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by Morgan

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November 21, 2023

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The quality of cannabis seeds can change from year to year, just like any agricultural crop. That’s why it’s important to scrutinize seed banks each and every year. Today, we are looking at the best seed banks this year offer.

Bringing you the dankest places to buy the best quality seeds so you can grow one hell of a plant.

Blind Testing Seed Banks that ship to the USA

seed bank

Buying marijuana seeds online is taken seriously in my household. We put each cannabis seed bank that ships to the United States to the test. Cannabis seeds are then examined for quality, failure rate, pricing, and lastly, the plant that sprouted from the seed itself.

Basically, we have one big smoke-out session after making said seeds, big. If you are a stoner, you’ll get it.

We germinate the seeds and set up a small 3-plant farm for each seed. Each seed germinated is grown under the exact conditions for consistency.

As you can imagine, developing a seed bank review took some time. As a result, we are excited to bring you the best seed banks of this year.

Best Seed Banks At A Glance

  • Seedsman – Best strain selection

  • Super Autoflowers – Best for bulk seed buyers/commercial growers

  • Crop King Seeds – Best CBD Strains

  • ILGM – Best deals on high-quality marijuana seeds

  • Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Best hardy seeds for outdoor growers

  • Rocket Seeds – Best variety for feminized seeds

  • Seed City – Best autoflowering seed strains

  • Sonoma Seeds – Best hybrid seed selection

  • Herbies Seeds – Best seed bank for customer service and beginner growers


what is a seed bank

A seed bank is a facility that maintains and sells genetically preserved or improved seeds to growers for the purpose of cultivation. In that, they preserve genetic lines that are sought after by prized growers. The seeds stored by seed banks represent genetic lines that are protected for generations to come.

Seeds are cataloged and stored in vaults that protect them from weather, radiation, and other harmful elements. The seed vaults are typically designed to protect the plant species by storing the seeds in cold temperatures and low humidity.

Where Are Cannabis Seed Banks Located?

Most cannabis seed banks are not located in the USA. However, as of 2020, we are seeing more sprout due to improved laws and cultural views on the plant itself. This is in part because of some states that now allow for recreational use.

As the laws around cannabis relax, we should start to see more quality seed banks headquartered in the US. Until then, expect your seeds to come from around the world with many seedbanks residing in places like the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands.

For now, the best seed banks this year has to offer, exist overseas. Luckily, the seedbanks in this review all have fast shipping options.

ganja seed bank reviews

Best ONLINE Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship To The USA

1) Seedsman

Location: UK

Known For: Huge Selection of over 4400+ genetic strains

Featured Strains: Northern Lights, The White OG, Watermelon Ultra, Skywalker OG


  • Amazing sales and prices

  • Superior genetics

  • First seed bank to sell autoflowering cannabis seeds and CBD

  • Discreet shipping

  • Multiple payment methods


  • Support can be slow at times

Key Highlights & Features

In my opinion, Seedsman is one of the best cannabis seed banks. As an online cannabis seed bank, Seedsman is the gold standard that was set early on in 2002 when the company first began selling its genetically pure line of CBD and auto-flowering seeds.


After 20 years of experience, they now offer a vast array of different seeds to come through on their website. Luckily, with so many seeds that they offer, the website is easy to filter.

Finding your favorite strain is easy, and will often be in stock due to their large volume of sales.

With 80 or more breeders and 4400 strains, this is the best seed bank to purchase just about any strain. Rare strains are what Seedsman is all about.

They most recently created a genetic strain called the Peyote range, which adds a higher-than-normal THC range through genetic mixing. We ordered the Peyote Gorilla which gave me an amazing high.

All seeds are thoroughly tested for the highest standards around taste, yield, and potency.

If you decide to buy marijuana seeds online from them, be sure to sign up for an account. They offer amazing discounts and a loyalty reward program that is completely worth it.


When it comes to buying weed seeds, options for paying are always nice. With Seedsman, they offer multiple payment options for convenience.

All that’s left is for you to go out and grow cannabis seeds until the cows come home.

Payments allowed:

  • Bitcoin

  • Credit Cards (Mastercard and Visa)

  • Bank Transfers

Shipping Options

Orders are shipped to the US via USPS utilizing package tracking. Once paid we found the shipping was fairly standard from the post office.

You should receive your package within 5 – 10 business days not counting US mail delays.

2) Super Autoflowers

Location: British Colombia, Canada

Known For: Auto-flowering seeds

Featured Strains: Auto Blue Dream, AK-47 Auto, OG Kush Auto, Gelato, Auto Critical


  • Top-quality auto-flowering cannabis seeds

  • Customer service and shipping guarantees

  • Improved strains

  • Huge variety of strains and selection


Key Highlights & Features

Breeding marijuana seed genetics for over 10 years, they produce some of the best auto-flowering seeds known to man.

Auto-flowering seeds are amazing at speeding up growth times, are easier to grow, and are more manageable in size. If you are newer to growing from cannabis seeds, this seed bank is for you.

They do have a limited variety of auto-flowering seeds at around 36 strains. That being said, the strains that are available are popular. Strains like AK-47 and OG Kush for example.


Pricing on their cannabis seeds falls in line with most quality seed banks, but they have some amazing specials like free shipping on orders of $200 or more and free seeds when you spend $150 or more.

They also offer both outdoor seeds, as well as cannabis seeds for indoor growing. As a seller of high-quality marijuana seeds, they also are committed to great customer service. With each seed bank, we tried to contact each via customer service channels, and with we were impressed by the team’s knowledge and pleasantries.

Did we mention…We loved the free seeds!

Speaking of seeds, we would be doing a disservice if we didn’t mention they also offer fast-growing versions, feminized seeds, and lastly, CBD strains.

This Candian seed bank is often a middleman for other seedbanks such as Rocket Seeds who also purchase and sell a variety of King Crop Seeds, so they must be doing something correctly.

For making sure you get your package, the cannabis seeds are shipped in a variety of clever ways to reduce the chances of a package being confiscated.


They accept bitcoin as well as other major credit cards for payment.

Payment Options:

  • E-transfer (Available in Canada only)

  • Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin payments

  • Mastercard or Visa (sorry Amex) They add a 7% fee for credit cards FYI.

Shipping Options

Shipping is free if you spend $150. From there they offer regular mail for $10 which arrives within 7 – 10 business days or express in 1 to 3 for $25. Fees include both shipping and handling.

The packaging is discreet.

3) Crop King Seeds

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Known For: 80% germination guarantees and top-shelf seed quality

Featured Strains: Classic Kush, Acapulco Gold, Kryptonite, Dutch Treat, Thin Mint, Black Widow


  • Consistent quality across cannabis seeds

  • 80% Germination guarantee

  • Did we mention they have the best Kush strains available

  • $200 spend gets you free shipping

  • Huge selection of strains, hard-to-find strains, classic strains

  • Excellent customer service

  • Stealth shipping


  • 20 seed minimum for purchasing

Key Highlights & Features

Crop King seeds have been around since 2005, getting their start in Canada. The shop is tucked neatly between some sushi restaurants and storefronts.

Although the brand itself is well-known, many are still unaware of the excellence in strain availability that this seed bank has to offer.


Simply put, they are a powerhouse when it comes to strain availability. Currently offering over 500 or more types of cannabis seeds. Many growers go straight for the Kush (What Crop King is known for) but they are missing out on other top strains that they offer.

Crop King Seeds offers some fantastic discounts, like the others on our list. Free shipping on orders over $200 and a guaranteed delivery cost of $20. Often, seeds can go missing in the mail, so it’s nice to know if something happens they will replace your weed seeds.

You can also “spin the wheel” on their website for a chance at deeper discounts. The website, even if you are not purchasing seeds is one of the better seed bank websites out there. Great images of classic cannabis as well as many helpful articles on germination and growing seeds.

In their massive variety, they offer auto flower, feminized, regular, and CBD seeds which cater to all levels of growers and farmers.

Each seed is inspected and handpicked prior to shipping and guaranteed shipping is $30 extra. The only drawback if you are looking to purchase seeds for King Crop is that there is a 20-marijuana seed minimum which is not the best for some people’s budget.


  • U.S. or Canadian Dollars

  • Visa/Mastercard

  • Bitcoin

  • E-transfers (Candian Seed Buyers Only)

Shipping Options

Canadians receive packages that are normal and standardized. For every other country, shipping includes pens, flashlights, birthday cards, and other random items to avoid package seizures in case you live somewhere where germinating cannabis seeds are not allowed.

Optional $20 or $40 Express Registered with Tracking Guaranteed Delivery with insurance, depending on the country of destination is offered. And it will take 2 – 7 business days in North America.

Their website mentions that 5% of our orders are seized on average. Choosing the $20 or $40 Express shipping option guarantees delivery of your order.

If you choose express delivery it will arrive in 2 – 5 business days.

4) ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana)

Location: Amsterdam

Known For: No questions asked seed replacement and rare seed strains

Featured Strains: White Widow, Super Skunk, Super Skunk, Northern Lights, Maui Wowie


  • A good old-fashioned seed bank that is reliable

  • Awesome germination guarantees

  • The website is a wealth of knowledge on growing both outdoors and indoors

  • Stealth shipping

  • Buying marijuana seeds online is simple and straightforward

  • Growbible is good for beginners

  • Solid discounts


  • Annoying pop-ups online

Key Highlights & Features

I Love Growing Marijuana seems to set a high bar in the cannabis seed industry as the clear leader in the US.

Many seed banks strive to be just like ILGM but fall short. ILGM is the Costco of seed banks, offering steep discounts, huge selections, and a big fan base of loyal clients.


In business since 2003 and with over 25 thousand word-wide customers, their reputation in the industry is unmatched. Providing premium marijuana seeds online and shipping worldwide is no small feat, however, ILGM does it with a smile on its face.

Amsterdam marijuana seeds are what makes this the best marijuana seed bank on our list. Of course, they sell regular seeds, but they don’t stop there.

As one of the best cannabis seed banks that ship to the USA, they are currently offering 10 free feminized seeds when you purchase 10 in a single order. On top of that, they also guarantee you won’t screw up your cannabis plants when you use the seeds they provide.

Granted, they will give you instructions to help grow weed, the seeds are pretty foolproof and germinate consistently with a low failure rate.


Buying cannabis seeds online with ILGM is easy, as they offer more options than most seed banks. You can purchase cannabis seeds online using a credit card, bank transfers, ACH payments, and eChecks. They also accept bitcoin and will give you a discount of 10% if you choose this method when you buy cannabis seeds online.

Shipping Options

5) Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Known For: Outdoor seed varieties

Featured Strains: Quebec Black Bud Feminized, Auto Deisel Feminized, Banana Sherbert, Quebec Cookies


  • Produce and breed their own strains

  • 80% germination guarantee

  • 7-day shipping

  • 500 or more cannabis and CBD strains to choose from

  • Hot sales all the time

  • Spend $200 and get free shipping


  • mid-range pricing

Key Highlights & Features

This Canadian cannabis seed bank is one of the best online seedbanks on the list. A reputable seed bank known for their feminized marijuana seeds and germination guarantee, they are one of a few super reputable seed banks known to mankind.


Operating for 15+ years, they began breeding plants and producing their own strains in 2013. Coming up with hardy mold-resistant and insect-resistant cannabis seeds to make growing easier and more fun.

Nothing worse than sick cannabis plants!

Speaking of sick, CBD seems to be picking up steam for its health benefits. Quebec Cannabis Seeds also focuses on potent CBD cannabis seeds and strains in improving their genetics. Just a small step in the health and medical science world, but shows their belief in the benefits of good cannabis seeds.

This commitment shows with every female seed they sell. Their 500+ variety of seeds are hand-picked and then shipped to their destination. Anything below quality standards is discarded.

QCS is one of the few reputable seed banks that has a deep commitment to breeding genetics. Anytime you order marijuana seeds from them, you can expect to get the best. Makes sense why they are always voted as one of the top 10 seedbanks in Canada.


You can buy cannabis seeds from QCS using either credit cards, Interac payments, or Bitcoin with an additional 10% discount.

Shipping Options

US Shipping is $10 and arrives in 5 to 15 business days which is similar to their Canadian Shipping but has no express options. They also use stealth shipping for anyone outside Canada. All seeds ship from Canada.

7) Rocket Seeds

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Known For: Best selection for feminized seeds and fast version weed seeds

Featured Strains: Cali OG Kush Haze, White Walker OGm White Widow, Grandaddy Purp, Bruce Banner


  • Accepts PayPal

  • 1000’s of strain selections

  • The focus is on high-quality cannabis seeds

  • Stealth shipping


  • Not a seed breeder

  • Checkout can be confusing

Key Highlights & Features

We have been buying MJ seeds from Rocket Seeds for about 3 years. Over that time never got a hermie plant and the marijuana seeds are typical of great quality. At times I have received weeds seeds that are mutated, however, they were replaced for free when I brought it up.


Rocket Seeds is more of a seed distributor than an online seed bank. They purchase wholesale seeds from major seed banks. They handpick from each seed bank to ensure top-quality cannabis seeds are provided to cannabis farmers, all for sale in one convenient place.

Because they focus less on breeding and more on selling, they have received stellar reviews online. The focus on customer care and cannabis seeds makes them a reputable seed bank that provides the best in seeds.

In fact, they get seeds from many of the seed banks in this review for the best seed banks in 2024. The difference between buying from Rocket Seeds vs Crop King Seeds for example would come down to price.

Want the best deal? Be sure to check prices on both online seed bank websites. They sell seeds from Crop King, Beaver, Sonama, and Sunwest Genetics just to give you a hint on where to look.


Cash in the mail, Bitcoin, money transfers, EMT Interact (Canada Only), Paypal (one of the few) and E-check (US residents only) are the ways you can pay this marijuana seed bank.

Shipping Options

Similar to many seed banks on our review list. Cannabis strains are shipped to North America in 5 to 7 business days. International orders take between 7 – 14 days and if you are in Canada (where cannabis seed strains are shipped from) you are in luck with 2 – 5 days to receive your cannabis seeds when you order online.

They also mention that if your fresh cannabis seeds are confiscated, they will replace your MJ seeds for free.

8) Seed City

Location: UK

Known For: Best autoflowering seed strains

Featured Strains: Big Budah’s Black Cheese, Formula One, Lemon Rado, BC Cheese


  • Free high-quality seeds with every order

  • Monthly deals and specials on select weed seeds

  • Fast shipping

  • extensive categories to choose from

  • Price match guarantee


  • Ugly website

Key Highlights & Features

If you are enthusiastic about growing marijuana and sourcing quality cannabis seeds online then Seed City is an obvious choice.

If you can get past their ugly website you are in luck. They sell high-quality cannabis seeds at great prices. I am guessing they keep pricing low because they aren’t spending their profits on fancy online web portals.

All kidding aside, when it comes to cannabis seed banks, Seed City is known for its marijuana seeds.


They boast impressive germination rates for the cannabis seed strains that they sell. On top of that, they sell many different varieties when it comes to high-quality seeds.

Service is fast anytime I use them and the pricing is good. Add on a coupon code and you can save 10% for your entire cannabis seed bank purchase.

Packaging is very stealthy and they have great customer service. They reply quickly and address any problems you might have with your online seed bank.

The buying experience is the only drawback. The Seed City website looks like it was built by someone’s brother’s uncle and could use a good facelift, but all things aside they are one of those reputable seed banks.

You can select your seeds by marijuana strains or by cannabis seed breeder. Also, they offer some cool swag for sale related to cannabis seeds of course. Once you get past the 90’s online layout design, check out its cannabis cup winners if you are looking for premium seeds.

Everything from feminized seeds to autoflower seeds is on the table if you shop here. They even utilize cannabis strains from Colorado, US, so finding that needle in a haystack cannabis strain is easy.


Standard payment options are available similar to other online seed banks such as credit cards, money orders, or Bitcoin.

Shipping Options

Shipping from the UK to the US will take 4 – 14 days but they do offer to replace any orders that are confiscated prior to delivery that is shipped as “signed for stealthy orders”.

9) Sanoma Seeds – High-Quality Marijuana Seeds


Known For:

Featured Strains: Himalaya Gold, Blue Diesel Autoflower, Strawberry Cough, Girl Scout Cookies


  • Great customer service

  • Stealth shipping

  • Best in hybrid weed seeds when it comes to seed banks

  • High-quality cannabis seeds


  • A bit pricey without a coupon

Key Highlights & Features

Not a whole lot is known about the company Sanoma Seeds, but I can tell you they sell incredible strains with an 80% germination guarantee. For sure a good seed bank if you’re looking to own marijuana seeds that are kush, sticky and icky.


Considering I read reviews that mentioned non-germinating marijuana seeds from Sanoma Seeds, I was concerned, but knowing they will replace bad marijuana seeds in favor of good service I was relieved.

Often, once a weed seed leaves a seed bank, they have little control over how a seed is germinated. Failure for your bean to pop can be because of poor seed quality, but 9/10 times it is usually the grower who causes the MJ seed problems in germination.

That aside, we were pleased with our order of seeds from this seed bank. Each seed was looking ripe and ready to go. Only fresh seeds in our stealthy package arrived on time and were ready to germinate.

For variety in cannabis strains and seeds alone make it one of the best seed banks in North America.

They are well known in circles for their hybrid strains making them one of our best online seed banks for hybrid feminized seeds.


All major credit cards are accepted by this cannabis seed bank, along with money transfers, and for the Candian crowd, you can also use e-Transfer as a way to buy cannabis seeds online.

Shipping Options

As one of the best online seed banks, they adhere to stealthy shipping practices

10) Herbies Seeds

Location: Spain

Known For: Noobie friendly

Featured Strains: Runts Muffin, Grandmommy Purple, Gorilla Glue, Mimosa X Orange Punch, Godzilla Cookies Auto


  • Shipping across the globe

  • Trusted Brand – It’s legit

  • Big selection of fabulous rare seed strains

  • 70% germination guarantee

  • They take feedback for all those “Karens” out there

  • Multiple payment methods

  • Stealth shipping

  • Free cannabis seeds in every order – Cha-ching

  • Did we mention free seeds?


  • Slow shipping can suck

  • no free seeds but good sales

Key Highlights & Features

When you buy marijuana seeds online, know that Herbies seeds are high-quality weed seeds durable enough for beginner growers as well as the more experienced ones.


High-quality seeds are to be adored, and if you are unaware of what one looks like, this seed bank will show you. Herbies Seeds is a legit place to buy cannabis seeds online.

Another feature is the relationship that Herbies Seeds has with the customer. Unmatched support happens live. They solicit feedback on multiple forums and it shows in the Trustpilot reviews they’ve earned.

Like Bob Marley said, “Take life, live it, breathe it, exhale“. Online seed banks like these bad boys are rare, much like some of the highly decent strains that Herbies carries.


For payments on marijuana seeds, they accept credit cards, bank transfers, bitcoin, and cash on delivery. Not too bad.

Shipping Options

They utilize UPS as well as Correos for overseas patrons and expect your packages to take a bit longer than other online seed banks as this is the #1 complaint. Other than that, this marijuana seed bank is worth a try when it comes to its high-quality weed seeds.

Marijuana Seed Bank Honorable Mentions

Let’s face it. When you start growing, you want to grow all kinds of different cannabis varieties. It’s kind of like being a kid in a candy store, wanting to try everything from jelly beans to sour patch kids.

The same goes for marijuana seeds. You want to try every variety.

So, here are some others we’ve used in the past, and have enjoyed. Also A+ players in the marijuana seeds industry

Other seed banks that ship weed seeds to the USA:

  • SunWest Genetics – Best for unique high-potent THC seeds

  • The Vault – Top Canadian seed bank.

  • Beaver Seeds

The Cannabis Seed Bank Winner

You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging without a winner, did you?

As far as best seed banks go, we had to consider a lot. Lately, all the seed banks in this review have stepped up their games. The cannabis seeds industry has stepped up its game.

It feels redundant to say, but all do a swell job with stealth shipping, and most have germination guarantees, but some set themselves apart.

and the winner is:

Herbies Seeds – 2024’s best seed bank

It was tough, for sure.

Maybe it was the deal we received when we signed up, or perhaps the feminized marijuana seeds that turned into wonderful female plants, but I have to say, ILGM still does a consistent job.

…And their germination guarantee and free seeds don’t hurt either! One of the best seed banks this year,


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