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by Morgan

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August 29, 2023

How To Choose The Right Lighting For Your Marijuana Grow Room

To successfully grow marijuana in the United States, you need to choose the proper lighting for your grow room. Proper lighting is among the most important factors in growing your weed inside. The kind of light you use, the type of bulbs, and the amount of light used all come into play when deciding how to grow marijuana indoors.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are very popular with indoor growers because they last longer, use less energy, and produce less heat than other grow lights. LEDs also come in many different sizes. Some of them are about the same size as a traditional light bulb, while others are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

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Discussed below are the factors to consider when choosing the right lighting for your marijuana grow room.

1. Color Spectrum of the Lights

Knowing the colors light spectrum is vital when deciding which grow lights to use. There are three types of lighting: blue, red, and white. 

Blue lights are very popular among indoor growers. They stimulate the plants’ flowering stage, helping them grow faster and bigger. Blue light is also useful in speeding up the time between germination and flowering.

On the other hand, red lights are used to keep the plants in their vegetative stage. This means that they will grow taller, but not as much as if they were exposed to blue light. Red light is also used during seed germination and cloning because it helps speed up these processes.

White light combines blue and red light; it has both red and blue wavelengths in its spectrum. White light stimulates plant growth just like blue light does, but you can also use it to keep your marijuana plants in their vegetative state as red lights do. White lights are great for when you want your marijuana plants to flower quickly or when you want them to start flowering at all.

In addition, regular light, which is yellow, is reflected rather than absorbed by chlorophyll, and it can boost growth when compared to no light. The effects are so minor that using it as a grow light is pointless.

2. Intensity

The intensity refers to how much energy is being put out by the light source. There are two main types of light intensity: full-spectrum and fluorescent lights (also referred to as “cold” lights). Full-spectrum lights are the most powerful, and they produce the most light. They also come in a wide variety of different colors. On the other hand, fluorescent lights produce a lot of light with less intensity than full-spectrum lights.

The intensity of your grow light source is important for growing marijuana because it determines how strong the plant will grow and how quickly it will grow. The more intense the grow light, the more energy is put into that particular area of your marijuana plants. If you want to get your cannabis plants to start flowering quickly, you should use full light spectrum lights or HPS lights (high-pressure sodium) instead of fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights are great for vegetative growth because they are extremely low in intensity and produce much less heat than full-spectrum lighting.

3. Color Temperature

Colors in nature are produced by how sunlight is reflected on different objects. This is why we see most plants that are green and blue. Blue light, in particular, has a lot of energy that plants can use to grow quickly.

When it comes to growing marijuana indoors, you will want to choose a lighting system that produces the same color temperature as your room’s natural light. This will allow your plants to use the same amount of energy from your LED lights as they would when they are outdoors. It also reduces eye strain because it allows you to see more clearly with your eyes while growing marijuana indoors.

4. The proportion of grow area and plants

When selecting lights for your grow room, consider the plants and the grow area size. If you have a small grow area, you will want to use lights that are lower in intensity and higher in lumens. This will fill the room with light and allow the plants to grow quickly. If your grow area is larger, you can choose lights with more intensity than a smaller space. This will allow your plants to grow faster and produce more buds

5. Maintenance

You must maintain your grow room and lighting system to ensure that it works efficiently. For example, if you notice that your lights are not producing high-quality grow light, you need to replace them immediately. Also, make sure that you clean the lenses of your lights regularly; this will help produce quality light output. The other thing you need to do is check the ballasts now and then. If they are getting old, then change them for new ones.

6. Schedule of lights

It is best to set your lights on a schedule. It is essential to note that even these plants need a few hours of darkness every day to get some rest. For example, you can set your lights to turn on at 5 am every day and turn them off at 10 pm. Also, you can use digital timers to set the lighting system up for the night. However, make sure that you do not forget to turn off the lights before sleeping.

7. Heat emission

The heat that your lights emit during lighting will affect the temperature inside your grow room. For example, if you have set it to a high temperature, you mustn’t expose your cannabis plants to this heat for a long time. Too much heat can affect the growth of your plants and the yields. So, ensure you are setting the right temperature for your plants. This will help you to have better yields.

8. Photosynthetic photon efficacy factor

This measures how well a plant absorbs the energy from grow light. In other words, it is the ratio of photons received to photons emitted by a particular type of light. The higher this ratio, the better your plants will perform under that particular kind of lighting.

When choosing lights for growing marijuana indoors, consider their PPE factor. PPE factor is a measure of the amount of PAR that is produced by the light source. If you have a high PPE factor, the light will produce more PAR than photons. This will increase your light intensity, and therefore, you will have to use a larger amount of lights to get the same results.

9. Longevity of the grow lights

When choosing lights for your indoor garden, make sure they are made of durable materials that can withstand frequent use without failing or breaking down. Some lights are made of aluminum or plastic, while others are made of much stronger materials like glass or quartz. To make sure your lights last as long as possible, consider using high-quality bulbs with high-quality ballasts to help keep them running for many years to come.

Use perfect lighting for your marijuana grow room to increase yield!

It is easy to grow your marijuana plants using the right LED grow lights. Lights are an integral part of growing cannabis plants, and many growers make use of them to make sure their plants receive the best amount of grow light. Since lights are so important, getting the right ones for your indoor garden is important. Considering factors like the color spectrum, light intensity, and bulb type can help you choose the right to grow lights for your marijuana plants.

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