How to Grow A Single Weed Plant In Your Home. A Beginners Look.

by Morgan

July 21, 2017

Viparspectra 300w LED Grow Light Review

Growing One Weed Plant Can Be Simple and Economical.

Cannabis was nicknamed “WEED” because this is a sturdy plant that has the power to grow in many, many places. That said there’s one easy facet when cultivating weed, aka marijuana that all who have grown weed just “get”, and that is this particular type of plant has stages of flowering or producing fruit, known as “buds”. This means it gives us “fruit” once a season as the daylight grows shorter in generally the fall.

This is extremely valuable to your home grower since the period of time, the plants light must be altered on a strict schedule. Telling the weed plant to start flowering.

Lighting For Your Plant

galaxyhydro reviewsLighting for your cute little weed plant will be subject to the majority of costs involved, however, there are cheap LED’s available that can do your job but the price goes up for the best grow lights this year. Lamps are used by growers, yet many lighting options will get the job done to grow 1 plant in your home. A 300 wattage bulb like the H.P.S., H.I.D. or MH lights are easy to find in many hardware stores for around $30 bucks, but I always prefer LED Grow lights for their low heat footprint and energy savings. What you spend on the front end, you save on electricity bills on the back end. These lights will have a huge impact on this.

You might use bulbs to supplement the sunlight should you have your plant outside for a portion of the plant’s day.

I tend to avoid Fluorescent bulbs vs LED grow lights as a choice. Plants fan out from these and the light is weak.  Plus these bulbs can flicker quite a lot and be unstable in this capacity and wattage.

When the Marijuana has reached maturity, and the sensimilla is able to create flowers that are enough for an adequate harvest and has developed enough, it’s the right to even out to 12 hours of the night and 12 hours of the day. While the plant stages into flowering it will need to produce a ton of energy and the light cycle will help.


Avoid as much light loss as necessary. This is where a great grow tent comes in and should be carefully considered during the buying process. Don’t let light seep out of your areas. I recommend that if there is light pouring from a crack, use duct tape to mitigate the loss. It is reflective and the right color to bounce backlight at the plant itself.

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