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August 2, 2023

How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Marijuana Grow Room

Our Kind K3 LED review is one of the reasons why the use of LED grow lights among indoor gardeners has become very popular in recent years, a fact that can be mainly attributed to their efficient functionality, cost-effectiveness, and longevity.

LED grow lights have been proven to be very efficient, especially with the Kind K3 series, which is partly why NASA introduced LED use in its quest to cultivate food in space.

With Kind LED K3 series technology, the XL series is designed to get you the best of both worlds: an energy-efficient grow light that does not compromise the quality or quantity of the produce.

This technology has revolutionized the grow light industry, and everything that once seemed impossible is now possible because the developers continue to research the current market needs and come up with LED grow lights that suit every farmer`s needs.

kind led review

Kind K3 Series 2 Grow Lights Offer an LED for Every Grower

They have LED lighting for everyone from the home grower in mind to the advanced-intensity commercial growers for larger indoor growers.

Kind LED K3 Series has been a breakthrough for indoor growers who want to utilize different spectrums of light, depending on the stage of growth of the plant. For instance, red and orange spectrums can be customized for plants that are at the blooming stage, thus ensuring faster blooming compared to when you use other types of kind LED grow lights with a perfectly tuned spectrum.

This means that they can be customized to suit all stages of growth in a plant. This is a seed-to-harvest fixture designed with an expanded perfect 12-band spectrum.

The K3 series uses a 3 Watt diode, which according to the manufacturers, would outdo any other 3-watt bulb in the market, from other manufacturers. It boasts of a balanced spectrum, which is a perfect fit for growers who want more output from their plants, at an affordable cost.

Kind LED Grow Lights review:

In general, what differentiates Kind LED K3 Series grow lights from other models and continues to make them popular among consumers can be summarized into the following key aspects:-

  • They are very cost-effective
  • They are environment-friendly

This is because they produce clean energy, consume half the power that other bulbs would consume, and operate noiselessly.

  • Kind LED K3 Series are energy efficient

They consume half the power that a normally grow bulb would consume

  • LEDs that last longer

Kind LED K3 Series grow bulbs last five times longer than the normal grow bulbs

  • Light does not easily lose focus even when placed further away from the plants
  • These Kind LED grow lights emit zero to very little heat

It`s often claimed that Kind LED K3 Series bulbs don`t emit any heat, but this couldn`t be further from the truth. Despite the fact that they have heavy-duty heat sinks for heat control, they do emit a small amount of heat, though not as much as the regular grow bulb. It is therefore always important to ensure that your indoor garden is properly ventilated, to ensure fresh cool air gets in the growing area especially if you have multiple bulbs occupying a small surface area.

  • They operate quietly

This is mainly because they equipped with internal cooling systems, thus eliminating the need to have them air-cooled with external fans. In most cases, the external fans used to cool regular grow lights are usually responsible for the noise emitted in most indoor gardens.

  • They have high light intensity, compared to other grow bulbs

This aspect makes them very effective while growing plants on a large scale

  • They emit more than one wavelength simultaneously
  • Colors can be customized to suit your specific plants. For instance, you can have red, far-red, blue, green and white spectrums customized for you, depending on what you`re growing in your indoor garden. This is because different plants thrive under different wavelengths and light spectrums. Know what works for your specific plants, because grow light colors should never be generalized.
  • 12-Band Color Spectrum

Full Spectrum Grow Lights From Kind

Kind LED K3 Series 2 lights all come with one very significant feature, which is its 12-band color spectrum with the series secondary optical lens. This feature gives the Kind LED model series an edge over other LED brands in the market. It ensures that indoor plants enjoy exactly the same light conditions as outdoor plants.

  • Their initial cost may be a bit higher than the regular grow bulbs, but you will save a lot of money in the long-run because Kind LED K3 Series is made to be super-efficient in its functionality.
  • They are made for max photosynthetic penetration, owing to their powerful lenses. This ensures maximum yields because the light is spreading all over the plant in a balanced manner.

Kind LED K3 Series 2 review of each model

Let’s review some of the various models of the Kind LED K3 Series, their similarities and also how they differ from each other. Check out the reviews down below, to ensure that you make an informed decision next time you`re out shopping for LED grow lights for your garden.

Kind LED K3 Series 2 XL300

The Kind K3 XL series offers up a great Kind LED in the Kind LED K3 Series2 XL300 is considered of the best grow lights out there, for small scale growers or designed with hobbyists in mind. It is easily a plug n play seed to harvest light. However, the fact that it is common among small-scale growers shouldn`t mislead anyone into thinking that it is not powerful. In fact, it is one of the best lights out there in the market.


The light that it produces from its newly enhanced UV diodes is the equivalent of a 300W HID bulb. Like most Kind LED models, it has a 12-band color spectrum, which is very essential in ensuring that plants receive light that resembles that of natural sunlight. This ensures that your plants thrive in every single stage of their development.

kind led k3 series 2 xl300 yield

Kind LED K3 L300 Features and specs

  • Weight: 14.76 lbs
  • Max wattage: 170w
  • HID wattage equivalent: 300w
  • Total Diodes: 90 (3w, UV diodes to increase THC production, IR)
  • Diodes wattage: 3
  • Total diode wattage: 90
  • Input Voltage: 100- 240V AC Power Input
  • Amp- 1.83
  • 2′ x 2.5′ coverage
  • 3-year warranty

Is it wise for anyone to invest in the Kind K3 Series 2 XL300?

If you`re a small scale grower, the XL300 will be a perfect fit because it consumes very little energy, and its price tag is also very pocket-friendly. Its coverage of 2 x 2.5 feet may however not be suitable for growers who operate large scale indoor gardens.

Kind K3 Series 2 XL450

Like all the other 12 band K3 Series 2 models, the Kind K3 XL450 is meant to suit all stages of a plant’s growth cycle. It features heat sinks which are meant to regulate temperature, and ensure that it operates emitting only very little heat. It comes with internal fans, which usually operate quietly and also play a big role in keeping the system as cool as possible.


Kind K3 Series L450 Additional Features

  • 12-band 3 watt spectrum
  • A secondary optical lens which ensures proper PAR magnification
  • 700 mA Driving Current, which enables up to 200% canopy penetration


  • Weight: 19.3 lbs
  • Max Wattage: 227W
  • HID equivalent: 450W
  • Total Diodes: 120
  • Diodes Wattage: 3w
  • Input Voltage: 100- 240V AC Power Input
  • 2′ x 3′ coverage
  • 3-year warranty

Who is the Kind K3 L450 best meant for?

The XL450 series is meant for medium-scale growers, who are looking for wider light coverage and maximum canopy penetration. It’s the best option for growers who want to keep things quiet in their indoor garden, and are also looking for a durable light that will prove it`s worth both in the short & long-run.

Kind LED K3 XL600

Similar to the XL300 and XL450, the Kind K3 XL600 is also a 3-watt grow light. However, unlike the K3 XL300 Series, the XL600 is more advanced and is a perfect fit for large-scale growers with the added benefit of the perfectly tuned spectrum and light intensity options.  This is because it has an additional optical lens, meant for under-canopy penetration which makes the spectrum and intensity commercial grade.


It has extra-large heat sinks, which ensure that the system emits as little heat as possible, not forgetting the internal cooling fans which run noiselessly and are also meant to keep a cool environment. It`s definitely the perfect fit for a crowded indoor growing space, because of its advanced light penetration capabilities.

Features and specs

  • 12-band spectrum
  • Secondary optical lens for under-canopy penetration
  • Large heat sinks
  • Quiet fans
  • 3′ x 4′ coverage
  • 700mA
  • 288W
  • 150 LED diodes each diode being 3w
  • 3-year warranty
  • HPS equivalent: 600W
  • Estimated life: 50,000 hours
  • Enhanced diode efficiency, for PAR magnification
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • Amp: 2.67
  • Input Voltage: 100- 240V AC Power Input

Why should you invest in the Kind K3-L600 LED grow light?

If you are growing plants on a large scale, the  Kind K3 XL600 would be a perfect fit because of its wide coverage and deep canopy penetration abilities (see Kind k5 XL1000, as well). Also, the fact that it consumes almost half the energy that a regular bulb would consume, while still managing to produce high yields is quite remarkable.

It will ensure that you save thousands of dollars in the long-run. With this Kind LED K3 Series review, our hope is that you`ll make a wise decision, next time you`re shopping for a prospective LED grow light for your indoor garden.


1. Are Kind LED lights good?

Yes, Kind LED lights are good. They are a high-quality, energy-efficient light source that can save you money in the long run. Kind LED grow lights are commonly regarded as the best LED grow lights available today for maximizing yields and potency.

2. What is the best wattage for LED grow lights?

The best wattage for LED grow lights is dependant on the type of light you are using. For most indoor growing, a 60W LED bulb will be more than sufficient.

3. Can I use regular LED lights to grow plants?

Regular LED lights are not powerful enough to provide the light necessary for plants to grow. They will only give off a small amount of light and won’t be able to produce enough energy for the plant’s needs.

4. What K should grow lights be?

Bulb temperatures of 2,700 Kelvin are beneficial to plants in their flowering and fruiting stages. Color temperatures at sunrise are 2,700 Kelvin. A lamp with a Kelvin temperature of 2,700 to 2,700 degrees typically has more red and orange tones.

5. What type of LED is best for growing plants?

The type of LED that is best for growing plants depends on the plant’s specific needs. For example, blue LEDs are better suited to leafy greens while red and yellow LEDs work well with flowering plants.

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