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August 29, 2023

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As you move around the US, you'll notice that laws between different states differ. That difference also replicates when it comes to laws about the medical and recreational buying of Cannabis.

So, is buying weed seeds illegal in the US?

States such as California, Alaska, Maine, and Michigan allow buying of cannabis seeds both for recreational and medical purposes. However, others like Alabama and Florida only allow marijuana plants for medical purposes, while some prohibit the sale.

Keep reading to learn if you can grow cannabis seeds in the US. The article also covers how to purchase seeds within the US without breaking the cannabis laws.

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Is Buying Weed Seeds Illegal in the US?

According to the US Federal Law, weed is illegal in the US. However, some states fully allow the sale of weed seeds for either recreational or medical purposes.

You can't transport cannabis seeds into states that prohibit cannabis sales. That results in breaking the federal law causing criminal charges, which needs you to avoid smuggling cannabis seeds in states that prohibit its sale.

As Cannabis laws vary across the country, the point here is to ensure that you're in a state that permits the purchase. States that allow buying marijuana seeds for recreation are;

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • Alaska
  • Michigan
  • Nevada
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • New Mexico
  • Montana
  • Washington
  • New Jersey

Do I Need a License to Grow Marijuana Seeds?

Different states treat growing marijuana seeds differently depending on their state laws. So, in some cases, you'll need a license while others don't require one. Yet, there are a couple of factors to consider when applying for marijuana licenses.

  • State law treats 'cash crop' marijuana differently from personal recreational marijuana. Some states allow you to plant a few cannabis seeds without a license. For instance, in Colorado, adults can grow up to six cannabis plants licenseless.
  • States consider other uses of marijuana seeds other than planting. For example, the government doesn't tax marijuana used as luxury bird food, fish baits, and preservation.

Other than focusing on the state law and regulations, you can join a canna-business group or meet with the local cannabis business attorney for help.

You can choose between these options to legally grow marijuana seeds.

Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

Yes, you can buy cannabis seeds online easily and securely via the best seed banks in the US if you're starting the marijuana growing journey or looking to find new seed banks. Many marijuana seed banks within and outside the US can supply many marijuana seeds.

Interestingly, these online marijuana seed sellers deliver the seeds to you in the comfort of your home. However, order cannabis seeds online from the most reputable American seed banks. Reputable seed banks sell seeds that have a high quality and also guarantee you security.

After a while, you'll find a favorite seed bank to supply you with cannabis constantly.

Cartooned man on a computer

However, online marijuana seed sellers become ineffective once your marijuana garden blossoms. By then, you'll be growing your seed and enjoying the fruits of your hard work.

Are There Any States Where Buying Weed Seeds Is Illegal?

Yes, there are states in the US where marijuana is entirely illegal. These states regard weed as an illegal substance and put it among narcotic drugs.

However, some states allow medical application of weed but restrict recreational weed. That's because cannabis plants make aesthetics for patients.

On the other hand, cannabis application causes addiction, depression, fear, and anxiety. That's why we recommend marijuana seeds to people above 21 years.

  • These states have complete marijuana restrictions.
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Wyoming
  • Mississippi
  • Wisconsin

Although cannabis legalization looks possible in the future, for now, let's overlook selling or buying seeds if you live here.

Importing to the US

What Do You Need to Know About Importing Marijuana Seeds Into the US?

Firstly, you need to know that you're dealing with legitimate businesses to import marijuana seeds into the US. That's because plenty of shady businesses can ruin your trust.

The business you choose must have a reputable seed bank capable of producing quality seeds. You can check the reviews of previous buyers to estimate the seller's legitimacy before buying cannabis seeds.

Also, ensure that you're not crossing terms with the government by ensuring you are licensed to own cannabis. Also, ascertain that your state allows you to grow cannabis before making any plans to enter the cannabis industry.

The core thing is to know the purpose of importing cannabis seeds. If you mean to plant them, then is the cannabis garden ready?

Also, you need to know how many plants you need in your cannabis garden. That aids in planning issues concerning space and licensing.

You're good to start importing and growing cannabis in the United States with all these points in mind.

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Can I Get In Trouble for Possessing Weed Seeds in the US?

There are two ways of answering this question. First, if there is Marijuana legalization in the state you live in, there's no trouble owning or possessing weed seeds.

But if the state you live in doesn't allow the plant, you'll be arrested for possessing seeds and any part of the weed. Whether you're growing it or not, you're at risk of being cuffed.

The state cannabis laws also hold that the seeds are parts of the marijuana plants and, therefore, it’s a restricted substance.

However, if your state allows recreational cannabis or medical marijuana, feel free to own some or even plant it for future use. However, you may consult your County Attorney or read a copy of the cannabis law to ensure you're safe.

Can You Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

If your state allows you to buy marijuana seeds, the best option is to purchase locally. That's because local sellers have high-quality seeds. The local market allows you to get in touch with your seller, who may also help you make the purchase legally.

Cannabis seeds on a pile

Another backing to buying cannabis local seeds is the federal law. The law states that cannabis seeds can't cross state lines. You can buy seeds online only to confiscate them at the customs entrance.

A good example is Crop King Seeds, an online seed bank based in Canada that estimated around 5% of its Cannabis seeds exports into the US were confiscated.

Buying the seeds online is still an option. You can acquire them online and have the seeds shipped to you without constraints. Remember to abide by state law to prevent your marijuana packager from confiscation.

Yet, buying cannabis seeds online is a risky process. That's where trust comes first. We recommend you purchase seeds online from a trustworthy and legitimate seed bank. Buying here won't violate federal law.

Guide to Buying Cannabis Seeds in the United States

The first step to buying cannabis seeds is to locate a trustworthy seed bank. These include MSNL (, True North Seed Bank, and Crop King Seed Bank.

To choose among marijuana seed banks, you need to ensure that the quality of seeds they produce is high. Ensure the seeds are non-GMO and organic and that the seeds you buy are suitable for your climate. Finally, ensure you have many feminized seeds other than the male plants.

The seed banks you choose must have good customer service. Ensure they are ready to answer any questions you may ask.

Is It Safe to Buy Marijuana Seeds Over the Internet

Whether your concerns are keeping your marijuana purchase a secret, here are safe and discreet ways of ordering cannabis seeds from the top seed banks.

  • Go for Small and Medium Orders: Large orders attract more attention. Therefore, the risk of having your order confiscated is low. If you need many seeds, place many small orders rather than one big order. Even though you'll have to pay more for shipping, it spares you from losing the entire investment after confiscation.
  • Use Cryptocurrency to make payment: What makes cryptos efficient for the trade is that they aren't easily traced. Many cannabis seed banks international allow Bitcoin to use to pay for their services. Some even give discounts for its use.

Ship Cannabis secretly: Many seed banks ship marijuana seeds using unique shipping methods. They hide weed between other packages to make it go through the customs. Therefore, lowering the levels of confiscation. On the other hand, discreet shipping is expensive because it takes longer.


Why Are Most of the Top Seed Banks International?

Many people would like to buy weed from local seed banks. However, US law discourages people from starting seed banks within the US. 

There is a restriction on selling weed seeds between two states, even though both states allow the sale. Therefore, why start a seed bank where the market is restricted? That makes local marijuana seeds buyers prefer using international seed banks.

Buying Weed Seeds in the US Summary

Buying weed seeds in the US is illegal. However, some states allow marijuana uses for medical or recreational purposes. That allows residents within the states to own 4 to 5 plants for recreational needs.

You can easily order cannabis seeds from an online seed bank. But, be aware of the state laws to avoid confiscation. To buy weed seeds, ensure you can trust the sellers and their shipping methods. Also, ensure that they get you organic and high-quality seeds.

Lastly, the weed business is only allowed to people above 21.

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