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by Morgan

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November 21, 2023

How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Marijuana Grow Room

There are hundreds of different marijuana strains available, and the one most suitable for you depends on both the climatic conditions of the area where you live and the feeling you want to get when consuming your cannabis. The best strain to grow indoors for beginners is one that will be easy to grow, and hard to fuck it up. For example, some are quite resilient and are resistant to mold, disease, etc., while others require fewer nutrients, care, and maintenance. For most beginners who are simply experimenting, cost and rate of growth are also quite integral factors.

While we’ll be discussing some of the top and the best weed strains for beginners to grow a weed plant, it is first essential to know the difference between the two main weed strains: Sativa and Indica. Every other strain falls under either of these or is a hybrid of these.

If you are a true beginner then you’ll want to make sure you get the best indoor LED light that you can afford. Even if you don’t have a large budget, light is SOOO important for marijuana — they thrive off sunlight. After figuring out your light source, you’ll want to get your hands on a PAR meter to help you confirm if the light is strong enough for your plants. Finally, if you don’t have a small, self-contained room for your plants, you’ll want to purchase a grow tent for your marijuana.

What’s the difference between Sativa and Indica Strain?

The two weed strains are differentiated based on their physical appearance, usage, chemical components, growth cycle time, and effects on their users. Before we begin, it is vital to define cannabinoids and the two main ones found in different strains of marijuana.


These are simply the compounds found in cannabis. The two most notable cannabinoids are:

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

THC compounds have psychoactive properties. They’re responsible for the euphoria or ‘head-high’ effect generally associated with cannabis use. TCH-rich content is helpful for people with pain, sleeping, depression, insomnia, and nausea.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD does not produce a ‘high’ effect like THC; it instead interacts with the whole body and creates a calming effect that can be pretty helpful for people with anxiety. It is also used to treat migraines, seizures, psychosis, etc.


Physical Appearance and origin: They are tall, skinny, and slim plants with light green leaves. They are primarily found in regions with long, sunny days and a hot, dry climate, e.g., Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America.

Effects and Usage: Sativa plants create a ‘mind-high’, energizing effect that can make a person feel more productive and active. They’re usually used as a stimulus during the daytime. 

CBD to THC ratio: Richer in THC content than in CBD.


Physical Appearance and origin: Short, bushy plants with broad, dark green leaves. It is native to Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Effects and Usage: Indica dominant strains induce a deep sense of relaxation and tranquility which can help significantly in relieving stress and anxiety. They’re mainly used at night since they reduce productivity.  

CBD to THC ratio: Generally higher levels of CBD than THC, although in some cases, they might be equal.

What are the best strains for beginners?

Organic weed is steadily gaining popularity these days, and with this, more people are developing an interest in growing their own marijuana. 

Blue Dream

It is a classic and one of the best cannabis strains and is one of the most popular ones among both consumers and growers. It is a highly desired strain since it provides both; physical relaxation and a blissful high.  

Blue Dream is a cross between Blueberry and Super silver haze and is a Sativa (much higher THC than CBD content) dominant marijuana strain and therefore grows big, solid, and gives a high yield. What makes it the perfect choice for novice growers is its sturdiness and its resilience to powdery mildew and root rot, both of which are a significant concern for growers. This also means that its nutrient requirements are not strict, so you don’t have to worry too much. 

Northern Lights

This is a pure indica strain but is quite popular because of how potent it is as well as for its sweet taste and odor. It is the perfect plant to grow if you’re looking for something tiny, want to be discreet, or if you’re simply looking for a fast but colossal yield. This strain flowers after approximately 6-8 weeks and gives an incredible harvest.

They’re also incredibly useful for medical purposes and what really makes them stand out is how easily they can thrive indoors in various climates. They’re quite easy to tend and look after, making them an ideal choice. 

White Widow

If you live in a region with a colder climate and can wait a bit longer for your harvest, this is your go-to strain. It is a very potent marijuana strain that can take anywhere from 10-13 weeks to produce flowers and give a complete harvest. However, the wait is worth it; white widow can be used for several different reasons: to relieve anxiety, depression, pain, or for simple relaxation, which is possible due to its high THC level. 

Like Northern lights, White Widows require little attention and are a good fit for a novice with beginner-level skills in growing weed.

Super Lemon Haze

This is again a Sativa dominant strain formed by the cross between a lemon skunk and super silver haze. As its name suggests, it has lemony characteristics; a citrusy, zesty scent and a sweet taste resembling that of lemon-flavored candy. 

Since the plant has strong Sativa genetics, it grows to be quite tall and needs a lot of space to stretch. It’s also better suited for relatively warmer climates with a more humid environment. Another important thing is that while the plant would not require much attention while growing, it’s going to take its time, and you’ll have to be patient for a complete harvest.    

Blue Cheese 

This hybrid marijuana strain is quite famous for growing with ease in less than ideal conditions and for its dense big buds. Its sturdiness stems from its resilience to overwatering, overfeeding, and resistance to mold. Blue Cheese has a much higher THC content than CBD.

As for its growth, it’s been shown to respond quite well to LED lights and can give a harvest in about six weeks, even in an indoor growing environment. However, this strain can grow up to 10 feet outdoors and about 3 feet indoors, and it, therefore, requires a lot of headspaces.    

Gorilla Glue #4

This is a cross of several different strains, including but not limited to Sour Diesel, Chem’s Sister, and Chocolate Diesel. It is a Sativa dominant strain with high THC levels, making it quite potent; it delivers a feeling of heavy relaxation and euphoria. Its aroma is often described as sweet, earthy, and with hints of a diesel-like smell and coffee. 

This strain is quite thirsty and so will require a lot of water while growing. Other than this, it flourishes quite easily both indoors and outdoors, producing many buds and making the effort worthwhile.

Where to move from here?

Growing your own cannabis can seem like a daunting task, but a little research can guide you on how easy it is to set up a low-budget room that meets all your requirements. You can also easily purchase the seeds of most strains through seed banks. The best cannabis strain varies from person to person, depending on the region where they live and what they seek from the strain. The choices are endless, but this article should narrow down that list a little and guide you forward.


1. What indoor strain yields the most?

The most potent indoor cannabis strains are the ones that have been bred for potency. Some of the most potent strains include Ghost Train Haze, Gorilla Glue, and Girl Scout Cookies.

2. Which strain is better indoor or outdoor?

It depends on the individual preferences of the grower and the specific growing conditions. Some growers prefer to cultivate cannabis indoors, where they can have more control over the environment, while others find that growing outdoors in a natural environment produces higher-quality cannabis.

3. What is the best strain out right now?

There are many great strains of cannabis out right now, but it really depends on what you are looking for. Some popular strains include Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, and Girl Scout Cookies. Each strain has its own unique effects and flavors, so it is important to do your research before choosing one.

4. Is Blue Dream mold resistant?

There is no definitive answer to this question as mold resistance can vary from strain to strain. However, many users report that Blue Dream is a mold-resistant strain, meaning it is less likely to develop mold than other strains. This makes it a good choice for growers who are susceptible to mold growth.

5. What is a good strain for beginner growers?

A good strain for beginner growers is an indica-dominant hybrid that is easy to grow and has a short flowering time. Some good examples include Northern Lights, Blueberry Kush, and White Widow.

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