Best LED Grow Light For a 4×4 tent in 2020

by Morgan

June 6, 2019

Viparspectra 300w LED Grow Light Review

We were recently asked, what is the best grow light for a 4×4 tent, so we got to thinking about the different variables involved with the question.

A 4×4 grow tent is not huge, but it is not small. You want to think about a few factors when considering an LED light in a tent that measures 4 feet by 4 feet. First, consider your wattage. For a 4×4 tent you will want an LED equivalent of at least 500 to 1200 watts (depending on how many plants), and second, consider heat dissipation. LED lights typically don’t output heat like an HPS bulb but can still put out enough heat to damage your crop.

Best LED Lights For a 4×4 Grow Tent

In 2019 LED lights have come along way. One major advantage of an LED is they run cooler than a typical grow light. This means that in the confinement of a small space such as a grow tent they won’t overheat your plants. Adding in full-spectrum lighting gives your plants the type of light they need to thrive

1. Viparspectra 1200 watt LED Grow Light

This light makes the cut as one of the best lights for a 4×4 tent as our top pick. The 1200 watt Viparspectra grow light is a solid LED made by a reputable manufacturer. A well-made light that is less expensive than its counterparts in this watt range.

Preview Product Rating Price
VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light, with... VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light, with... $299.99

Each of the Viparspectra brand lights is designed with growers in mind:

  • To increase growth per square foot and revenue if that is your thing
  • Deliver consistent results
  • And reduce the operating cost of a typical light setup

The V1200 is comparable to an 800-watt HPS bulb, however without the added trouble of raising the temperature in your grow tent. A perfect choice for a 4-foot by 4-foot tent. If you love this light already, feel free to check out our full Viparspectra 1200 watt review.



  • Energy efficient
  • Full-spectrum LED lighting
  • Affordable in class
  • Easy to install and setup


  • Can burn plants if too close

2. King 1200w LED Grow Light

A king by name and a king in the grow room. The King Plus 1200w LED Grow lightis a true champion when it comes to growing in moderately-sized grow tents like the 4×4.

Preview Product Rating Price
KingLED Newest 1200w LED Grow Lights... KingLED Newest 1200w LED Grow Lights... $135.00

The King 1200w is a full spectrum light in which 90% of your light emissions will be absorbed by your plants. It also stays cool with built-in high-quality cooling fans. This light is perfect for all stages of plant growth, just like the others on this list. Check out our complete King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light Review.


  • Powerful light with great plant growth
  • Very affordable
  • High-quality manufacturer
  • Great customer service
  • Fits great in a 4×4 tent


  • A bit flimsy compared to other brands, but lower cost

3. Advanced Platinum Series P300 300W 12-brand LED Grow Light

Perfect light for a 4×4 grow tent. The Advanced Platinum Series P300 has some of the best Lumen output of any light in its class. This LED grow light is the equivalent of a 400w HPS bulb but without the crazy heat output. It runs very coolly for the most part. You will have to adjust the light properly above the plant at around 24 inches as to not burn your plants.

Preview Product Rating Price
Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w... Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w... $369.00

It has a unique design that looks nice and is well made. A very solid light. In fact, it comes with a 5-year warranty. Read our full review of the Advanced Platinum P300 for more information.



  • 5-year warranty
  • Great Lumen and PAR output that plants love
  • Very energy efficient
  • Quiet operation


  • A bit pricey

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