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How To Grow Big Buds Indoors

I am sitting here in my grow tent looking at my smaller buds and thought to myself, “How to grow big buds indoors.” So, I decided to do a little research on the matter.

 I found out that there are many techniques to increase the size of your buds when growing indoors. Smaller buds typically form because of a lack of environmental controls in indoor growing spaces. Smaller buds form from issues like not enough of the right kinds of light, poor nutrients, low CO2 or improper humidity and temps. The good news is that if you want bigger buds when growing indoors, a few changes to your indoor grow room can make all the. So, let’s look at some things we can do to increase the size of our buds grown indoors.

How to Tell How Big Your Buds Will Be

How to grow big buds indoorsThere are a few indications of how big your buds will be based on visual inspection of the plant right before you send it into the flowering stage. The overall health of the plant is a key indicator assuming your plant is a female. If the plant is a male, then you will obviously have zero buds.

A healthy plant that is ready to bud will have zero signs of nutrient burn or deficiencies. Visually inspect the leaves and identify then try and fix the problem before flowering starts. Cannabis is far more forgiving in the vegetative stage.

If your plants do not have any signs of poor health pat yourself on the back. This is the first step in knowing that you have a good shot at thick and big buds is a healthy plant.

Lighting can also determine how big your buds will be. LED’s produce a wide range of full spectrum light and do a pretty good job indoors with bud growth. Many consider HPS bulbs a good alternative during the flowering stage to also help buds along. These grow light bulbs run hot, however, so keep in mind that if you have a small tent heat can quickly impact the size of your buds. LED grow lights, on the other hand, stay relatively cool and usually fall in line with perfect growing temperatures.

How to Make Buds More Potent

Big buds are not always the best if they aren’t potent. Sure, they may look great as Instagram posts, but will they produce the medical high that we can expect? Combining potency with big buds is what every indoor farmer wants.

The easiest way to help your trichomes form and produce a gaggle of THC is simple.

Nutrients or the perfect nutrient blend can help you achieve big buds with a high potency level. Here are a few of my favorite nutrients for big (and potent) buds.

Best Cannabis Nutrients for Big Buds

growing big buds indoorsAll plants need nutrients in order to grow, and cannabis is no exception. If you’re one of the many people looking at growing your own weed for the first time, the sheer variety of nutrient options on the market can be very confusing. Even your own personal setup can affect the types of nutrients that you should use and choosing the wrong ones can increase the risk of growing plants that are weak, lacking in buds, or simply just nowhere near the potency that you’re looking for. Matters get even more confusing when you realize that cannabis plants have different life stages, and that means having different nutrient types for each cycle. Here are some of the most popular nutrients on the market, and how you should be using them for the best growth results.

Technaflora recipe for success

Beginners will struggle to find an easier product to use than the Technaflora Recipe for Success. The reason why this is so popular and effective is that they make use of a mixing chart that tackles that otherwise tricky element of changing your nutrient input differently for each stage in the growth of your plants. That means you don’t have to deal with the far more complicated method of adjusting nutrients on a weekly basis. Whether you’re at the cutting, seeding, or even flowering stage of your cycle, the Technaflora solution is ideal for more practical growing.

Fox Farm Grow Big Hydroponic

Fox Farm has improved on their Grow Big Liquid Plant Food to come up with this fantastic little option for hydroponic growers. Designed with purely hydroponic systems in mind, this is a very potent and fast acting fertilizer in liquid form that can really make a difference to your plant growth. Consisting of a recipe that includes both earthworm castings and Norwegian kelp, Fox Farm nutrients have always been an excellent way to promote healthier and sturdier plant growth, and this hydroponic option is an easy way to ensure that you get much higher quantities of buds and blooms in the final stages. As with all hydroponic systems, you’ll still need to make sure that your pH balance is consistent, but with a little care and attention, this is one of the best options on the market.

Botanicare – Growilla

Botanicare has always been a reliable source of quality nutrients, but there’s something special about the Growilla line. This is an incredibly simple formula to use, and its natural and organic dry base contains a wide variety of nutrients that will certainly show in your end results. If you’re looking for lush vegetation, fast growth, and plenty of buds, then Growilla might be the best choice. Perfect for those with indoor setups, it’s always worth having a look at the options on the Botanicare store. For those with a decent level of knowledge regarding exactly what your plants need, then Growzilla is hands down one of the best nutrient solutions around.

Every grow setup is different, and the choice of nutrients that you opt for will have a noticeable effect on your harvest. Always pay particular care when it comes to buying the nutrients that you need because the wrong variety could lead to a very lackluster haul at the end of the growing cycle.

Small Plant Big Buds

Growing indoors means small spaces, but you don’t have to sacrifice big buds. There are a few techniques to increase your buds size and yet keep the plant relatively small.

My favorite technique for small plant yet big buds are combining low-stress training (LST) with early cropping.

Using pipe cleaners or garbage ties, you can easily tie down early branches in a pattern to suit your indoor growing needs. Young branches are flexible and can handle the stress of being tied down. You can train your plants to grow outward and keep them small. The plants will still start to grow upward. Early cropping is important. You will want to top your plants accordingly. I recommend waiting a week between topping your buds to let colas naturally form.

If you are timely with the process you will develop a plant with sturdy branches that can handle the weight of bigger buds, yet you will slow down the branch growth as you put stress on the plant which will make for small plants with big buds and colas.

 Growing Big Buds Fast

growing bigger buds indoorsWe all want big buds fast, but this is not always ideal. Patients are an indoor growers’ friend. There are however ways to make your buds grow faster and bigger. It does take some extra money to speed things up, which is a downsize.

Adding CO2 to the mix will help you plants buds thrive during flowering. Along with some of the nutrients mentioned above will also increase the speed at which your buds form. You will want to fertilize often. Some even use bat guano to give things a quick start. I have even heard of turning off the lights for 48 hours before starting the 12 hours of light on and off with flowering.

Your plant’s indoor space should control a few key factors in making big buds:

  • Type of grow lights
  • The right nutrients at the right time
  • CO2 levels
  • PH balance of water and PPM’s
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Training and Topping
  • Patience

And that is about it. The healthier the plant the bigger (and more potent) your buds will be. The art of growing all comes down to knowing what your plants need and when. Experience can be a key player in creating big buds when growing indoors, but a little luck always helps.

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