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May 24, 2022

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The Complete Boundless CFX Review

Searching for the best vaporizer on the market? Our Boundless CFX review can help.

What Exactly is The Boundless CFX? – A Complete Review From Top to Bottom

boundless cfx reviewThe Boundless CFX Vape Pen is a dry herb vaporizer. It uses a dual convection and conduction chamber for heating up to one gram of herb or the concentrate of your choosing.

Boasting double 2500 mAh batteries that last and last, the Boundless CFX allowed us to smoke quite a bit before having to recharge for this review. This portable vaporizer is a mid-tier dry herb vape and is comparable to many top name vape brands like the popular Mighty Vaporizer but won’t hurt your bank account, making it one of the best vaporizer on the portable vaporizers market.

Complete Boundless CFX Review

A portable super convection and conduction vape that blew us away. The Boundless CFX is “boundless” when it comes to controlling precise temperatures which can control the scorching of your weed and keep things healthier by not inhaling hazardous smoke chemicals comparable with smoking weed the old-fashioned way with a pipe. It also heats up rather fast, not leaving any lag between activating the vape and inhaling the vapor.

Boundless CFX Design Quality

boundless cfx vape reviewThe weight and feel of this vape pen gives the impression that quality was top of mine with the construction of the Boundless CFX vaporizer. During our full review, there was a couple times in which we dropped the pen on purpose to see what it could take. Our drop test showed that because of its sleek design and solid engineering it left no more than a scratch. The components stayed intact along with its operation not being effected. Although we never recommend dropping any vape pen, if you do, don’t be alarmed. It is a well constructed herb vaporizer that can take a slip or fall.

A rubberized body and housing keeps the Boundless CFX safe from possible drops. It is also smooth to the touch with a soft grip. I actually enjoyed its feel as I held it in my hands, not wanting to set it down. Maybe it’s the smoker in me, but none the less, it felt like an extension of my own hand.

The mouthpiece is made of plastic guaranteed to be medical grade. No fear of cheap bacterial covered materials that should not be in your mouth. Of course you should always take care of a vapes mouthpiece to reduce bacteria through proper cleaning, no matter what brand of vape pen you choose.

Boundless CFX Taste and Feel

Heat was not a problem either. Temps were manageable and did not over heat or burn my lips upon ingestion. The overall satisfaction when using the CFX was highly satisfying from in-mouth feel to the thickness of the exhaled vape.

boundless cfx vs mighty

The display and buttons are sleek and highly durable. The controls and navigation were also user friendly and have a hi-tech feel.

Clicking the power button five consecutive times powers up the Boundless CFX and shuts it off. This is nice to know so you don’t accidentally turn it on while it is in your pocket. The arrow button sets your desired temperature by pressing either up or down for lower temps and higher temps. Again, this vape is pretty intuitive and straight forward to use. It will also power down after five minutes to save on battery life and as stoners we might forget to turn it off. If you want it back on, simply hold down the power for three seconds and it is back up effortlessly and at full efficiency.

The heat display is pretty cool, hi-tech and user friendly. Something that looks futuristic and vapes the same way.

Boundless CFX Heating Time & Temperature Thresholds

With an 18 second heat up time, it is one of the quickest heating vape pens in this price range. The Boundless CFX starts in convection mode ad heats from there at around 360 degrees Fahrenheit, but the bowl remains relatively cool so starting off it is easy to pack your herb in and get to smoking right away. Of course after about the fifth time of repacking the bowl things were a bit hotter and required some focus, which at this point I did not have. As things heat up, I found that a bit of patience went a long way as it cooled down after about a minute and a half of waiting.

Vapor Quality

The vapor aka “smoke” from the Boundless CFX is full, thick and aromatic. It tasted great, which may have been a combo of the quality engineering and the tasty white walker we had recently grown using our Viparspectra 450W grow light. Between 360F and 370F seemed to get me the most flavorful vape sensation from the CFX. After a few minutes and the vape heating to higher temps, the cloud continued to enhance and become stronger with every pull from the mouthpiece.

The pull or draw from the mouthpiece was consistent with a typical, high quality vape pen. Enough to feel like you are actually smoking. Overall it was average. Probably my biggest gripe is I just wanted a bit more of a mouth feel when it came to drawing in the vapor. A bit more resistance on the inhale would have been nice, but not a deal breaker.

Easy to clean and operate. A couple taps of the exhausted bowl seems to do the job between packing for the next vape session. Cleaning instructions are included with the manual and other than a bit of build-up around the o-ring seals this pen was easy to maintain and care for.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Boundless review went well. A solid, well-manufactured vape pen that feels and looks fantastic. A smaller price tag than similar vapor quality mods and pens on the market. If you are looking for a discreet and portable pen for your vaping needs consider the Boundless CFX vape pen.

We had a great time reviewing this pen. Be sure to check out more vape pen reviews soon as we really enjoyed taking a look at this one.


1. Is the boundless CFX worth it?

Yes, the boundless CFX is definitely worth it. It’s a great device for vaping on the go, and it delivers great flavor and vapor production. It’s also very easy to use, which makes it a great choice for beginners.

2. Is boundless CFX convection?

Boundless CFX is a convection vaporizer. This means that it uses hot air to heat up the material in the chamber, which causes it to vaporize. This results in a smoother and tastier vape experience.

3. How do you clean a boundless CFX vaporizer?

The boundless CFX vaporizer is a great device, but it can be a little difficult to clean. The best way to clean it is to first remove the mouthpiece and the chamber. You can then use a small brush or pipe cleaner to clean out any residue. Be sure to rinse the parts with warm water and dry them off before putting them back together.

4. How do you use a CFX vape?

To use a CFX vape, you first need to charge it. Once it’s charged, remove the mouthpiece and fill the herb chamber with ground cannabis. Put back the mouthpiece and press the power button. The CFX will heat up and you can start vaping.

5. Can you use the CFX while charging?

You should not use the portable vaporizer while it is connected to the charger. It may permanently damage the battery life. As a safety precaution, you should not place the device on a carpet or fabric while it is charging.

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