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September 5, 2023

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Bravo! You have passed the most critical stage in growing healthy weed plants if you choose to germinate your seeds first. Now, the next equally vital step is planting your germinated seeds.

But before you put them into the growing medium, you must have one question in your mind: how deep do you plant cannabis seeds?

Planting cannabis seeds too deep hinders them from sprouting, while a shallow hole may dry them out. So, the trick to having healthy and robust marijuana plants is knowing how deep you should put the seeds into the soil.

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How Do You Grow Marijuana Seeds in Soil?

Before we get to learn how deep you plant cannabis seeds, let us first focus on one thing; how to grow them.

Whether you buy regular, autoflower, or feminized seeds, you have two ways to grow them; germinate them first, then transfer into the growing medium or plant them directly into the soil.

Germination Method

There are several ways to germinate weed seeds, but the most common is using moist paper towels (we will discuss it later in detail). The wet paper towel provides the proper moisture to kickstart the germination process. You can also soak the seeds in tap water. Fill a glass halfway with water and place the seeds inside. In both methods, ensure the seeds rest at room temperature.

Direct Method

The direct method has one advantage over germinating the seeds first. You eliminate the chances of destroying the delicate roots when transferring the seeds into the soil. The process entails drilling small planting holes and placing the seed inside. The seeds are then covered with soil and left to sprout.

marijuana seeds on the white background

Can You Put Seeds Straight Into Soil?

Cannabis seeds require the right environment to germinate and grow into healthy plants. They must be given environmental clues to know it's time to start growing. That's why seeds in your local store do not begin growing out of the blues.

Most seasoned cannabis growers prefer germinating cannabis seeds before transferring them into the soil to accord them the right warmth, light, and moisture. The method gives them control over the three factors that affect germination.

Additionally, cannabis seeds are fragile and require gentle handling, especially during germination. Germinating them first gives them the best kickstart of their developmental journey because they cannot pop out of the soil like most seeds.

Nonetheless, you can still plant your seeds straight into the soil. The direct seed planting method requires a large enough container to support seed sprouting and growth for the next several weeks. The container should also have good drainage to keep the soil moist. Remember, the soil should not be too dry or soggy.

In addition, the area around which the seed is planted should be kept humid. You can achieve the proper humidity by placing a piece of cellophane or plastic bag on top to avoid direct sun rays.

Do not forget the seed require access to light and a soil pH of 7.0 to germinate.

a person's hand and a pot with a plant

How to Plant Cannabis Seeds Indoors

Unfavorable weather conditions and limited outdoor space should not hinder you from growing your marijuana plants. Growing marijuana indoors is an excellent way of controlling your weed and growing them all year round.

However, you should purchase high-quality cannabis seeds as they translate to healthy weed plants by ensuring the seeds have attained full maturity.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to grow your plants indoors.

1. Germinate the Seeds

There are several ways to germinate seeds, but we will use the most straightforward and most favorable for home growers. The use of paper towels, a plate, and tap water. Here are the steps to follow;

  1. Soak the seeds. Soak your seeds for 12 hours in distilled water and place the glass at room temperature. What triggers the germination processes are moisture and temperature. Achieving an excellent moistness level softens and enlarges the seeds until they split open.Note: Do not add any nutrients at this point because the seeds have everything they need to start their first journey in life.
  2. Wet a paper towel and place it on a plate. Place a paper towel under running water until it is wet and drain off excess water. Place it on the plate.
  3. Place the seeds 1.3 cm apart on the wet towel. The space will prevent the roots from entangling.
  4. Use another wet paper towel to cover the seeds. Ensure the towel comes into contact with the seeds to provide moisture.
  5. Keep the paper towel moist. Check the towel several times a day to ensure they do not dry out. For your seeds to germinate properly, you must provide enough warmth, air, and, most importantly, moisture.
  6. Give your weed seeds time to germinate. Some seeds germinate very fast, while others take time. However, they should take 2-7 days to grow. The germinating seeds are ready for planting once the root reaches 1/4 to 1/2 inches.
marijuana seed germination

2. Plant the Seeds

  1. Fill a small pot with potting soil halfway. Potting soil has low nutrients ideal for seedlings and crones. Keep in mind that high nutrients can burn the germinated cannabis seeds and hinder their growth. Alternatively, you can use seed starter cubes. They are easy to use and accessible online or in your local nursery store.
  2. Make a small hole in the soil. Using a pencil or nail, poke a small hole in the soil for the seed. The hole should be about 1/4 inch deep.
  3. Drop the germinated cannabis seeds into the hole. Using a tweezer, gently pick and drop the germinated seed into the hole with the root system facing downwards. Make sure you do not squeeze the seeds to avoid damaging them. Water the towel if the seeds are stuck to prevent pulling or tugging. Also, be prepared to plant quickly since the delicate roots can be damaged if exposed to excessive light.
  4. Cover the sprouted seeds with a thin layer of soil. Carefully cover the seeds with soil, and do not press it hard on the seeds for easy sprouting and oxygen access. If using starter cubes, pinch the hole top and close the opening. Spray the planted seeds immediately to maintain the proper moisture.
a seed planted in the soil

3. Care for the Plants

  1. Water the plants at least twice per day. Consider spraying your seeds at least twice per day to keep them moist. Use a plant sprayer to regulate the amount of water and prevent the soil from becoming soggy or dripping wet. Too much water will deny your seedlings valuable oxygen and make them more prone to diseases and bacteria.
  2. Provide enough light. Light is a vital component that helps trigger the photosynthesis process. The process helps convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and helps break down nutrients into glucose. Remember, germinating cannabis seeds require light 24/7 to grow. So, consider placing the pot under a white CLF light, two inches away. The lights emit enough light and keep the soil warm.
  3. Maintain a consistent temperature. The potted seeds require a temperature of 24 to 29 Β°C to thrive. So do not place the pot near a heater or under direct sunlight. Remember, weed seeds may start the germination process with the least moisture, but the right temperature triggers the process.
  4. Give your young plants space to grow. Avoid unnecessary touching of the young seedlings to avoid interfering with their growth. Cannabis plants grow rapidly; hence you should inspect your plants often and look out for burned leaf tips (a sign of nutrient surplus) or weak stems(limited nutrients).
a woman taking care of the plants in pots

How Deep Do I Plant the Seeds in the Soil?

When growing weed, note that the depth of the hole has a massive effect on the growth of your cannabis plant. Although weed seeds are tiny, they have enough strength to push through the soil layer and sprout open.

However, planting them deep into the soil may hinder the roots from penetrating the ground, slowing the cannabis plant growth. The marijuana seeds may lack enough oxygen, and the stem may become weak from the onset.

On the other hand, planting the cannabis seed in a shallow hole may expose them to direct sunlight, leaving the soil dry and unfavorable for growth. The seeds may also be disturbed by pets or children, destroying the delicate roots.

Place a pen or pencil on the soil surface and push it down to make the holes. The hole should be about 0.64 cm or 1/4 an inch. To ensure that you have the correct hole size, consider placing the pencil next to a ruler and putting a mark next to the 0.64 cm point.

Always ensure the root of the germinated seeds goes deep into the hole while facing downwards. The rest of the seed should be at least 0.5 cm beneath the soil surface.

When placing the germinated marijuana seed into the small dimple, ensure the root is facing downward. The position enables the roots to grow out correctly to explore the soil for water and nutrients.

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    • Hi! If the plants you’re growing are not stretching due to their genes, they most probably stretch due to the light as they stretch up trying to get closer to the light and the stem weakens which then will result in bending and falling over. You need to make sure you have adequate lighting and setup, not too near nor too far. Though the distance is not the only cause, certain types of lighting can also promote the stretch. We wrote different articles regarding grow lights with reviews! Feel free to read them and reach out to us if you have more questions.

  • I know this thread is old but
    I currently have some seedlings going indoors underneath LED grow lights. They are coming in nicely, but I think the stem is a bit lengthy from soil to the first two small leaves coming out (coteyldons or however you spell it lol). Question is —

    Can I just take the seedling out w tweezers or rubber gloves and then gently replant it a bit deeper in the same pot w same medium? So, the leaves start a bit lower than currently.

    (I am using the black and gold seedling mix –works great — great airy and light- good water absorption)

    Thank you!

    • Hey Bryan β€” I actually delt with a similar issue myself. The stem was super fragile. What is your container? I always start my seeds in eggshells so that when they are ready to plan in soil, you can easily just crack the shell lightly and plant into the container. Another hack I’ve used is cardboard egg cartons, because those are easy to cut at the bottom.

      But since it appears you are in a different situation… I recommend you do NOT use tweazers because you risk ripping the plant away from its roots. Instead, is it possible to massage the entire plant and soil out of the container (consider flipping it over gently and use a spoon to nudge it out), then replant from there? Have all your supplies and containers ready by your side to do it quickly.

      Another option is to say F it and simply add more soil… I don’t see why it’s necessarily a problem that you have a lengthy stem β€” are you limited by overhead space?

      Hope that helps!

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