How to Make Hashish from Trimmings

by Morgan

June 11, 2021

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Are you looking forward to making the most out of your cannabis harvest? Well, you can process the leftovers of your marijuana and make hashish from trimmings. The process of making hashish is not as difficult as you think. 

All you need is the right tools and steps to do it right. In this article, we hold your hand and give you a simple guide to making hashish get the most out of your harvest.

How do you prepare marijuana plant trimmings?

If you want to make the hash, the trickiest part is the extraction and manipulation of the cannabis trichomes. In order to remove as many cannabis trichomes as you can, you should do a couple of things. Here is what to consider:

1. Dry the plant materials

When making the hash, you should always ensure the plant material is as dry as possible. Therefore, you should not use freshly harvested marijuana in making the hash. Before making the hash, you can give the harvest at least ten days to dry.

2. Freeze the marijuana leaf

When the trichomes in the weed plant are sticky and gummy at warmer temperatures, it is not easy to extract them. Therefore, it is advisable to freeze the cannabis trimmings if you want to use them in making some quality hash. 

3. Get to a cold room

It doesn’t take too long for trichomes to warm up because they are tiny. That means you should do the last 24 hours of drying well. If you can, get a cold room in your home to make the hash. 

You should ensure the room temperature is at least 15 degrees Centigrade and below when making the hash. 

What are the Simplest Ways to Make Hashish from Trimmings?

1. Use a blender 

You can make hash using a blender from home. The first step is to fill the blender halfway with the cannabis plant matter. Add some cold water and ice into the blender to fill it up. Blend the mixture for a minute at full power, and then allow it to rest for some time, say five minutes. You can repeat this process at least five times. The more you blend the plant matter, the more hash you can extract.

Use a strainer to pour the mixture into a bowl to get rid of plant matter. Get a coffee filter and fill it up with the mixture until it’s 65% full. Pour some water into the filter to fill it up. This will make the solids in the mixture settle at the bottom of the filter. After an hour, pour out 65% of the mix to get rid of excess water and keep the residues at the bottom of the filter.

To collect the hash from the coffee filters, slowly pour the mixture into a second jar. If you want to make the process less tedious, dry it on the filter then remove it later using a credit card or a spoon.

2. Dry sifting

The first step to making hash from trimming is to freeze and cure the cannabis harvest. It is essential to ensure the marijuana is colder to break off the trichomes easily. Lay the marijuana across the screen, spread it out, and break it.

Spread the weed around by shaking it using a silkscreen. Ensure the screen you are using has a raised frame around it, or simply put it in a box. This way, you won’t lose a lot of plant matter to the wind. You can easily collect the hash when it goes through the screen.

3. Use a tumbler

You can try using a tumbler to make hash instead of using the silkscreen to turn cannabis trimmings into buds. Tumbler is a simple electronic device that can shake cannabis trimmings and shift them to a fine screen. Get some fine hash at the end and use less energy compared to the dry sifting method.

If you are only producing a small amount of hash, you may find it expensive to invest in a tumbler. It takes less effort to clean up when using a tumbler to make a hash. Also, if you are making large amounts of hash, you should get a tumbler to save time.

4. Hand rolling 

Hand rolling is probably the simplest way to make hash from marijuana trimmings. This method requires no special equipment and is therefore considered the most traditional method of making hash. It is also time-consuming and tiring.

When making hash by hand rolling, you should get non-dried cannabis and ensure your hands are as tidy as possible. You can use unscented and non-residual soap to wash your hands. Follow these steps to make the hash:

  • Remove all the stems and leaves in the cannabis bud
  • Place the cannabis bud between your palms and start rolling it in a circular motion. To avoid contaminating the hash with plant matter, you should avoid applying too much pressure on the bud.
  • When you begin to see some black and thick resin forming on your palms, this is the hash you should collect. Scrape the resin off your hands and press it to form a ball or block. 

How do you keep your hash from molding? 

Making hash from cannabis trimmings is not that easy. When you have your hash ready, you can keep it for the longest time away from mold by:

  • Ensuring the hash is completely dry before you can store it in a container. You can dry the hash in a room with 35% humidity and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you can invest in a freezer to ensure perfect drying.
  • Keep the hash in an airtight container or an amber glass jar. Always ensure no warmth gets into the container to stop bacteria from thriving and mold growing on the hash.

We wrote an article on how to get rid of mold on weed if you need further info.


What parts of the cannabis plant make the best hash?

The trichomes of a weed plant make the best hash because they are part of the plant with the highest concentration of cannabinoids.

What is the best strain for making hash?

Royal Gorilla, being the most outrageous marijuana variety, makes the best strain for hash making. This strain has a seamless balance of 50 percent Indica genetics and 50 percent sativa genetics. Her parent strains include the Chocolate Diesel, Chem Sis, and Sour Dubb.

What is the most potent hash?

Crystalline is the most potent hashish on the market right now. It tests at an amazing 99.9 percent THC. Its counterparts- rosin, BHO, and ice hash-range between 50 – 80 percent THC levels.

Is hash stronger than Kief?

Hash is stronger than Kief. Hash has more of it pressed together during its making. Thus, hash makes the popular choice for high-potent hash seekers. Hash has an earthy taste and aroma nearly like smoking resin which only makes sense given that trichomes are resin glands but a little cleaner.

Why is my hash black?

Hash is black since it has more THC. THC is the mood-altering ingredient found in the cannabis shrub. We get marijuana from the cannabis plant and hashish — a resinous material of the cannabis plant — retains a reddish-brown to black color.

Now you know how to make hash from marijuana trimmings

When making your hash from home, you should ensure the marijuana plant matter is freezing and not cold. Also, collect more plant material as the plant grows or flowers using a sifting screen. You can place the sifting screen below the plant so that all trichomes falling land on the screen. 

Lastly, if you want to make the best quality hash using the dry sifting method, run the hash over a screen to separate the plant materials and the hashish. 

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