Jinni Pipe – Could This Be The Coolest Gravity Bong?

by Morgan

February 9, 2020

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It was an absolute pleasure to review the Jinni Pipe gravity bong. The first time we laid our eyes on the Jinni Pipe, we new we had to test it out. An innovative gravity bong designed with dual chambers for a perfect mouth free hit, we reached out to the maker, “MJ” who happily agreed for us to take it for a spin.

weed smoking gadget review

For a stoner like me who has been puffing away for the greater part of two decades, my lungs just are not what they used to be. As a reformed smoker I rarely smoke straight herb as it tends to send me into coughing fits from time to time, so ideally I stick to edibles and vape pens as my means.

Jinni Pipe Review

Worried about the creeping cough I was nervous to try this sucker out, thinking I would rage into fits of lung hatred.

I was overthinking it with the Jinni Pipe. The final product was so smooth and did not hurt my poor little lungs a bit. In fact, if you are like me and worry about coughing from aggressive bong hits, you don’t need to worry when it comes to this glass perfection.

My first hit on this little gravity bong was a lot like my first kiss…

best gravity bong

A bit awkward trying to figure out what to do with it as you lean in for a taste, but so fascinating and enjoyable you want to do it again and again. After about the 3rd full bowl it became easy and even more enjoyable, like a person new to french kissing.

How The Jinni Pipe Works

The Jinni Pipe is constructed complete in glass. It looks a bit like the Sgt. Peppers Yellow Submarine in shape so much so that I think the creator must be a fan of the Beatles. Two chambers that hold cold water are cleverly modified to hold a bowl on one end with an air intake on the other.

As you hold the gravity bong horizontal and begin to light the surface of your bud, you begin to tilt the entire pipe as it gurgles and sucks air into its chamber. This gravity effect then hits a fever pitch as the bowl completely engulfs using a simple vacuum created by the separate chambers.

Once the pipe fills with smoke the magic really starts to happen.

Like a waterfall of smoke, once you remove the bowl stem, a pointed surge of streaming smoke shoots forth from the nozzle. All you have to do is place your lips near this outlet and breathe. In the Jinni Pipe circle always remember, it is not acceptable to touch your lips to the glass. No need to anyway and perfect for the germophobes.

Before you know it, a cool rush of easy to ingest herb is catapulted into your lungs, THC into your bloodstream and good thoughts into your head.

Jinni Pipe – What We Liked Best

I have to be honest…

I have not smoked from a bong in over 10 years. My lungs just hate me when I do. With this inventive little masterpiece, I needed not to worry. The best thing (for me) about this cute little new friend was that the Jinni Pipe elevated any issues with lung pain and coughing. Hands down, the Jinni Pipe is one of the best weed smoking gadgets on the market

Because the smoke is double cooled as it passed through one chamber to the next, the smoke you inhale is extremely satisfying in a cool lung filling way. The smoke is nowhere near harsh and in fact very pleasant when compared to milder forms of THC vaping for example.

The Jinni Pipe is a romantic type of bong. If you are someone who regularly smokes just before bed with a partner, it feels intimate for some reason. Maybe because it is not an obnoxious 6 foot bong, but something that feels more communal even though you don’t touch your mouth to the pipe when inhaling. Watching my beautiful wife slurp up the smoke between her parsed lips made me even more attracted to her.

If you purchase this gravity pipe, there is a possibility you will be 10% cooler just by using it. It is that wonderful. In all seriousness though, it is quite the conversation piece, but be warned. You should have plenty of cannabis on hand as anyone who sees it will want to try it. Bring your own bud might be a good idea.

The Jinni Pipe is also very affordable when compared to other custom glass pipes in this genre which is all the more reason to love this pipe. It won’t break the bank by any means. In fact after looking at how much they charged I was wondering if it was the same product.

Things We Hate About the Jinni Pipe

With every honest review, comes the negative.

During our review, our only downside to this almost perfect gravity bong, the Jinni Pipe, was the fact that we smoked way to much weed! It was a blast reviewing the Jinni Pipe and well, one thing led to another and we just could not stop. Again, like when you first start kissing and going to make-out parties, you just want to do it more and more.

The high was good though!

In Summation

The Jinni Pipe is a perfect gravity bong. Pleasing and cool hits without the cough along with its big hits make using this bong a blast! Your friends will be literally in awe when you pull this from your arsenal for a quick session. If you are interested in purchasing the amazing Jinni Pipe visit the official website. Just be quick, the Jinni Pipe appears to go on back order due to its popularity and rising fame.




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  1. This looks amazing, I’ve never tried a gravity bong before. Do you know if the type of glass the bong is made from matters? Does that affect the performance and durability?

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