Advanced Platinum Series P300 Review

by Morgan

August 8, 2017

Viparspectra 300w LED Grow Light Review

As we continue our project of LED grow light reviews and experiencing yield after crop yield, I must say that the Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED 11 band grow light is one of our new favorites at 420 Green Thumb. We have done a lot of grow tent setups to bring you the best and most modern ways to grow weed. We are truly delighted to introduce this LED grow light.

The Platinum Advanced Series p300 is the latest in the series line up and incorporates many modern features that we love.

advanced platinum grow light reviewLighting sets can be set from 50 to a measly 400 with a pool of 3 watts LED light bulbs. The bulbs also come from reputable bulb makers and can pack a punch when stacked together. The slim design gives off a ton of lighting efficiencies that help with all phases of plant growth from veg to flowering.

The supply of power sits at 93 total watts on low for budding plants and can be up to a total of 185 watts for more power and a full spectrum of light for the flowering stage. I recommend a 24  hour a day flowering light schedule with this power-saving LED grow light.

The slim design allows for simple stacking of lights in a row to expand your growing space. It was easy to set up and when the box arrived, it came with everything you need to start an efficient indoor farm except for maybe the plants themselves.

LED 12 band grow light

The 12 band spectrum is awesome. The Advanced Platinum 300 utilizes a 60 degree and 90-degree secondary lenses output that enables maximum light envelopment for your garden.  We used a light area of 3.5 feet by 4 feet to give you an idea of the benefit of this lighting space and the pros for your plants growing in these conditions. It favors space, which I love when growing. Nothing bugs me more than cramped plants fighting for light. If bands confuse you, there is also a toggle switch for veg vs flower. The settings think of everything and everyone who may use this LED grow light.


The heat factor was perfect with these low heat output lights. Maybe because of the aluminum heat sinks or the whisper fans installed in the light. All I know is that worrying about singing the buds was minimal at best.

Advanced Platinum Specs:

  • 12 band full spectrum lighting
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in America
  • 400 watts
  • 19 in by 8.25 in
  • 3′ by 2′ bloom coverage
  • max watts 300w (average watts 180w)


This light is an investment, but a solid one at that. A bit more pricey than the entry-level competitors out there. You pay for what you get and this light offers everything you could ever ask for. Perfect for a novice who wants to continue growing into a more advanced setup. This is that LED.

The savings come in through its power-saving abilities and has many customizing effects from the 90-degree lighting and dual light spectrum settings.

At about 40 inches from plant canopy unless introducing light to younger plants and seedlings the coverage is perfect with a good and generous growing space of 4 by 4 feet in area. This is the no brain-er of LED lights. You can tell that Advanced Platinum loves the light as well. Backed by a 5-year warranty you know there is something pretty reliable and great about this setup.


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