The Complete Review Of Meizhi LED Grow Lights

Meizhi LED grow lights are a popular choice for grow lights in the LED industry.

Are you considering Meizhi LED grow lights for your next grow? Before you decide, be sure to check out our full Meizhi LED Grow Light Review. It is your source for current grow light specifications and tips on growing with these LED’s.

When reviewing and buying any of the Meizhi grow lights there are many things to ask yourself

  • How to choose LED grow lights?
  • What size LED grow light do I need?
  • What plants am I growing with LED’s
  • Do I have enough space for LED’s given the number of plants I need for growing?

meizhi led grow light reviewThese are just a few of the topics we will discuss, and hopefully steer you in the right direction so you can feel confidant about your new indoor growing kit.

There are a number of options when it comes to these small, yet powerful LED’s. With all of the lights available from this brand they do all have some things in common. No matter which light you choose.

Meizhi has a long reputation of outstanding customer service and well constructed light boxes that last a long time and appeal to a specific type of indoor grower.

  • Well engineered heat sinks to keep temps low, even in small grow tents or spaces
  • Flowering capabilities along with veg
  • Works good with hydroponics or soil based plants
  • 5 watt bulbs
  • Low energy consumption
  • 1 Year Warranties
  • Unconditional 30 day returns is left unsatisfied

MEIZHI 300W Led Grow Light

A compact grow light, perfect for small grows. The LED runs a bit hotter than the typical Viparspectra but from a cost perspective gives you everything you need in a full spectrum LED grow light. Running a slightly hotter than the Viparspectra 450w LED grow light, but with the proper ventilation this LED is a strong contender among other LED’s of its class. Offering both a Veg and Flower setting and advanced spectrum lighting the over all verdict is we were pleased with the growing results from this LED.

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MEIZHI Reflector Series 450W LED Grow Light

The Meizhi Reflector Series 450 Watt LED grow light competes against its rival class in the Viparspectra and MarsHydro LED grow lights. Replacing a typical 450 Watt HID bulb lamp or HPS light, this light can save you a ton of money.  Perfect for indoor grow tents this LED is one of our most versatile lighting rigs. Easy to install and adjust as your plants become taller. A great choice for novice to advanced growers. If you are new to growing, Meizhi has great customer service and can answer most questions.

You can also use a daisy chain for the Meizhi 450w LED grow light. This makes it easy to increase your grow yields by expanding your grow room. Easily linking the LED’s together. We were fond of the idea that lighting adjustments were pulled off with ease. Meizhi is an overall highly rated brand of LED lighting for just about any grow room configuration.

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MEIZHI Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light

As the power output for these lights ramps up, so does your ability to produce higher yields and bigger growing rooms. The Meizhi reflector series 600w pulls this off with ease. As the bigger brother to the 300w and 400w LED’s this could be the light for you if you are considering a space that accommodates this light in a daisy chain grow room set up. An easy light to operate with its dual-band veg bloom switch.

A low electrical output means cost savings for your energy bill along with a good warranty. It also comes with an extra fan and an improved cooling system. No need to worry about extra heat in your growing space due to its improved design. We highly recommend trying this LED grow light out if you are getting started with a medium grow tent.

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LED Grow Light MEIZHI Reflector-Series 900W

This reflector series LED grow light from Meizhi is just about the ideal light from this series. Plenty of full spectrum, sun mimicking light for your plants to absorb. Our yields were fantastic from this brand. Because of its reflecting capabilities, we saw plants growing with outstanding speed.  The end result was healthy plants that yielded good results from the get-go. This light runs slightly hotter than the lower wattage’s Meizhi offers, but that was to be expected. Of course, the heat is nowhere near that of an HPS bulb of the same magnitude.

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MEIZHI Reflector-Series 1200W LED Grow Light

This upgraded Meizhi design incorporates outstanding reflective attributes. Our plants seemed to thrive under the lighting conditions of this full spectrum LED. At 1200 watts the output is insane and if you are only growing a couple plants you will find you have more than enough healthy light for your plant. When growing with the 1200w, be sure to monitor your plants closely however. To close to your buds and you might scorch the leaves and canopy. As one of the more expensive lights in the Meizhi category, it is nice to know they have a 1 year warranty so you can relax if anything goes wrong.

The included hangers for set up were also well constructed and helped with keeping any burn to a minimum through easy up and down adjustments when growing.

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