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August 29, 2023

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Tangie Dream is another fantastic strain offering from DNA genetics in Amsterdam that has quickly gained popularity and is spreading elsewhere. This Cannabis strain is a remake of sorts of the popular version of the Tangerine Dream cannabis strain that was sought after in the 1990s.

The genetics of Tangie Dream is a cross of California Orange and a skunk hybrid and its Citrus Heritage is most evident in its refreshing Tangerine Aroma. As a plant Tangie grows best outside producing sticky buds that provide euphoric yet relaxed effects.

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About Tangie Dream

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Tangie Dream is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain. It is a hybrid comprised of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. This strain pays tribute to Tangerine Dream a popular strain back in the day it is a cross between a skunk strain in California Orange. The THC level is 19 to 22% and the CBD level is a low point of 9%. This strain wins over and over again at the Cannabis Cup Awards all the time. 1-time winning ten times in just 10 months which is remarkable.

With Tangie Dream’s Citrus Heritage, Tangie has a refreshing sweet Aroma like Tangerine except for some skunk scent and taste due to its lineage distinguishing it from the other citrusy and fruity strains mostly lemon or grape. The light green bugs are small and compact have orange hairs and are covered by Frosty trichomes.

Tangie Dream is a crossbreed between 1995 Tangerine Dream, Cali-O and skunk hybrid.

Heavily influenced by Sativa, Tangie Dream gives recreational users the uplifting effects they are looking for. Cerebral characteristics include Euphoria creativity focus and happiness. The THC level is above average making it more suitable for the internment or Advanced user as well as medical marijuana patients.

Effects of Tangie Dream

For Medical users, the herb is versatile due to its balance nature. Medical benefits include sedative effects that help alleviate pain, stress, depression, and insomnia. Some have reported that Tangie Dream is a good munchie herb used for digestive problems, lack of appetite, and nausea.

Side effects of dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are typical for cannabis products. Due to the Low  CBD content try a CBD-rich strain instead of this instead for serious medical disorders.

How Does Tangie Dream Taste?

Similar to Blue Dream without the orange flavor, Tangie Dream tastes like rock candy, and orange peel, and is filled with other sweet flavors which are sure to elevate your mood and bring a smile to your face This hybrid strain is similar to Runtz for its sweet flavor profile but with more of an orange kick as the sweetness permeates your cannabinoid system.

Tangie dream also has a subtle tartness leaving consumers with a whimsical euphoria. A delicious tasting bud I always have a tendency to smoke too much. I typically enjoy Tangie Dream while sitting on my back porch watching the sunset. Great for an afternoon High.

Growing This Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain

When growing Tangie Dream, because of its height, it needs some special considerations. Breeders recommend growing this Sativa dominant hybrid strain, Tangie Dream, outside and you will have a super resinous herb on your hands in late September or early October based on its growing season.

Finally growing Tangie Dream is best when using the SCROG method of growing and or liberally topping the plans to make a bushy shape that produces better bushier crops. If you are growing indoors use soil rather than Hydroponics for better results. Always be sure to source seeds from reliable seed banks and happy growing!

Buy Tangie Dream Seeds

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