Viparspectra PAR 600 Review

The Viparspectra PAR 600 review was by far one of our favorites from seedlings to harvest. A true full spectrum light with phenomenal LED light control. The ability to adjust lighting on the fly with proper plant loving spectrum was the technological factor that separates this light from other copy cats in the LED market. This light is a step up from the Viparspectra 600w reflector series for its multiple light settings and timer control.

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Before you consider this light be sure to read our entire [easyazon_link keywords=”Viparspectra PAR 600″ locale=”US” localize=”y” tag=”greenthumb0d-20″]Viparspectra PAR 600[/easyazon_link] review…

Is the PAR 600 the Viparspectra LED Grow Light For Me?

We asked ourselves the same thing as the box arrived.

The package consisted of:
· The Viparspectra PAR 600W
· One Hanging Kit
· Adjustable Grow Light Rope Hanging Kit
· A lengthy 6ft Power Cord

And thus the installation began. Easy set up with the Viparspectra series per usual. It is fascinating that many companies can’t get this right. Viparspectra does not over complicate matters when it comes to getting lighting set up for the task of growing in a grow tent.

Keep in mind that these lights put out an extensive amount of bright lumens/par that can hurt your eyes with out LED grow light protection. We recommend purchasing and USING eye protection such as Apollo Horticulture UV glasses if you are serious about growing with any LED lighting.

Although the light is bright, the PAR600 is engineered, according to the manufacture, to be perfectly balanced in all plant stages. We found this to be accurate with our yield and harvest.

Viparspectra PAR 600 Yield

viparspectra led grow light reviewThe best part of this light is that it grows well. And by well, I mean we were amazed at the bounty from this grow light. It seems the techs at Viparspectra were right in that this LED grow lamp did the job. The well balanced full spectrum lighting gave us plants that increased their flowering size as well as coated in sticky resins unseen with the same plants using lesser LED grow lights.

I blame it on the 3 spectrum light switches available for full plant growth. A feature that not many LED’s have.

Viparspectra PAR600 Keeps Energy Consumption Low

Fancy aluminium heat sinks keep the heat down and with the 5 watt LED’s that run a bit hotter, the fans kicked in and kept the heat at bay. All the while our energy bill did not spike as compared to an HPS bulb of the same magnitude. One of the reasons why LED grow lights, such as the Viparspectra PAR600 600w ED grow light.

The Viparspectra PAR 600 600 Watt Model is Perfect for Small Grow Tents

Our indoor grow consisted of a small 3 x 3 grow tent made by ipower. The LED fit perfectly in such a space. We were concerned about heat so we did have some extra ventilation installed which seemed to help, although it was probably overkill for this LED light. Temps remained stable in our grow. Around 80-85 degrees.

Viparspectra Specs:

  • Equivalent of a 600 watt HPS/MH
  • 3 Switches for All Plant Phases
  • Maximum Area Coverage of 24″ Height 4 x 4 feet
  • Best Coverage at a 24″ Height 3 x 3 feet
  •  285watt consumption
  • 120 LED High Intensity 5 Watt Bridgelux/Epileds LED LightBulbs
  •  90° angled lenses
  •  50-60Hz Frequency:
  • 100,000 hours of operation
  • Timer controlled if you choose

Our favorite part about these LED grow lights was the balance of PAR/Lumen combined with the extra lens that created deep light penetration. We never had to worry about the absorption of light through the lower parts of our plants.

viparspectra par 600 review

Is the Viparspectra PAR600 worth the money?

In conclusion we feel this LED by Viparspectra is worth every penny. A true work horse for growers who want fuller more abundant plants. This light allowed our seedlings to reach their full potential.

For other great LED grow lights, check out our Viparspectra 300w review.

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