspectra Makes a Versatile and Well Constructed Grow Light

The majority of generic LED grow light systems don’t typically allow for finite control. They add LED bulbs that cover all the spectrum a plant needs but lack the ability to change or stop a certain spectrum during plant phases. This is usually fine with less experienced indoor growers and is adequate to grow plants. That being said, in order to increase yields and get the most from your plants, control of all spectrum is vital.

The Viparspectra 1200 watt LED  gives you this control through simple veg and bloom switches on the light panel. Allowing the grower to manipulate light accordingly makes indoor grow enthusiasts happy and plant growth even happier. With two-phase veg and bloom switches to change from veg to flower, you can just plain grow plats better.

The veg switch lowers the red spectrum and increases the blue spectrum to give your plants what they need during this plant life cycle. The bloom switch does the opposite allowing for beautiful flowering cycles. This helps to maximize your plant’s growth and quality.

Advantages of a Viparspectra 1200 watt LED

  • Although this LED boasts 1200 watts of power, your electric bill won’t notice. I hate costly energy bills and since switching over to LED grow lights I have yet to see one. The Viparspectra 1200 watt led was no exception during our review and testing.
  • Veg/Bloom switch for perfect control of the light your plants need at the right time.
  • Heat is not an issue. Yes, 1200 watts sounds like a big number that would produce a ton of heat that plants hate (see even more powerful LEDs). This LED light solves this issue with their low heat footprint with the added benefits of quality 6-inch fans and heat sinks that create a much cooler environment than traditional HPS grow light bulbs that get very hot.
  • Quality LED chipsets manufactured by reputable companies like Epistar and Bridgelux with chips in spectrum ranges from:
    • Infrared – 730nm
    • 660nm
    • 630nm
    • 615nm
    • 595nm
    • 580nm
    • 475nm
    • 460nm
    • 445nm
    • 440nm
    • 3000K
    • 7500K
  • Even grow areas under the 1200 watt lamp. Coverage is not a problem with these lamps 4 foot by 4-foot area for growth. A sea of green growing method would be perfect for this LED.


Energy Saving LED’s Are The Future

The beauty of LEDs is that these grow lights simply don’t burn up energy and cost you a fortune in electricity bills. Rated at 1200 Watts, this product from Viparspectra only consumes 524 watts but outputs light equivalent to 1200 watts of full spectrum plant growing energy.

Although this quality engineered lightbox is pricey from a first purchase standpoint, the energy-saving from running lights for up to 14 hours a day puts a ton of money back in your pocket in the long run. These long-term savings on the back end are another reason for loving this light. We do a ton of LED grow light reviews so you can imagine what our energy bill looks like.

Although the LED lights may not look bright to the naked eye, the light spectrums can be damaging if looked at without protection. We always recommend using eye protection when indoor gardening with any kind of LED lights. There are a lot of inexpensive brands that do the job. One of our favorites is the Apollo Horticulture glasses and yes, they look pretty cool too!

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Warranty Coverage

Knowing that your new LED light is covered if some unforeseen thing happens and your lights break is important. The Viparspectra 1200 watt LED as well as the full lineup of Viparspectra lighting comes with a 3-year warranty. Chance are that you won’t need it.

The lighting is durably made and uses quality materials in constructing these LEDs. We have not had a problem with our Viparspectra 1200w yet, but it is nice to know these are backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty or a 30 days money-back guarantee.

How Big Is Your Garden?

This LED light system gives coverage of about 4 feet by 4 feet per each LED used. This means that our Viparspectra 1200w coverage area was not huge but the difference comes with this light’s ability to penetrate and cover deep down to the plant’s roots.

This is coupled with the almost perfect PAR output quality of the 1200w Viparspectra which makes for ideal hydroponic or greenhouse indoor plant growing conditions.

For our test grow we grew tow plants that were perfect as the plants sprouted and flourished.

The lights do not require a ballast and come with an easy-to-use hanging system. As the plants began to get closer to the LED, we could easily adjust the lighting higher to accommodate their growth without having to worry too much about the depth of penetration.

What Does The Viparspectra 1200w LED Come With?

viparspectra 1200w reviewThe package arrived with the light system, hanging system and power cord, and not much else. The power cord is a lengthy 6 feet which gives ample length to plug into the closest power source. Grow Tent not included, but consider at least a 5×5 grow tent if you choose the Viparspectra 1200w model.

More Viparspectra 1200w Specs:

  • Replaces  1000w HPS/MH
  • LED dimensions 19.2×19.2×3 inches
  • Weighs 21.6 lbs
  • Use with all stages of plant growth
  • Max Coverage at 24″ Height 5 x 5ft
  • Core Coverage at 24″ Height 4 x 4ft
  • Avg. Power Consumption: 524watt
  • (240pcs) High Intensity 5 Watt Bridgelux/Epileds LED Chips
  • LED’s Angle at 90°
  • Voltage: AC100-240V
  • 50-60Hz
  • Lifespan: lasts 100,000 hours
  • Indoor use only, not water-proof.
  • No ballast is needed.
  • Timer available

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Viparspectra 1200wgrow light and checking out the Viparspectra 1200w review. We hope it helps with your buying decision no matter what you ultimately decide is your top 1200w LED grow light.

This LED lamp is a fantastic choice for beginners and experienced indoor gardeners. The ability to cycle light phases accordingly will help you grow dense and beautiful nugs full of flavor and splendor.

Overall we were very impressed using the Viparspactra 1200 Watt LED. This will be surely a go-to for our plant growing needs!

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1. How long do Viparspectra lights last?

Viparspectra lights typically last for around 50,000 hours. This means that they will last for around 5 years if used for 8 hours a day.

2. What is the best wattage for LED grow lights?

The best wattage for LED grow lights depends on the size of your grow space and the type of plants you are growing. For smaller spaces, a lower wattage light may be sufficient, while larger spaces will require a higher wattage light. LED grow lights come in a variety of wattages, so it is important to choose one that is appropriate for your needs.

3. How good is ViparSpectra?

ViparSpectra is a good LED grow light. It has a high PAR value and a wide spectrum that makes it perfect for growing plants.

4. Which ViparSpectra is best?

Viparspectra’s Spectrum series is Viparspectra’s top-of-the-line for cannabis growing or commercial use. It comes with some convenient features such as dimmable output and timer control.  

5. What color light is best for indoor plants?

Different plants respond differently to different colors of light. However, most experts agree that blue and red light are the best colors for indoor plants, as they promote photosynthesis and growth.

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